Week 4 picks

Another 7-9 week has me sitting at 26-22 for the year, respectable but not good considering the hot start. You would think I would learn my lesson by placing a lock on an east coast team traveling west but I haven’t. A lot of good matchups this week and we should see some close games.

 Buffalo @ Cincinnati                         Line Bills-3

The Bengal Defense is the best that the Bills have seen all year. The Bills have the highest scoring offense in the NFL, they may not get 30 but they should win easily. Buffalo 27 Bengals 17

 Tennessee @ Cleveland                    Line Browns -1

Titans have the best D so far in the league; The Browns offence hasn’t been explosive by any means so I see a low scoring affair. Chris Johnson finally gets it going and breaks a couple big plays. Titans 20 Browns 13

 Pittsburgh @ Houston                                   Line Texans -4

Pittsburgh’s O line is allowing defenders thru like a turnstile, Matt Shaub struggles against extra rushers and the Steelers are the best blitzing team in the league. The Steelers generate enough turnovers to get a key AFC win on the road. Steelers 28          Texans 24

 Detroit @ Dallas                    Line Cowboys -1

I know the Lions are 3-0 and the Stafford to Johnson combo looks unstoppable but my gut is telling me Dallas will win this week. The Lions fell behind early to the Vikings last week on the road before roaring back but Dallas is a much better team then Minnesota. Romo has been finding a way to win games and will do same this week. Cowboys 24          Lions 20

 San Francisco @ Philadelphia                       Line Eagles -8.5

Frank Gore is nicked up but will probably play, if he cant I love rookie back Kendall Hunter and think he can play well provided he is given touches. The Eagles have struggled on D, but that wont matter against the anemic SF offense. Vick will stay upright for 4 quarters and Eagles will cruise.           Eagles 31 49ers 17

 Carolina @ Chicago               Line Bears -6

Newton has kept his squad close in every game so far and I don’t see this being any different. The Bears have not played that well since week one but will get it going this week. Cutler will take some lumps but will find some open guys in the passing game. Bears 24 Panthers 20

 Washington @ St.Louis                     Line PICK

Washingtonhas been impressive especially on D, compared to the Rams who have been extremely disappointing. Sam Bradford is going to be a good QB in this league but it’s hard to succeed when you have no one who can get open or create separation. Running with Hightower and Helu will open up shots down the field for a big play or two on play action and that will be the difference for the Skins. Redskins 21 Rams 17

 New Orleans @ Jacksonville            Line Saints -7

The Saints should have no trouble on the road this week, The Jags are a mess the offense is struggling no matter who plays QB and while the D is solid they are not creating turnovers. Saints have allowed a ton of points but they played GB and Houston two of the highest scoring teams in the NFL. This week they will try and establish the run to keep D off the field and win easily. Saints 34 Jags 10

 Minnesota @ Kansas City                Line Vikings -1

Leslie Frazier has done an absolutely horrible job managing this team so far. Peterson is not being used right and Harvin isn’t either. Percy has been on the field for about 40% of their offensive plays, this is not something I can even begin to understand. McNabb has completed next to nothing down the field. The Chiefs are just as bad but at least they are better coached. Chiefs 24 Vikings 20

 NY Giants @ Arizona                        Line Giants -1

Umenyora is back this week, and Tuck should play. Hakeem Nicks has swelling in his knee but should be ok to play as well. The Cards but they have played well in the red zone(6th) but that could be a product of there schedule, SEA, CAR and Wash.  Giants are much better offensively. Beanie Wells is good to go and the Giants have allowed just over 100 ypg, he will need to play well for cards to win. Giants 27 Cardinals 21

 Atlanta @ Seattle                  Line Falcons -4

Seattle plays well at home, but the Falcons are a much better team who are going to be ready for this game, they need to get their season back on track. Roddy White and Julio Jones have been good but the offensive line has helped let drives stall. Seattle’s offense can’t get going, no running game and Tavaris Jackson is horrible.Atlanta will make enough plays to get thru this game easily. Atlanta 31 Seattle 17

 Denver @ Green Bay            Line Packers -12

Denver travels to Green Bay with the Pack being a well deserved heavy favorite. Green Bay has covered the spread against good teams but tend to let bad teams stay close so I don’t like the big #, Packers have best run D in the league but one of the worst pass D so far they are pretty good in the red zone so that keeps scoring down but Denver should move the ball and will get a garbage time score to keep the pack from covering. Packers 31 Denver 20

