week 2 thoughts

 The Buffalo VS Oakland game was the best game of the week. Buffalo Bills look like they might be good this year, it’s important for young teams to learn how to win games and Buffalo showed grit to come back down big early and after Oakland made a big play to retake the lead. Still the Bills need to upgrade their roster to be able to win long term Free agents don’t go to Buffalo so they have to do it thru the draft and the more they win well you know. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not going to win a super bowl but pushing the team in the right direction is great for the city and the fans deserve to see a competitive product so I’m sure there are a lot of happy people in western New York. Now we will se where they really are the Pats are up next.

 Cam Newton is exciting to watch he has good instincts and throws a great ball. I really like Carolinas approach they are throwing fire to the wind and lettingNewtonchuck it all over the field. I still thinkCarolinawill lose a ton of games this year its going to be a process for them but this is another city that has to be excited about what they are seeing.

 The Packers are going thru it again; Nick Collins was lost for the season to a neck injury. Collins has gone to the last 3 pro-bowls and is in the middle of a possible Hall of Fame career. It’s a shame the man goes unnoticed by a lot of people but always make big game changing plays. The Pack are adept at replacing people and have great depth so they will survive but in big games in January he will be missed.

 Last week Romo got blasted for his bad decision making in a loss the Jets, this week he came back and led the cowboys to a come from behind win with a collapsed lung. He will always be maligned until he wins in January but the man has heart. He is a poor mans Brett Favre has tremendous heart and talent with a sling it mentality who will win some games and lose others for his team.

 The Chargers are and enigma every year they start slow and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to reverse that trend. Pats are what they are the most dominant team of the last 11 years. Tom Brady is the man and with the offensive line they have put together he can tie his shoes twice before throwing, they are going to be extremely hard to beat this year.

 How impressive have the Lions been? After rocking the Chefs you can see this team is the real deal and if Stafford stays healthy they should be a lock for the postseason. The Defensive line is fantastic and Nick Fairly hasn’t even played a down. Javid Best is a nice back who can make plays and Calvin Johnson is a MONSTER. My only concerns are the secondary and their short yardage packages but they will have plenty of time to grow through out the season.

 How the hell did Baltimore flop in Tennessee Sunday? The Ravens got pushed around in the trenches on both sides of the ball. This is not what I expected but I don’t really know much about Mike Munchak and it looks like he has his team ready to go. Now all they need is for CJ to break out of his preseason funk, this could take some time he did miss the entire preseason.

Vick returned to Atlanta for the second time, this time as a starter and played well then got knocked out by some friendly fire allowing the Falcons to come back. Nice bounce back win for the Falcons.  I have said noumerous times that the Eagles offensive line will be an issue for this team and with the pressure is going to stay banged up going forward. Concussions can lingure and getting hit constantly will not help, this may prevent philly from making the playoffs.


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