week 2 pics

 A lot of big favorites this week, coming off a week where I went 12-4 against the spread this should be challenging.

 Oakland@ BUFFALO          Line Bills -4.5

Both teams coming off W’s Buffalo was much more impressive. Oakland has not beaten anyone out side of the division in a while and a cross country trip wont help, Oakland’s run game is the real deal but the D struggled in the secondary, Fitzpatrick did a great job hitting the TE’s against KC and I expect that to continue Buffalo gets the win but doesn’t cover Bills 24 Raiders 21

 Green Bay @ CAROLINA    Line GB -10.5

The Pack need to be aware of the possible let down game but I think coach McCarthy will have them prepared. Jon Beason is done for the season, that’s bad news for the Panther D. Cam Newton was fantastic last week but cards do not equal pack. I hate spreads this big early season but GB offense is to strong and they will cover Pack 31 Carolina 14

 Kc @ Detroit              Line Detroit -8

If you caught last week I said KC would have problems on offense and I was absolutely right. Detroit’s line is way better than Buffalo’s and KC has to go on the road. Lions cruise Detroit 34 Chiefs 17

 Cleveland @ INDY    Line Browns -2.5

Indy got clobbered last week, who saw that coming oh yeah everyone. Kerry Collins was horrible but im looking for him to bounce back. Clevelanddropped the ball against the Bengals, like I said they find ways to lose games they should win and this will be know different. Colts 27 Browns 20

 Tampa Bay @ MINNESOTA                       Line Vikes -3.5

Vikes managed to throw for less than 100 yards against SD and still kept the game close. AP will get his carries but McNabb needs to play much better for them to have a chance but I really like Tampa getting points Tampa 21 Minnesota 20

 Chicago @ NEW ORLEANS                        Line Saints -7

Saints played great in losing effort on road in Green bay, Darren Sproles was a tremendous pick up he is great on 3rd down and sparked the offense. I hated on the Bears last week and it came back to bite me, this week their leader Brian Urlacher will be playing with a heavy heart and I’m looking for him to rally the troops and pull off the upset straight up Bears 28 Saints 27

 Jacksonville @ NY JETS      Line Jets -9

I don’t see Luke Mckown being able to move the ball enough against the JET D. Sanchez and company will move the ball and light up the score board, Im looking for them to try and establish the run and control the clock so the D doesn’t have to play as much.  I think they will cover with ease Jets 31 Jags 10

 Seattle @ PITTSBURGH     Line Steelers -14.5

Are the Steelers getting old or were they just outplayed by a hungry Baltimore team? I believe it’s the latter and the Steelers will be ready to go in their home opener. I would hate to be Pete Carrol his team is running into an angry BUZZ SAW Steelers 34 Hawks 6

 Baltimore @ TENNESEE     Line Ravens – 6.5

Ravens were very impressive last week forcing 7 turnovers and now they travel to a Titans team who forgot they had Chris Johnson on their roster, OK that makes sense Hasslebeck threw 34 times and CJ had 9 carries, the man has the ability to score on any play give him the damn ball. It wont matter this week Baltimore out classes the Titans in every phase of the game. Ravens 31 Titans 14

 Arizona @ WASHINGTON Line Skins -4.5

Rex proved me wrong and played solid against the G-Men, Hightower was a good pickup and will be going up against his old mates with something to prove. Kerrigan and Orakpo are Studs for the Washington D and the cards gave up 422 to Cam Newton im looking for Grossman to be able to move the ball easily and the D to create pressure against cards. Kolb will need to get the ball out quick and make good decisions, and beenie needs to play well for them to be there at the end Skins 24 Cards 17

 Dallas @ SAN FRANSICO  Line Cowboys -3.5

49ers’s are home dogs against the cowboys and rightfully so. 9ers got the win last week against a weak Seattle team thank’s to Ted Ginn Jr but I don’t see it happening against the Cowboys. The boys played great on the road against an emotionally charged JETS team and should have won, I get the fumble at the 1 by ROMO but why the hell are you throwing at Revis at the end makes no sense Romo makes me want to bang my head against the wall with his decisions.Cowboys 28 49ers 17

 Cincinnati @ DENVER         Line Broncos -5.5

Denver fans are screaming for Tebow, Why? Orton has played well even if it doesn’t translate to wins but I don’t think Tebow is gona step in and start winning either. I liked Von Miller a lot with what he displayed on Monday night. Dumerville, Baily and Lloyd are all banged up but so is Andy Dalton. It looks like Dalton will play but I don’t expect much. I don’t like the Broncos giving 5.5 points even at home this game will be close Denver 21 Bengals 17

 Houston @ MIAMI               Line Texans -2.5

The Texans were impressive against the Colts, but the Colts are not what they have been in the past. Where the hell did this line come from, I guess its Houstons history of letting up against inferior teams but I think this is Houston’s year to finally win division and they win big Texans 34 Dolphins 14 LOCK  

 San Diego @ NEW ENGLAND

This is one of the marquee games of the week. Pats offense was impressive and so was Chargers D keeping vikes under 100 net yards. The Pats D concerns me I place no stock in Chad Henne as a starting NFL QB and he tossed for over 400 against Pats. Rivers is my Pick for NFL MVP this year and he should have opportunities to make plays this week. I still like the Pats in this game but with a spread of 7 I don’t think they cover.

Pats 34 Chargers 30

 Philadelphia @ ATLANTA   Line Eagles -3

Michael Vick returns to Atlanta since he was suspended and left the franchise in turmoil. The Falcons did a great job getting Matt Ryan and I think they will play their hearts out for the home fans and get some revenge.St Louiswas able to create pressure against vick last week and I expect Atlanta to do the same. The falcons usually bounce back well from a loss. Falcons 28 Eagles 27

 St Louis @ NY GIANTS       Line Giants -6.5

You never want a week 2 game to be a must win but that’s exactly the scenarion for the Giants. They have a extremely difficult stretch to finish the season and if they don’t start at least 5-3 they are done already. Rams are banged up already Jacksonwill probably be out and Amendola definitely will be. The Rams are already thin at WR and this will hurt Bradford who will definitely be a go. The Giants need to run the ball more than the 7 times they did in the 2nd half last week so they can use play action late. Take the Rams with the points Giants 24 Rams 20






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