 New England @ Oakland                  Line Patriots -4          LOCK

Bill Belichick is a Defensive genius yet his team is on pace to be the worst statistical defense in league history. How do you like that!!! Oakland is much improved and have some talented wide outs and will try to throw the ball around a lot, but their secondary has played extremely bad as well. Tom Brady does not have 2 straight bad games and Pats will win this on the road. Patriots 38 Raiders 28

 Miami @ San Diego              Line Chargers -7

Miami’s horrendously managed, perfect example is being the only team in the league to place a claim on Steve Slayton. Daniel Thomas has been productive Reggie Bush has not and Slayton is a bush clone the only difference is he fumbles more often, now they have to pick up 1.2 million for him to be there.  The Chargers are winning games early on but have not been impressive Vikings and Chiefs both haven’t won yet and were able to stay close. Chargers 24 Dolphins 19

 NY Jets @ Baltimore            Line Ravens -3

The Jets got hammered on the road last week. Mangold being out really affects the o-line and if he is not 100% there will be no stopping Ngata and the Baltimore d-line. Football is won on the lines and right now Baltimore is better on both sides of the ball. Credit Ozzie Newsome for picking up McKinney and Gurode they have been solid. Ravens 28 Jets 21

 Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay               Line Buc -10

We are going to see a ton of Indy in primetime this year this is the second week in a row. Indy got stellar play from their ends last week at home and they almost pulled out the game, going on the road they will not have any advantages. Reggie Wayne praised Painter in the preseason and now he gets what he wants, thou I doubt it will make a difference. The Bucs have played from behind all season that should change this week. Buccaneers 24 Colts 10






Oh what a night

 Yesterday was one of the most exciting days in MLB regular season history. Four games with playoff implications and three of them went down to the last pitch. Baseball is the ultimate endurance test as a team sport. 162 games over six months and every game matters. I had no rooting interest last night but I was still captivated by the intensity. The Playoffs in baseball is a different accomplishment than any other sport. It means more, it’s harder to earn. NFL sends 12, NBA and NHL 16, MLB has 8, enough said.

 The fact that these  games included the conclusion of two of the biggest collapses in MLB history just adds to the drama. I’m a Die hard NY Met fan so I know what a collapse like this feels like. Sox had a 9.5 game lead and the Braves had a 8.5 game lead both are now gone. As a fan of those teams you want nothing to do with baseball, it will make you not even want to pay attention to the playoffs.

 At about 10:30pm last nightAtlantawas winning 3-2 the Rays were down 7-0 and the Red Sox were winning 3-2 and starting a rain delay. In the next hour and a half every thing changed. The despair the fans of Tampa felt at 9:30pm left and jumped on a plane to Boston, In St Louis there was elation for not having to play a play in game. In Atlanta  there was only silence.

 Lets start in Atlanta, the Bravos took a 1 run lead into the 9th and rookie of the year closer Craig Kimbrell on the mound, the phenom with a ERA of 2.10 and 46 saves walked three and gave up the tying run on a Chase Utley sac fly. Then a broken bat Hunter Pence single in the 13th got the lead run home. The Rays started to rally after a couple walks, a hit and a sac fly for three runs; Evan Longoria stepped to the plate and hammered the first pitch he saw into the left field seats for a 3 run HR, to bring the Rays with in one. In the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs 2 strikes Dan Johnson, a .108 hitter who hasn’t homered since April hooked a screamer inside the right field foul pole to tie it up. In Baltimore Marco Scutaro was thrown out at the plate canceling out an insurance run, then Paplebon entered the game in the 9th and with 2 outs and 2 strikes the Orioles hit back to back doubles and a bloop single to get the W. Three Minutes later Longoria won it with another HR in the 12th to send the Rays to the postseason. In an hour and a half two teams out two teams in, jubilation and heartbreak.

 So much drama, that’s the way baseball is and what makes it exciting. Inches separate HR’s from pop ups, ball four from strike 3 and singles from double plays. The Playoffs start Friday and will be entertaining for most and painful for some, I for one cant wait for the ride.

