I’m basing my rankings off what I see and what’s happening right now, this is just the random thoughts of a man with little else to focus on lol!!!! Please do not put any stock in this list.

  1. Packers 3-0- Look real good could be 9-1 or 10-0 when they have 1st meeting with the Lions.
  2. Saints 2-1- Drew has offense humming, D is opportunistic, NFC championship game should be fun.
  3. Patriots 2-1 – 1 loss means nothing, how many times do you think Brady will throw 3 picks in the red zone.
  4. Ravens 2-1 – Still trying to comprehend what happened in Tennessee two weeks ago.
  5. Lions 3-0 – Terrific on both sides of the ball, how can any one defend Megatron or block Suh.
  6. Texans 2-1-Houston played well enough to win in N.O,But didn’t. They need to turn the field goals into touchdowns going forward.
  7. Bills 3-0 – Learning how to win, The Fitzuation is the real deal. Tough schedule going forward can’t suffer a let down against Cincy this week. I would like to see them play with a lead.
  8. Raiders 2-1 – A couple dropped interceptions from trading places with buffalo in record and rankings. If Penalties continue this team will go no where, but love the style of play.
  9. Buccaneers 2-1- The baby bucs are playing tough ball right now, they make the plays to stay close and wear teams down. The guys have bought into Raheem Morris and continue to grow.
  10. Steelers 2-1 – the defense is legendary but this team needs big ben to stay healthy to go anywhere and right now that seems unlikely he is getting pounded week to week.
  11. Jets 2-1- Where was the Run D? they got gouged to the tune of 7.1 YPC against Oakland. Trips at Bmore and at Pats coming up it will be tough sledding.
  12. Chargers 2-1- The fact they are winning early is a good sign for the Bolts, I thought that they would be more explosive on offense but it’s coming along.
  13. Cowboys 2-1- The boys could be 0-3 and they could be 3-0 so I guess some kind of middle ground is acceptable. Romo is showing some guts.
  14. Redskins 2-1- A lot better than I thought they would be, I guess I shouldn’t have thought Rex was mental when he said they should win the division in August
  15. Giants 2-1- Gmen still have some issues but when they take care of the ball they are a tough adversary. Eli has thrown only 2 picks this year so far.
  16. Falcons 1-2- Julio Jones has played well but they are struggling to score, I think they shook up things in an attempt to catch Green Bay, Corners and defensive depth would have been more beneficial than upgrading an already potent offense.
  17. Eagles 1-2- PROTECTION, I have been saying since August Protection is the name of the game for philly and if they don’t get it fixed they will in the same situation as there cross state rivals. I don’t see Ben complaining about getting whacked every down.
  18. Titans 2-1- Loosing Britt is big blow, better get CJ Going if they want a sniff at Houston. Defense has been solid.
  19. Bears 1-2. Impressive week 1, Horrendous the next 2. how mad was Lovie Smith on the holding call for the Knox return, who needed to be held? Another team with protection issues.
  20. 49ers- 2-1- Playing in the worst division in football helps, this team struggles to score consistently and don’t play strong enough D to play with high scoring teams.
  21. Browns 2-1- they won against Miami and Indy but lost to the Bengals what else is there to say, at least there still in it I guess.
  22. Cardinals 1-2- The Cards will take some time to be a cohesive unit but losing inSeattleshould be unacceptable for this team, Beanie wells needs to get back soon.
  23. Panthers 1-2 – Cam Newton makes this team watchable but it will be a process before they can be a winning team.
  24. Jaguars 1-2 – They knew they were going nowhere so made the right decision to drop Garrard just should have done it a month earlier.
  25. Denver1-2- How long do you think the fans will clamor for Tebow.
  26. Vikings 0-3 Up 54-7 at half then trounced 65-6 in 2nd half give AP the damn ball.
  27. St Louis 0-3- Why didn’t they draft a receiver?
  28. Cincinnati1-2-Dalton has made some plays and this team has been more competitive than I pictured, but still a long way to go.
  29. Indianapolis 0-3- Collins got knocked out maybe that helps this team a little have to give Painter a shot, Mathis and Freeney are still fun to watch.
  30. Seattle1-2- Carrol has to be shaking his head I didn’t think he planned on winning for another couple of weeks.
  31. Miami 0-3- Daniel Thomas looks good maybe he opens up some play action passes for Marshall and Bess, didn’t Henne throw for 400 yards week one?
  32. Chiefs 0-3- This team is just trying to avoid more injuries Haley should use this season to Mold Cassel throw it all over and see if he is the answer.

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