Game 7 is here

       Game 7 is here


            So Boston Bruins have won game 6 of the Stanleycup finals 5-2 and it wasn’t even that close. Boston exploded for 4 goals in under 5 minutes in the first period and cruised to their 3rd win of the series forcing a decisive game 7 Wednesday night. Game 7’s in the Stanley Cup finals are awesome and always will be. Hockey is the one sport where tight games can keep you on edge, a team can get out worked all game and end up losing 1-0 on a deflection or lucky bounce. I expect the game to be exciting, it will be fast, hard hitting and called loosely by the refs. Typically referee’s let the players play in these situations and you only see penalties on blatant infractions.


            For the 17th time in NHL history the finals will be decided by a 7th game and history has shown us the game should be close. Twelve of the 16 previous games have been decided by two goals or less, seven times by 1 goal and two overtime games, so who does this favor, I have no clue. WhichVancouver team will show up? The explosive offensive team with a world class goaltender that won the presidents trophy and was the class of the NHL this year or the one sending out Red Light Roscoe in net that we saw play inBoston for 3 games this series. Going in I definitely thoughtVancouver had an edge, they are definitely more talented but Tim Thomas and the rest of the Bruins have showed that they deserve to be here. The Bruins are a tough gritty team that endears themselves to the city ofBoston. They don’t really have a star player but they have great chemistry and work hard. The Bruins have played with great energy and absolutely crushedVancouver 3x and could have easily won the other 3 games so momentum should be with them and I expect them to hoist the cup tomorrow night.


            The Bruins haven’t won the Cup since 72 and Canucks have never one but they have a whole country pulling for them the Last Canadian team to win the Cup was the 93 Canadians team that beat the Gretzky led Kings. Make no mistake Hockey is A Canadian game that is played in theUSwhere markets are bigger and can draw more revenue. This is not a boarder war because players form both countries litter the rosters but the fans have taken that angle and maybe it’s a good thing. I don’t really care I just want a good clean exciting game.




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