 On another note, bashing Jose Reyes for the way he won the batting title makes no sense. This has happened numerous times through out history. George Brett did it, Ty Cobb did it along with scores of others, I don’t know why any one is surprised. If Reyes went 0-4 then Braun probably wouldn’t have even played that night and no one would complain. I guarantee you that there were others who were sitting at .300 and took the day off to preserve that, it happens. What people should be bashing Reyes for not playing for the fans. All season fans have been showing up to support their favorite team, hell I live inBostonand I went to 6 games. All season they have cheered for him, they gave him 7 years of support and love. Reyes is going to be a free agent and for this to be his last game at home he should have given his all for all 9 innings for the support we have given him. If he knows he will be back that’s another story, but we won’t know for about six weeks.





I’m basing my rankings off what I see and what’s happening right now, this is just the random thoughts of a man with little else to focus on lol!!!! Please do not put any stock in this list.

  1. Packers 3-0- Look real good could be 9-1 or 10-0 when they have 1st meeting with the Lions.
  2. Saints 2-1- Drew has offense humming, D is opportunistic, NFC championship game should be fun.
  3. Patriots 2-1 – 1 loss means nothing, how many times do you think Brady will throw 3 picks in the red zone.
  4. Ravens 2-1 – Still trying to comprehend what happened in Tennessee two weeks ago.
  5. Lions 3-0 – Terrific on both sides of the ball, how can any one defend Megatron or block Suh.
  6. Texans 2-1-Houston played well enough to win in N.O,But didn’t. They need to turn the field goals into touchdowns going forward.
  7. Bills 3-0 – Learning how to win, The Fitzuation is the real deal. Tough schedule going forward can’t suffer a let down against Cincy this week. I would like to see them play with a lead.
  8. Raiders 2-1 – A couple dropped interceptions from trading places with buffalo in record and rankings. If Penalties continue this team will go no where, but love the style of play.
  9. Buccaneers 2-1- The baby bucs are playing tough ball right now, they make the plays to stay close and wear teams down. The guys have bought into Raheem Morris and continue to grow.
  10. Steelers 2-1 – the defense is legendary but this team needs big ben to stay healthy to go anywhere and right now that seems unlikely he is getting pounded week to week.
  11. Jets 2-1- Where was the Run D? they got gouged to the tune of 7.1 YPC against Oakland. Trips at Bmore and at Pats coming up it will be tough sledding.
  12. Chargers 2-1- The fact they are winning early is a good sign for the Bolts, I thought that they would be more explosive on offense but it’s coming along.
  13. Cowboys 2-1- The boys could be 0-3 and they could be 3-0 so I guess some kind of middle ground is acceptable. Romo is showing some guts.
  14. Redskins 2-1- A lot better than I thought they would be, I guess I shouldn’t have thought Rex was mental when he said they should win the division in August
  15. Giants 2-1- Gmen still have some issues but when they take care of the ball they are a tough adversary. Eli has thrown only 2 picks this year so far.
  16. Falcons 1-2- Julio Jones has played well but they are struggling to score, I think they shook up things in an attempt to catch Green Bay, Corners and defensive depth would have been more beneficial than upgrading an already potent offense.
  17. Eagles 1-2- PROTECTION, I have been saying since August Protection is the name of the game for philly and if they don’t get it fixed they will in the same situation as there cross state rivals. I don’t see Ben complaining about getting whacked every down.
  18. Titans 2-1- Loosing Britt is big blow, better get CJ Going if they want a sniff at Houston. Defense has been solid.
  19. Bears 1-2. Impressive week 1, Horrendous the next 2. how mad was Lovie Smith on the holding call for the Knox return, who needed to be held? Another team with protection issues.
  20. 49ers- 2-1- Playing in the worst division in football helps, this team struggles to score consistently and don’t play strong enough D to play with high scoring teams.
  21. Browns 2-1- they won against Miami and Indy but lost to the Bengals what else is there to say, at least there still in it I guess.
  22. Cardinals 1-2- The Cards will take some time to be a cohesive unit but losing inSeattleshould be unacceptable for this team, Beanie wells needs to get back soon.
  23. Panthers 1-2 – Cam Newton makes this team watchable but it will be a process before they can be a winning team.
  24. Jaguars 1-2 – They knew they were going nowhere so made the right decision to drop Garrard just should have done it a month earlier.
  25. Denver1-2- How long do you think the fans will clamor for Tebow.
  26. Vikings 0-3 Up 54-7 at half then trounced 65-6 in 2nd half give AP the damn ball.
  27. St Louis 0-3- Why didn’t they draft a receiver?
  28. Cincinnati1-2-Dalton has made some plays and this team has been more competitive than I pictured, but still a long way to go.
  29. Indianapolis 0-3- Collins got knocked out maybe that helps this team a little have to give Painter a shot, Mathis and Freeney are still fun to watch.
  30. Seattle1-2- Carrol has to be shaking his head I didn’t think he planned on winning for another couple of weeks.
  31. Miami 0-3- Daniel Thomas looks good maybe he opens up some play action passes for Marshall and Bess, didn’t Henne throw for 400 yards week one?
  32. Chiefs 0-3- This team is just trying to avoid more injuries Haley should use this season to Mold Cassel throw it all over and see if he is the answer.

