NFL Preview

          So the season kicks off today with the Pack and Saints the last 2 champs. I cant be more excited here is my preview and predictions for each team. Check back weekly for my pics


AFC East

  1. New England– The east is still the Pats division the only area where they struggle consistently is rushing the passer and while that may affect them in January they are too well coached to lose more than 3 or 4 games. Tom Brady is Tom Brady and the offence will cover all of the team’s defensive deficiencies. Prediction: 13-3
  2. NY JETS- No team has played in three consecutive conference championship games since Buffalo in the early 90’s. The Jets will have that opportunity but they will have to do it on the road in the playoffs again. I love the defense and running game, Santonio Holmes is still a stud but I have no faith in the Sanchize.   Rex is a good coach but he talks too much. Prediction 11-5 (wildcard)
  3. Buffalo- The Bills will be entertaining, they have some people who can make plays, Spillar needs to improve, Brad Smith running the wildcat will be interesting but Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson need to stay healthy. Fitzpatrick showed some good things last year while he may not be long term solution he will be able to move the ball. Shawn Merriman needs to stay on the field and generate some turnovers. Prediction  6-10
  4. Miami– The Dolphins are a absolute mess I like Bess and Marshall at wide out and Vernon Carey and Jake Long are terrific on the line, Cameron Wake can create pressure but there’s not much else. Chad Henne is absolutely horrible and it will be a long year in south beach. Prediction 4-12


  1. Pittsburgh- For the defending AFC champs nothing has changed, they are the definition of continuity. The steelers will run the ball efficiently and play great defensePrediction-12-4
  2. Baltimore- similar to the steelers they ravens look much the same as previous years the addition of Lee Evans will help the vertical passing game and the defense while getting older always adds key contributors thru the DraftPrediction 11-5 Wildcard
  3. Cleveland- the browns have a very manageable schedule at the beginning of the season and I think they will get out to a 7-4 Colt Mccoy is the real deal and this team will continue to get better but in the last 5 games they play the steelers and ravens 4x and I don’t think they are to the point yet to contend.Prediction 7-9
  4. Cincinnati-Andy Dalton, Jermaine Gresham and AJ Green will make some plays but there is no chance this team is competitive. Defense is weak and the other teams in this division are much betterPerdiction- 4-12

AFC South

  1. Houston- This is finally the year the Texans make the playoffs, offence is loaded for Matt Shaub and Wade Phillips will have the Defense blitzing and generating pressure on the QB that will help the secondary. Full seasons for Cushing and Demeco Ryans are crucial and I think Brooks Reed and A.J Watt will be special.Prediction-12-4
  2. Jacksonville– MJD will be MJD and Del Rio will have his team competitive as always, The Jags always play tough and win games they shouldn’t and lose games they should win so go figure.Prediction 8-8
  3. Indianapolis– Peyton is injured will not play week one and that is dooming for indy no player in the NFL is as valuable to his team as Peyton is, hopefully he can get back soon but his timing maybe off due to loss of practice time. Defense is suspect and I think this will be the year Indy falls.Prediction 7-9
  4. Tennessee– When running backs hold out they tend to end up injured and miss time and I believe this will happen with all world back Chris Johnson. Expect Jake Locker to be inserted into the starting line up by week 7 if the Titans are under .500

Prediction 4-12

AFC West

  1. San Diego– San Diego super chargers will be back this year Defense is phenomenal and offense is lead by my MVP pick Phillip Rivers. Last year they had the # 1 offense and #1 defense but absolutely atrocious special teams, no way they can be this bad 2 years in a row.San Diego will roll.Prediction- 13-3
  2. Oakland– Hue Jackson wants his team to be Bullies but I just don’t think they have the personnel on defense to compete consistently. They will be able to run the ball and they have play makers on the outside so I think they will be able to score. I don’t think they can stop the run and missing Nahmdi will hurt in the secondary. Prediction- 7-9
  3. Kansas City– Todd Haley over achieved last year, the Chiefs are solid on defense and offensively they will control the ball with Charles and Jones. I don’t know why but my gut says they will fall short in a couple close games.                 Prediction 7-9
  4. Denver-What is there to say, really Elvis Dumerville and Von Miller should be fun to watch on Defense. Kyle Orton has shown he can be a competent starter but they just don’t have the pieces. I like John Fox and think he is a quality coach so maybe he can start getting them headed in the right direction but it will be difficult. Prediction 4-12

 NFC East

  1. Dallas– Jason Garrett gets a full season to be a head coach and this will help the boys, he is a definite upgrade over wade Phillips. Romo is back and I think he will have a great year. With Miles Austin on the other side I think Dez Bryant will have a break out year. The defense will be solid against the run but I have questions about the secondary but with this offense they will be good enough to win 10 games. Prediction 11-5
  2. Philadelphia-The ‘dream team’ the eagles will be outstanding offensively but I have a gut feeling Vick gets Hurt and misses time and that is going keep this team from winning the division. The NFC is so even no one will pull away and you will have a lot of teams lumped together at the end. The eagles will be one of them Prediction 10-6 (wildcard)
  3. New York-the Giants had a horrible off season then when the preseason started the started loosing starters right and left, I think Eli will have a great year provided the WR’s stay healthy and Giants will run the ball well too but defense is to weak is secondary and that costs them Prediction 8-8
  4. Washington– quarterback play is inconsistent again whether its Grossman or Beck and they struggle running the ball. Defense will be alright and will get better as year goes along but not enough to be competitive in a good divisionPrediction 4-12

