week 3 pics

Big spreads last week caught me and i went 7-9 so now i’m 19-13 overall for the year. I will be in the middle of the woods for the next 5 days so no Posts, but I wanted to get my picks out for week 3. I’m not sure of the injury reports and lines will probably change but here we go.

 Jacksonville @ CAROLINA                        Line Carolina -3.5

The panthers should have beat AZ on the road and they played GB tight. Now they get Jacksonville at home. I think its time for Mr. Newton to get his first win. Jags got smashed by the Jets on the road and we may see Gabbard for the whole game so I see them staying tight for a while with Panthers pulling away late. Carolina 28 Jags 21

 San Francisco @ Cincinnati              Line Cincinnati -1

These two teams have been in close battles each week and both have earned a split Dalton to Green is looking like a nice combination and Cincy has been able to move the ball and are gaining confidence. The 49ers blew a lead against the Cowboys late and are a more talented team.  ill take the talent over home field  49ers 24 Bengals 20

 Detroit @ Minnesota                        Line Detroit -3.5

Detroit pounded KC and has been very impressive heading into there 1st division game. Stafford looks like an all pro he can make all the throws and having Calvin Johnson makes this offense dynamic. Vikings have lost 2 close contests blowing a big lead against Tampa last week. They got away from AP a little in second half  after the 1st possesion of the 2nd half Peterson had 18 carries the Vikings led 17-0 the rest of the game he got 7 touches, im not a genious but i really cant understand that, if you have a bell cow you use him especially when your up 3 scores!!!  McNabb needs to make more plays, he has 268 yards passing combined in 2 games, I don’t think that will happen this week. Detroit 30 Minnesota 17

 Denver @ Tennessee                                    Line Titans -6.5

The Titans smashed a good Ravens team at home, which was very impressive to me. Kenny Britt has been great but they need CJ to step up. Now they get a mediocre Denver team coming to town. Its not hard to get up to play good teams but something in me see’s the Titans not being as prepared this week and taking a bad L. Plus Broncos have played tight games so far They can run and make plays in passing game. Do you think if Denver is 2-1 the Fans forget about Tebow?  Denver 27 Titans 24

 Miami @ Cleveland                           Line Browns -1.5

For 3rd straight week Cleveland is favored to win, I guess the easy schedule helps but then again they lost one already to the Bengals. McCoy has managed, Hillis has run and D has been solid. Miami had no chance in their 1st 2 games and will be Hungry it helps to go to Cleveland in September rather than December. Daniel Thomas was good last week we will see if they can build on that. Looking for Marshall to start finding the endzone. Miami 20 Cleveland 17                     

 NY Giants @ Philadelphia                 Line Eagles  -6

Big question here will Vick play, I liked Mike Kafka at Northwestern and he looked serviceable Sunday night. The Eagles have a ton of talent but the 6 points should drop if vick is out and I’m assuming he will be. G-men looked good against Rams and Eli made some good calls, the run game should be solid provided they actually call running plays. Division games can always go either way but I like Eagles at home with or with out Vick. Eagles 31 G-men 21

 Houston @ New Orleans                   Line Saints -4

Lots of fire power on display during this game and the scoreboard should get lit up. Both offenses are hitting on all cylinders, I would like to see the saints run the ball a little more but that’s not really there style. Having Foster back doesn’t make that much of a difference because Tate is a quality back up and the Texans have shown who ever gets the ball at HB will be productive. In the end I like the Saints D to make a couple more stops and get them the win.