week 3 thoughts

So Bills get a big W against New England, This is great for the Bills are they a playoff team? Im not there yet. Like I said last week its great to  see Buffalo competitve and I would love to see them get to the Playoffs but i’m not really sold yet, and I wont be even if they beat Cincy next week. Buffalo still has a really tough schedule and will have to battle every week. The good thing is that they will have alot of games against other possible playoff teams and if they win they can create some distance.

The Patriots are still the best Team in the AFC. Their o-line is terrific and # 12 has been fantastic. The problem is they can be predictable and thats how you throw 4 picks, Brady has Welker, and Gronkowski and untill Hernandez comes back you know who he is looking to get the ball too. The Pats need some other recievers to step up, when Brady has multiple targets he is comfortable with, the Patriots can score against anyone with ease.

If you have read previous posts you know i have been critical of the vikings usage of their star running back, and this week nothing changed. Adrian Peterson had 5 carries in the 2nd half, let me just repeat that 5 carries. with a 20 point half time lead the vikes went 3 n out on their 1st 3 possessions in the 2nd half those possessions contained 2 AP runs and 7 McNabb passes, I know Detroit has a great d-line but come on AP is your workhorse and your best offensive player, they were 0-2 playing a division rival with a 20 point lead and they failed to get him the ball, hell they had a 4th and 1 on detroit 48 yard line and they gave it to Toby Gerhart. For the season the Vikings have out scored their opponents in the 1st half like 54-7, and then stopped using Peterson in the 2nd half and been totally dominated in the 2nd half to the tune of 64-6. WTF!!! GIVE THE MAN THE BALL.

On that note, the Lions didn’t lose their composure going down 20-0 in this game they fought hard in the 2nd half and got back into the game then won it in OT, It’s always fun to see a young team mature and them coming back shows some charachter. When you comeback against a team you havent beaten in 14 years on the road it means something, now they have to keep it going.

I like how the Texans played the Saints even thou they lost, but they need to find other late game options other than Johnson. AJ was braketed by 4 guys on their last play their absolutly has to be another deep route option on a 4th and 21 play. I know odds of completing that 1st down to any one are slim but come on!! The Texans can move the ball against anyone the difference was N.O got critical stops in the red zone which is what quality teams will do every time, thats how you win 11-13 games per year.

You have to love what Hugh Jackson is doing in Oakland. This team has MONSTERS in the trenches and push people around with ease. If he get instill some discipline this team can really go far. McFadden has been fantastic and Campbell is making the plays needed. I dont ever remember a Rex Ryan defense getting knocked around like this before, 200 yard rushing and 34 points scored thats just outstanding by the Raiders. I picked the Jets to win the game based on the fact they can stop the run but the fact they got pushed all over the field says alot about where Oakland is. I keep saying the Jets are much better team when they run more than they pass, this week 43 throws 25 runs and look at what happend.

