Even thou its all about the rings this is a MAJOR championship so im gonna give you my thoughts.

      So the 111th playing of our nations Golf championships starts this week and our nation’s marquee player will not be in action. Tiger Woods injury is going to keep him from competing and that sucks for him, but what does it mean for the rest of us? Tiger has made the sport 10 times more popular over the last decade and a half, and while people may love watching Tiger, I personally have really enjoyed watching the younger tour members come up and play well. Guys like Rory McIlroy, Marten Kaymer, Luke Donald and Matt Kucher have played well and are interesting stories to watch this week.


     Im sure Congressional Country Club will be a tough test for all and it will be very important to be accurate in the fairways, hitting greens in regulation will be crucial and you will likely see this reflected when looking at the leader board. This is the 3rd time this course will be home to the open, it also was held there in 64 and 97 but it has since been renovated and will likely play longer for the Major tournament.


      Will a young guy get his 1st Major or maybe it’s a one of the old guard recapturing some magic. Maybe we will see a Roy Macavoy type effort from an amateur. The List of Good players yet to win a Major is long and while its hard to say they will all play well this week I expect a winner from this group. Will it be young Rickie Fowler or Dustin Johnson? Two of the top three golfers in the world are Majorless so maybe it time for Lee Westwood or Luke Donald. Can Rory bounce back from his choke job atAugusta? How about Steve Stricker or Anthony Kim actually putting it together for 72 complete holes?


      Graeme Mcdowel won last year and Martin Kaymer won last years PGA and have been playing well so they could be favorites as well. Then there’s Phil, Is it his time to up his major totals and finally win the Open I don’t know. What I do know is no Tiger no worries it will be a great open for all Golf fans to enjoy!!!!!


Game 7 is here

       Game 7 is here


            So Boston Bruins have won game 6 of the Stanleycup finals 5-2 and it wasn’t even that close. Boston exploded for 4 goals in under 5 minutes in the first period and cruised to their 3rd win of the series forcing a decisive game 7 Wednesday night. Game 7’s in the Stanley Cup finals are awesome and always will be. Hockey is the one sport where tight games can keep you on edge, a team can get out worked all game and end up losing 1-0 on a deflection or lucky bounce. I expect the game to be exciting, it will be fast, hard hitting and called loosely by the refs. Typically referee’s let the players play in these situations and you only see penalties on blatant infractions.


            For the 17th time in NHL history the finals will be decided by a 7th game and history has shown us the game should be close. Twelve of the 16 previous games have been decided by two goals or less, seven times by 1 goal and two overtime games, so who does this favor, I have no clue. WhichVancouver team will show up? The explosive offensive team with a world class goaltender that won the presidents trophy and was the class of the NHL this year or the one sending out Red Light Roscoe in net that we saw play inBoston for 3 games this series. Going in I definitely thoughtVancouver had an edge, they are definitely more talented but Tim Thomas and the rest of the Bruins have showed that they deserve to be here. The Bruins are a tough gritty team that endears themselves to the city ofBoston. They don’t really have a star player but they have great chemistry and work hard. The Bruins have played with great energy and absolutely crushedVancouver 3x and could have easily won the other 3 games so momentum should be with them and I expect them to hoist the cup tomorrow night.


            The Bruins haven’t won the Cup since 72 and Canucks have never one but they have a whole country pulling for them the Last Canadian team to win the Cup was the 93 Canadians team that beat the Gretzky led Kings. Make no mistake Hockey is A Canadian game that is played in theUSwhere markets are bigger and can draw more revenue. This is not a boarder war because players form both countries litter the rosters but the fans have taken that angle and maybe it’s a good thing. I don’t really care I just want a good clean exciting game.



a new champion


Congratulations to Mark Cuban and the whole Dallas Mavericks organization for winning the 2011 NBA championship. I am happy to see them erase the demons of 06, I will never forget that series they had it locked down up 2-0 and 13 points in 4th quarter of game 3 with another 2 games to go at home and they just collapsed. I know this team is different but for Dirk, Jet Terry and mark Cuban I’m sure it was still something that haunts them going into this series. Honestly I thought Miami could have swept but the determination Dirk showed was absolutely championship caliber he was the man this series. I love j Kidd and I’m happy that this veteran laden team got a chance to raise the Larry O’brien trophy.


That being said I hate the fact that the media and everyone will have to talk about this for the next year and going forward. Lebron went to Miami to make this happen, I for one did not believe at beginning of season that they would win this year I thought LA would 3peat and send ZEN Budda of into the sunset with a 12 total rings. Championships are never guaranteed and the majority of the time the best teams in the regular season do not win in the end(see Bulls) but the utter failure of Lebron James and the Miami Heat is definitely captivating enough to discuss. After dispatching the Celtics and Bulls in 5 games they were favorite to beat Dallas Handily but that didn’t happen. What we saw was the epic collapse of an NBA superstar, Lebron at time this series made me feel like he was throwing games. I can not recall him being this passive. Lets get something straight I am by no means a Miami fan I do like certain players more than others and while the “discussion” made me want to throw up, I enjoy Lebron’s Game. He is tenacious and unrelenting and that just never happened this series. I saw too much deffering this series, yes Wade was great(another player I’m a huge fan of) and I’m not talking about that. How many shots did Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers take in the 2nd half yesterday, don’t get me wrong they are nice players but by no means are they LEBRON and WADE hell even Bosh was good last night, the big three needed to be more assertive last night. Dirk and terry and their veteran team showed us how much they wanted it more and took it to the Heat on their home court.


As I watched the game I couldn’t help thinking about the Basketball god’s last night wanting the same thing as the rest of the country.(sans Miami-Lebron fans) Every crucial Dallas 3 went in and Miami was absolutely horrific from charity stripe, but the 4q showed me it never mattered, when in crunch time Dirk came alive and Lebron and Wade started making mental mistakes and it wasn’t even close. I told a buddy of mine after game 1, I think Miami should win but they are absolutely horrible in late game situations and if they don’t find a way to be more efficient late in the game Dallas is gonna steal some wins and be in series till end. I was right and Dallas stole game 2 and 4 and played better in 5 and 6 they are real champs make no mistake about it.


Lebron needs to take his foot out of his mouth as much as I love his game he is a fool when it comes to the media. His quote about all the hatter life still sucking the next day maybe right but its not what a Uber-star should be saying, I don’t hear that from Wade or Bosh. I know he is frustrated but come on dude!!!!!!! What are you thinking, What he should be thinking is I know we are gonna win, and I think this year was a great learning experience. We will continue to get used to each other and continue to get better. Like I said I thought it would take a  year but know I don’t know, Lakers will be back Bulls/Thunder another year to grow Celtics will have 1 more run, and the Mavericks will have everyone back + possibly Caron Butler. Nothing is guaranteed and if there is a season next year Miami is not the clear favorite.



On a side note I read today that Cuban might not buy Mavs rings WTF!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me It’s all about the rings son!! How the fuck do you explain that are you gonna give every member of your team a solid gold replica Larry O’Brien trophy? Well even if you do that don’t cut it, fast forward 10 years from now some dude from the bench is sitting in a bar talking about his role in the 2011 NBA championship, Some Dallas chick is sitting there like what a story dude, ya I’m gonna come back to your place to check out your replica trophy……….OK I don’t think so! If that same dude had the ring on his finger to prove it he is getting head in bathroom after 1st drink, come on Mark you’re a smart dude you have billions of dollars and are a great owner, fuck the theatrics buy your boys some rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S please buy the NY METS