 NFC North

  1. Green Bay– The champs are loaded on both sides of the ball with Finley and Grant back and addition of rookie WR Patrick Cobbs the offensive is even better than in the past. BJ Raji and Trammon Williams will move into the elite defensive ranks that Clay Matthews Jr, Charles Woodson and Nick Collins are already occupy and they end up with a top 3 overall defense again that generates a ton of turnovers. This team will start to move towards dynasty status. Prediction 13-3
  2. Detroit– Lions have been a lot of peoples pick to make the playoffs this year I just don’t see it yet the secondary is weak and Matthew Stafford has not shown the ability to stay healthy. Suh is the best Defensive player on the field and will win the player of the year award but   fairly struggles to stay healthy. The Lions will be improved but not there yet Prediction 8-8
  3. Minnesota– Mcnabbs arrival will be a boon for the offense and make sure there is not 8 in the box for AP and they will put up good #’s, but the aging defense will struggle and they will lose at least 4 division games. Prediction 7-9
  4. Chicago– The bears won 6 games decided by one score in 2010, 2011 will be total opposite and the bears fall flat, the offensive line struggles to protect cutler and he ends up injured and Caleb Haney starts at least 5 games. On defense they will still be good Peppers, Briggs and Urlacher are all great defenders but the lack of offense kills a competitive team and they fall flat.Prediction 5-11

 NFC South

  1. New Orleans-The addition of Mark Ingram will be huge he may not start the season but he will take carries away from Pierre Thomas and I expect him to be starting by the midway point. Darren Sproles is a perfect fit for this offense and Drew Brees is the ultimate competitor. Remember he paid for everyone to get together and have off season workouts with out the coaching staff and this will be great for team unity. This team has something to prove after a disastrous showing in Seattle last year, they bounce back win division and 1st round bye. Prediction 12-4
  2. Atlanta– The falcons made a bold move in trading up to grab Julio Jones, but the Packers exposed the defense last year and they could have used some of the picks to draft depth. They are still good enough to make a run and Matt Ryan has shown to be a franchise QB. Michael Turner will still be good and the falcons will make it to the playoffs in back to back years for the first time. Prediction 10-6 (Wildcard)
  3. Tampa Bay- The baby bucks take a step back this year, I like the pieces they have on offence Freeman is an up an comer and Legarett Blunt was a steal and have a great year. The D is very good but this team will not sneak up on anyone, 2010 they had one of the easiest schedules, in 2011 it will be one of the toughest. Prediction 7-9
  4. Carolina– Cam Newton is extremely athletic and will be exciting but he has a huge learning curve, The Panthers just lack the talent to be competitive. They have good backs and who knows what Steve Smith will be, Jordan Gross is a beast but it just doesn’t add up. Ron Rivera is a good coach and I’m glad he got the opportunity but this will take some time Prediction 2-14

 NFC West

  1. St Louis– Year two for Sam Bradford and his progress will continue to trend upwards the physical tools are there and the players around him are being slowly upgraded. The Defense is solid and the division is weak, this all adds up to them completing what they started last year and winning the division. Prediction 10-6
  2. San Francisco– The 49ers are an enigma, hopefully Harbaugh can help get it figured out. Everyone thought Mike Nolan was a good coach, and then came Singletary still no results. Maybe they are cursed for drafting Alex Smith over the home town kid Arron Rodgers. This year its Alex Smith to start again, they drafted Collin Kapernick so we will see how long Smiths leash is, I love Gore and I think they got a steal with Kendal Hunter. Vernon Davis is a beast and Willis is his equivalent on the other side of the ball. They seem to find ways to lose and this year will be no different. Prediction 8-8
  3. Arizona– The Kevin Kolb era begins, The cards traded for then locked up the unproven Kolb, Fitz must be happy because he signed a big extention, the loss of Ryan Williams to injury and Tim Hightower to trade so its put up or shut up for Beanie Wells. The defense has lost a lot of good players in the last couple years and will be down. Its hard to tell what will happen with this Team but I think year one with Kolb will not be good. Prediction 7-9
  4. Seattle– So the Seahawks made a decision that Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst were better options then Matt Hassleback. OK I just cant get behind that. This team may have been the worse team to ever make the playoffs, they downgraded at QB and every one else in the division got better so not good. Maybe Pete expects Matt Barkley to leave early or he new Tavaris was his best shot at Andrew Luck. Prediction 4-12

 Playoffs home team all caps                                                                 



TEXANS over Ravens

STEELERS over Jets


CHARGERS over Texans

PATS over Steelers

 AFC championship

Chargers over PATS


Wild card

DALLAS over Atlanta

Philadelphia over ST.LOUIS


GREEN BAY over Philadelphia

New ORLEANS over Dallas


GREEN BAY over New Orleans










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