 The Packers handled the Bears pretty easily on the road Sunday and look like the class of the NFL. Every other contender has glaring issues where the Pack do not. The Pack is been pretty balanced is getting 100  on ground and 300 thru the air per game. The D is kinda concerning they have played great against the run but are getting ripped up each week in the passing game. that being said  they have a ton of play makers who generate sacks/turnovers and that keeps the scoring down and leads to w’s Green Bay has played 3 close games that in reality were not that close . Provided they avoid the injury bug they should be favored in every game they play this year.

week 3 pics

Big spreads last week caught me and i went 7-9 so now i’m 19-13 overall for the year. I will be in the middle of the woods for the next 5 days so no Posts, but I wanted to get my picks out for week 3. I’m not sure of the injury reports and lines will probably change but here we go.

 Jacksonville @ CAROLINA                        Line Carolina -3.5

The panthers should have beat AZ on the road and they played GB tight. Now they get Jacksonville at home. I think its time for Mr. Newton to get his first win. Jags got smashed by the Jets on the road and we may see Gabbard for the whole game so I see them staying tight for a while with Panthers pulling away late. Carolina 28 Jags 21

 San Francisco @ Cincinnati              Line Cincinnati -1

These two teams have been in close battles each week and both have earned a split Dalton to Green is looking like a nice combination and Cincy has been able to move the ball and are gaining confidence. The 49ers blew a lead against the Cowboys late and are a more talented team.  ill take the talent over home field  49ers 24 Bengals 20

 Detroit @ Minnesota                        Line Detroit -3.5

Detroit pounded KC and has been very impressive heading into there 1st division game. Stafford looks like an all pro he can make all the throws and having Calvin Johnson makes this offense dynamic. Vikings have lost 2 close contests blowing a big lead against Tampa last week. They got away from AP a little in second half  after the 1st possesion of the 2nd half Peterson had 18 carries the Vikings led 17-0 the rest of the game he got 7 touches, im not a genious but i really cant understand that, if you have a bell cow you use him especially when your up 3 scores!!!  McNabb needs to make more plays, he has 268 yards passing combined in 2 games, I don’t think that will happen this week. Detroit 30 Minnesota 17

 Denver @ Tennessee                                    Line Titans -6.5

The Titans smashed a good Ravens team at home, which was very impressive to me. Kenny Britt has been great but they need CJ to step up. Now they get a mediocre Denver team coming to town. Its not hard to get up to play good teams but something in me see’s the Titans not being as prepared this week and taking a bad L. Plus Broncos have played tight games so far They can run and make plays in passing game. Do you think if Denver is 2-1 the Fans forget about Tebow?  Denver 27 Titans 24

 Miami @ Cleveland                           Line Browns -1.5

For 3rd straight week Cleveland is favored to win, I guess the easy schedule helps but then again they lost one already to the Bengals. McCoy has managed, Hillis has run and D has been solid. Miami had no chance in their 1st 2 games and will be Hungry it helps to go to Cleveland in September rather than December. Daniel Thomas was good last week we will see if they can build on that. Looking for Marshall to start finding the endzone. Miami 20 Cleveland 17                     

 NY Giants @ Philadelphia                 Line Eagles  -6

Big question here will Vick play, I liked Mike Kafka at Northwestern and he looked serviceable Sunday night. The Eagles have a ton of talent but the 6 points should drop if vick is out and I’m assuming he will be. G-men looked good against Rams and Eli made some good calls, the run game should be solid provided they actually call running plays. Division games can always go either way but I like Eagles at home with or with out Vick. Eagles 31 G-men 21

 Houston @ New Orleans                   Line Saints -4

Lots of fire power on display during this game and the scoreboard should get lit up. Both offenses are hitting on all cylinders, I would like to see the saints run the ball a little more but that’s not really there style. Having Foster back doesn’t make that much of a difference because Tate is a quality back up and the Texans have shown who ever gets the ball at HB will be productive. In the end I like the Saints D to make a couple more stops and get them the win.

Saints 34 Texans 28

 New England @ Buffalo

 Are we in for a changing of the guard? Break up the Bills!!! 41 & 38 points in the 1st 2 weeks the offense is on fire. Fitz has been fantastic and it looks like he is going to get an extension, Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson have been studs and CJ. Spiller has actually been spotted in a game. Now can the upstart Bills generate any pressure on Brady? Doubt it, but Pats secondary has been suspect and the offensive juggernaut that is the Buffalo Bills will get at least 24 but The Pats are way too good for Buffalo right now. Patriots 38 Buffalo 27