Saints 34 Texans 28

 New England @ Buffalo

 Are we in for a changing of the guard? Break up the Bills!!! 41 & 38 points in the 1st 2 weeks the offense is on fire. Fitz has been fantastic and it looks like he is going to get an extension, Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson have been studs and CJ. Spiller has actually been spotted in a game. Now can the upstart Bills generate any pressure on Brady? Doubt it, but Pats secondary has been suspect and the offensive juggernaut that is the Buffalo Bills will get at least 24 but The Pats are way too good for Buffalo right now. Patriots 38 Buffalo 27

 Baltimore @ St. Louis                                   Line Ravens -4

Who will show up this week the team that pounded the Steelers or the one who got flattened by the Titans? I have to believe Sunday was a letdown game for the Ravens they are much better than they showed where is the intesity? Flacco needs to do a better job plain and simple. Sam Bradford is continuing to improve but its hard when your top back is out and you have no weapons on the outside. I thought the Rams could be good enough to win a bad NFC west but Cardinals have been decent and a 0-3 start could torpedo any postseason thoughts in St. Louis. This would be my LOCK if the Ravens actually showed up last week. Ravens 24 Rams 10

 NY Jets @ Oakland               Line Jets -3.5           LOCK

Mark Sanchez throws 44 times the jets barely escape, he throws 24 and they dominate, I understand the Cowboys are a lot better than the Jags, wait are they? Who cares bottom line the jets are much better when they RUN!!! Oakland has looked good the offense is moving the ball but the Defense needs to step up and make a play. They dropped 4 pics Sunday 2 in the final minute and that cost them the game. Oakland was gashed on the ground by the Bills and Jets will take same approach. Jets 27 Oakland 17

 Kansas City @ San Diego                 Line Chargers -14.5

How bad is it in KC they come up win the division keep every one around go into this season with high expectations now they are with out Eric Berry and Jamal Charles. They were throttled by the Lions and then they go to San Diego this is a huge spread but the way thing are going for the Chiefs I cant see them mustering up to much effort. Chargers 38 Chiefs 14

 Green Bay @ Chicago                       Line Packers -3.5

NFC championship rematch game, the Bears were great at home against Atlanta and crushed on the road in New Orleans, When I say they will play well they don’t and vise versa. The Champs were tested last week on the road to a game Carolina team and I have to believe they know the importance of this game especially with the Lions playing like World Beaters. Chicago will play good enough to win but Rodgers will make more big plays. Illtake the Pack by a field goal Packers 20 Bears 17

 Arizona @ Seattle                  Line Cardinals -3

Kevin Kolb has played well and so has Beanie Wells, the offense is clicking and will just continue to improve. Seattle is a mess but always plays well at home. They have nice pieces on the defensive side of the ball but no playmakers to score points, I think Pete Carroll decided at the beginning of the season he absolutely needs Andrew Luck why else would he choose Tavaris Jackson over Matt Hassleback. Cardinals 24 Seattle 17

 Atlanta @ Tampa Bay                       Line Falcons -1

1 is a pick line and even thou I think Bucs are talented the Falcons just have more weapons if Tampa was getting 4 that would be great and maybe they do by game day, but im making my pics Tuesday afternoon and right now I got the Falcons getting it done. Falcons 27 Tampa 24

 Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis                 Line Steelers – 10.5

Really the Steelers are only 10.5 favorites ill take that all day long. I can’t even find constructive things to say about Indy. They got manhandled by Cleveland at home and I don’t see any thing positive can happen next Sunday for them. The way I see it if you want to be optimistic and say Peyton is back week 7, then the Colts need to win at least 2 games to have a chance that way Peyton can lead them to a 8-2 record and back to the playoffs… Good Luck with that. Steelers 31 Colts 10

 Washington @ Dallas                        Line Redskins -6.5

I have been really impressed with Washington, Hightower and Helu are good backs who always get forward quickly and don’t take too many TFL’s. Grossman has managed the game well makes the plays he is asked too. Dallashad a gutty win on road against SF, Romo coming back into the game with a cracked rib and collapsed lung leading the Boys back. Dallasneeds to get more production from the running backs especially if its Kitna and not Romo starting. I really like the direction the skins are going but basically a touchdown on the road I don’t think they can cover that.                    Skins 24 Cowboys 21



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