week 3 thoughts

So Bills get a big W against New England, This is great for the Bills are they a playoff team? Im not there yet. Like I said last week its great to  see Buffalo competitve and I would love to see them get to the Playoffs but i’m not really sold yet, and I wont be even if they beat Cincy next week. Buffalo still has a really tough schedule and will have to battle every week. The good thing is that they will have alot of games against other possible playoff teams and if they win they can create some distance.

The Patriots are still the best Team in the AFC. Their o-line is terrific and # 12 has been fantastic. The problem is they can be predictable and thats how you throw 4 picks, Brady has Welker, and Gronkowski and untill Hernandez comes back you know who he is looking to get the ball too. The Pats need some other recievers to step up, when Brady has multiple targets he is comfortable with, the Patriots can score against anyone with ease.

If you have read previous posts you know i have been critical of the vikings usage of their star running back, and this week nothing changed. Adrian Peterson had 5 carries in the 2nd half, let me just repeat that 5 carries. with a 20 point half time lead the vikes went 3 n out on their 1st 3 possessions in the 2nd half those possessions contained 2 AP runs and 7 McNabb passes, I know Detroit has a great d-line but come on AP is your workhorse and your best offensive player, they were 0-2 playing a division rival with a 20 point lead and they failed to get him the ball, hell they had a 4th and 1 on detroit 48 yard line and they gave it to Toby Gerhart. For the season the Vikings have out scored their opponents in the 1st half like 54-7, and then stopped using Peterson in the 2nd half and been totally dominated in the 2nd half to the tune of 64-6. WTF!!! GIVE THE MAN THE BALL.

On that note, the Lions didn’t lose their composure going down 20-0 in this game they fought hard in the 2nd half and got back into the game then won it in OT, It’s always fun to see a young team mature and them coming back shows some charachter. When you comeback against a team you havent beaten in 14 years on the road it means something, now they have to keep it going.

I like how the Texans played the Saints even thou they lost, but they need to find other late game options other than Johnson. AJ was braketed by 4 guys on their last play their absolutly has to be another deep route option on a 4th and 21 play. I know odds of completing that 1st down to any one are slim but come on!! The Texans can move the ball against anyone the difference was N.O got critical stops in the red zone which is what quality teams will do every time, thats how you win 11-13 games per year.

You have to love what Hugh Jackson is doing in Oakland. This team has MONSTERS in the trenches and push people around with ease. If he get instill some discipline this team can really go far. McFadden has been fantastic and Campbell is making the plays needed. I dont ever remember a Rex Ryan defense getting knocked around like this before, 200 yard rushing and 34 points scored thats just outstanding by the Raiders. I picked the Jets to win the game based on the fact they can stop the run but the fact they got pushed all over the field says alot about where Oakland is. I keep saying the Jets are much better team when they run more than they pass, this week 43 throws 25 runs and look at what happend.

 The Packers handled the Bears pretty easily on the road Sunday and look like the class of the NFL. Every other contender has glaring issues where the Pack do not. The Pack is been pretty balanced is getting 100  on ground and 300 thru the air per game. The D is kinda concerning they have played great against the run but are getting ripped up each week in the passing game. that being said  they have a ton of play makers who generate sacks/turnovers and that keeps the scoring down and leads to w’s Green Bay has played 3 close games that in reality were not that close . Provided they avoid the injury bug they should be favored in every game they play this year.


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