 Baltimore @ St. Louis                                   Line Ravens -4

Who will show up this week the team that pounded the Steelers or the one who got flattened by the Titans? I have to believe Sunday was a letdown game for the Ravens they are much better than they showed where is the intesity? Flacco needs to do a better job plain and simple. Sam Bradford is continuing to improve but its hard when your top back is out and you have no weapons on the outside. I thought the Rams could be good enough to win a bad NFC west but Cardinals have been decent and a 0-3 start could torpedo any postseason thoughts in St. Louis. This would be my LOCK if the Ravens actually showed up last week. Ravens 24 Rams 10

 NY Jets @ Oakland               Line Jets -3.5           LOCK

Mark Sanchez throws 44 times the jets barely escape, he throws 24 and they dominate, I understand the Cowboys are a lot better than the Jags, wait are they? Who cares bottom line the jets are much better when they RUN!!! Oakland has looked good the offense is moving the ball but the Defense needs to step up and make a play. They dropped 4 pics Sunday 2 in the final minute and that cost them the game. Oakland was gashed on the ground by the Bills and Jets will take same approach. Jets 27 Oakland 17

 Kansas City @ San Diego                 Line Chargers -14.5

How bad is it in KC they come up win the division keep every one around go into this season with high expectations now they are with out Eric Berry and Jamal Charles. They were throttled by the Lions and then they go to San Diego this is a huge spread but the way thing are going for the Chiefs I cant see them mustering up to much effort. Chargers 38 Chiefs 14

 Green Bay @ Chicago                       Line Packers -3.5

NFC championship rematch game, the Bears were great at home against Atlanta and crushed on the road in New Orleans, When I say they will play well they don’t and vise versa. The Champs were tested last week on the road to a game Carolina team and I have to believe they know the importance of this game especially with the Lions playing like World Beaters. Chicago will play good enough to win but Rodgers will make more big plays. Illtake the Pack by a field goal Packers 20 Bears 17

 Arizona @ Seattle                  Line Cardinals -3

Kevin Kolb has played well and so has Beanie Wells, the offense is clicking and will just continue to improve. Seattle is a mess but always plays well at home. They have nice pieces on the defensive side of the ball but no playmakers to score points, I think Pete Carroll decided at the beginning of the season he absolutely needs Andrew Luck why else would he choose Tavaris Jackson over Matt Hassleback. Cardinals 24 Seattle 17

 Atlanta @ Tampa Bay                       Line Falcons -1

1 is a pick line and even thou I think Bucs are talented the Falcons just have more weapons if Tampa was getting 4 that would be great and maybe they do by game day, but im making my pics Tuesday afternoon and right now I got the Falcons getting it done. Falcons 27 Tampa 24

 Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis                 Line Steelers – 10.5

Really the Steelers are only 10.5 favorites ill take that all day long. I can’t even find constructive things to say about Indy. They got manhandled by Cleveland at home and I don’t see any thing positive can happen next Sunday for them. The way I see it if you want to be optimistic and say Peyton is back week 7, then the Colts need to win at least 2 games to have a chance that way Peyton can lead them to a 8-2 record and back to the playoffs… Good Luck with that. Steelers 31 Colts 10

 Washington @ Dallas                        Line Redskins -6.5

I have been really impressed with Washington, Hightower and Helu are good backs who always get forward quickly and don’t take too many TFL’s. Grossman has managed the game well makes the plays he is asked too. Dallashad a gutty win on road against SF, Romo coming back into the game with a cracked rib and collapsed lung leading the Boys back. Dallasneeds to get more production from the running backs especially if its Kitna and not Romo starting. I really like the direction the skins are going but basically a touchdown on the road I don’t think they can cover that.                    Skins 24 Cowboys 21


week 2 thoughts

 The Buffalo VS Oakland game was the best game of the week. Buffalo Bills look like they might be good this year, it’s important for young teams to learn how to win games and Buffalo showed grit to come back down big early and after Oakland made a big play to retake the lead. Still the Bills need to upgrade their roster to be able to win long term Free agents don’t go to Buffalo so they have to do it thru the draft and the more they win well you know. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not going to win a super bowl but pushing the team in the right direction is great for the city and the fans deserve to see a competitive product so I’m sure there are a lot of happy people in western New York. Now we will se where they really are the Pats are up next.

 Cam Newton is exciting to watch he has good instincts and throws a great ball. I really like Carolinas approach they are throwing fire to the wind and lettingNewtonchuck it all over the field. I still thinkCarolinawill lose a ton of games this year its going to be a process for them but this is another city that has to be excited about what they are seeing.

 The Packers are going thru it again; Nick Collins was lost for the season to a neck injury. Collins has gone to the last 3 pro-bowls and is in the middle of a possible Hall of Fame career. It’s a shame the man goes unnoticed by a lot of people but always make big game changing plays. The Pack are adept at replacing people and have great depth so they will survive but in big games in January he will be missed.

 Last week Romo got blasted for his bad decision making in a loss the Jets, this week he came back and led the cowboys to a come from behind win with a collapsed lung. He will always be maligned until he wins in January but the man has heart. He is a poor mans Brett Favre has tremendous heart and talent with a sling it mentality who will win some games and lose others for his team.

 The Chargers are and enigma every year they start slow and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to reverse that trend. Pats are what they are the most dominant team of the last 11 years. Tom Brady is the man and with the offensive line they have put together he can tie his shoes twice before throwing, they are going to be extremely hard to beat this year.

 How impressive have the Lions been? After rocking the Chefs you can see this team is the real deal and if Stafford stays healthy they should be a lock for the postseason. The Defensive line is fantastic and Nick Fairly hasn’t even played a down. Javid Best is a nice back who can make plays and Calvin Johnson is a MONSTER. My only concerns are the secondary and their short yardage packages but they will have plenty of time to grow through out the season.

 How the hell did Baltimore flop in Tennessee Sunday? The Ravens got pushed around in the trenches on both sides of the ball. This is not what I expected but I don’t really know much about Mike Munchak and it looks like he has his team ready to go. Now all they need is for CJ to break out of his preseason funk, this could take some time he did miss the entire preseason.

Vick returned to Atlanta for the second time, this time as a starter and played well then got knocked out by some friendly fire allowing the Falcons to come back. Nice bounce back win for the Falcons.  I have said noumerous times that the Eagles offensive line will be an issue for this team and with the pressure is going to stay banged up going forward. Concussions can lingure and getting hit constantly will not help, this may prevent philly from making the playoffs.

week 2 pics

 A lot of big favorites this week, coming off a week where I went 12-4 against the spread this should be challenging.

 Oakland@ BUFFALO          Line Bills -4.5

Both teams coming off W’s Buffalo was much more impressive. Oakland has not beaten anyone out side of the division in a while and a cross country trip wont help, Oakland’s run game is the real deal but the D struggled in the secondary, Fitzpatrick did a great job hitting the TE’s against KC and I expect that to continue Buffalo gets the win but doesn’t cover Bills 24 Raiders 21

 Green Bay @ CAROLINA    Line GB -10.5

The Pack need to be aware of the possible let down game but I think coach McCarthy will have them prepared. Jon Beason is done for the season, that’s bad news for the Panther D. Cam Newton was fantastic last week but cards do not equal pack. I hate spreads this big early season but GB offense is to strong and they will cover Pack 31 Carolina 14

 Kc @ Detroit              Line Detroit -8

If you caught last week I said KC would have problems on offense and I was absolutely right. Detroit’s line is way better than Buffalo’s and KC has to go on the road. Lions cruise Detroit 34 Chiefs 17

 Cleveland @ INDY    Line Browns -2.5

Indy got clobbered last week, who saw that coming oh yeah everyone. Kerry Collins was horrible but im looking for him to bounce back. Clevelanddropped the ball against the Bengals, like I said they find ways to lose games they should win and this will be know different. Colts 27 Browns 20

 Tampa Bay @ MINNESOTA                       Line Vikes -3.5

Vikes managed to throw for less than 100 yards against SD and still kept the game close. AP will get his carries but McNabb needs to play much better for them to have a chance but I really like Tampa getting points Tampa 21 Minnesota 20

 Chicago @ NEW ORLEANS                        Line Saints -7

Saints played great in losing effort on road in Green bay, Darren Sproles was a tremendous pick up he is great on 3rd down and sparked the offense. I hated on the Bears last week and it came back to bite me, this week their leader Brian Urlacher will be playing with a heavy heart and I’m looking for him to rally the troops and pull off the upset straight up Bears 28 Saints 27

 Jacksonville @ NY JETS      Line Jets -9

I don’t see Luke Mckown being able to move the ball enough against the JET D. Sanchez and company will move the ball and light up the score board, Im looking for them to try and establish the run and control the clock so the D doesn’t have to play as much.  I think they will cover with ease Jets 31 Jags 10

 Seattle @ PITTSBURGH     Line Steelers -14.5

Are the Steelers getting old or were they just outplayed by a hungry Baltimore team? I believe it’s the latter and the Steelers will be ready to go in their home opener. I would hate to be Pete Carrol his team is running into an angry BUZZ SAW Steelers 34 Hawks 6

 Baltimore @ TENNESEE     Line Ravens – 6.5

Ravens were very impressive last week forcing 7 turnovers and now they travel to a Titans team who forgot they had Chris Johnson on their roster, OK that makes sense Hasslebeck threw 34 times and CJ had 9 carries, the man has the ability to score on any play give him the damn ball. It wont matter this week Baltimore out classes the Titans in every phase of the game. Ravens 31 Titans 14

 Arizona @ WASHINGTON Line Skins -4.5

Rex proved me wrong and played solid against the G-Men, Hightower was a good pickup and will be going up against his old mates with something to prove. Kerrigan and Orakpo are Studs for the Washington D and the cards gave up 422 to Cam Newton im looking for Grossman to be able to move the ball easily and the D to create pressure against cards. Kolb will need to get the ball out quick and make good decisions, and beenie needs to play well for them to be there at the end Skins 24 Cards 17

 Dallas @ SAN FRANSICO  Line Cowboys -3.5

49ers’s are home dogs against the cowboys and rightfully so. 9ers got the win last week against a weak Seattle team thank’s to Ted Ginn Jr but I don’t see it happening against the Cowboys. The boys played great on the road against an emotionally charged JETS team and should have won, I get the fumble at the 1 by ROMO but why the hell are you throwing at Revis at the end makes no sense Romo makes me want to bang my head against the wall with his decisions.Cowboys 28 49ers 17

 Cincinnati @ DENVER         Line Broncos -5.5

Denver fans are screaming for Tebow, Why? Orton has played well even if it doesn’t translate to wins but I don’t think Tebow is gona step in and start winning either. I liked Von Miller a lot with what he displayed on Monday night. Dumerville, Baily and Lloyd are all banged up but so is Andy Dalton. It looks like Dalton will play but I don’t expect much. I don’t like the Broncos giving 5.5 points even at home this game will be close Denver 21 Bengals 17

 Houston @ MIAMI               Line Texans -2.5

The Texans were impressive against the Colts, but the Colts are not what they have been in the past. Where the hell did this line come from, I guess its Houstons history of letting up against inferior teams but I think this is Houston’s year to finally win division and they win big Texans 34 Dolphins 14 LOCK  

 San Diego @ NEW ENGLAND

This is one of the marquee games of the week. Pats offense was impressive and so was Chargers D keeping vikes under 100 net yards. The Pats D concerns me I place no stock in Chad Henne as a starting NFL QB and he tossed for over 400 against Pats. Rivers is my Pick for NFL MVP this year and he should have opportunities to make plays this week. I still like the Pats in this game but with a spread of 7 I don’t think they cover.

Pats 34 Chargers 30

 Philadelphia @ ATLANTA   Line Eagles -3

Michael Vick returns to Atlanta since he was suspended and left the franchise in turmoil. The Falcons did a great job getting Matt Ryan and I think they will play their hearts out for the home fans and get some revenge.St Louiswas able to create pressure against vick last week and I expect Atlanta to do the same. The falcons usually bounce back well from a loss. Falcons 28 Eagles 27

 St Louis @ NY GIANTS       Line Giants -6.5

You never want a week 2 game to be a must win but that’s exactly the scenarion for the Giants. They have a extremely difficult stretch to finish the season and if they don’t start at least 5-3 they are done already. Rams are banged up already Jacksonwill probably be out and Amendola definitely will be. The Rams are already thin at WR and this will hurt Bradford who will definitely be a go. The Giants need to run the ball more than the 7 times they did in the 2nd half last week so they can use play action late. Take the Rams with the points Giants 24 Rams 20