quick picks had a busy weekend

Denver @ miami Broncos 24 Dolphins 17

Seattle @ Cleveland Browns 20 Seahawks 10

Atlanta @Detroit Falcons 27 Lions 21

Sandiego @ NY JETS Chargers 24 Jets 20

Houston @ Tennessee Texans 24 Titans 20

Chicago @ Tampa     Bucs 30 Bears 20

Washington @ Carolina  Panthers 24 Redskins 14

Pittsburg @ arizona  Steelers 31 Cardinals 14

Kansas City @ Oakland      Chiefs 24 Raiders 23

St Louis @ Dallas              Cowboys 31 Rams 20

Green Bay @ minnesotta       Packers 34 Vikings 14

Indianapolis @ New Orleans            Saints 40 Colts 17

Baltimore @ Jacksonville           Ravens 30 Jaguars 17


Week 6 thoughts

 The Lions Niners games Sunday was classic, it seemed like every play was well played by both units and almost all the TD’s were up for review. The both teams fought hard and San Fran came out on top, I don’t get the coaches fighting at the end of the game but Football is highly emotional game and it was obviously a big game for both teams. The Lions will have another tough test with Atlanta coming to town this week lets see how they respond.

 The Eagles finally won another game but it wasn’t very convincing, Vick missed a series where Young got picked and the Redskins stayed close in the 4th and ended up with a chance to win if they could get a stop, Ya the Eagles won but I’m not impressed, they have a lot of issues on the the o-line, no matter how much talent you have at skill positions you will struggle if you cant block.

 The Steelers are so frustrating; they can go on the road and whip someone or be at home and play down to their competition. A win is a win no matter how you slice it up but no way should a weak Jacksonville team have a chance to win a game in Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin is a quality coach and they have injuries but come on, take care of business.

 Way to respond Tampa, a week after getting thumped on the road Raheem Morris had his boys ready to play and won a tough Division game to stay afloat in the NFC race. After not showing up in San Fran I had real doubts about this team but they bounced back in a BIG way!!!!

 If you thought there was a chance that the Pats would lose that game toDallasin Foxborough you haven’t been watching football for the last 10 years. As soon as brady got the ball at the end you new it was over it wasn’t even a question. The Dallas offense was pretty conservative all game and I really thought they would open it up, feel bad for you if you took the over!!!

 Jason Campbell broke his collar bone Sunday knocking him out for the season, so the Raiders go out and give up possibly two 1st rounders for Carson Palmer, and now they plan on starting him after three practices. Hugh Jackson is making the calls in Oakland after the passing of Al Davis, and this better work, if Palmer fails this will be similar to the Jamarcus Russell, The Raiders could have used one of those picks on a QB in the next 2 years to be the successor to Campbell. Palmer is signed thru 2014 so he could be there for a while provided his skill has not diminished. I dont really care 2 1st’s is too much to give up for any one not named Rodgers or Brady.

 All the talk about “Suck for Luck” needs to stop, Teams are not going to intentionally throw games for a player, and we are not even sure he will be the #1 overall pick. With the success that Cam Newton and Andy Dalton are having I’m sure some teams will give Robert Griffen the 3rd a look, for other teams there are going to be some quality guys going in the first round such as Landry Jones and Wheedon from Oklahoma state, don’t forget about Kellen Moore either that gives you 5 quality prospects.



Cards took game one 3-2 last night behind a strong pitching performance from Chris Carpenter, 6IP, 5H, 4K. The Bullpen was fantastic and LaRussa made all the right moves. C.J Wilson pitched well too but allowed a 2-out RBI pinch hit to Allen Craig in the 6th.

 The Rangers had 1st and 3rd with one out and a chance to tie the game but the Scrable Man Marc Rzepczynski came in and struck out Gentry and German to end the threat. The kid has good stuff but Gentry has to put the ball in play in that spot, and why didWashington pinch hit German, he hasn’t had a plate appearance in this postseason. The Rangers 3 Catchers on the roster, you’re not going to take Napoli’s bat out of the line up so you can use Torreabla in that spot and still have a back up to protect against aNapoli injury. Bad decision because the Rangers didn’t reach base from that point on.

 Pujols got plunked in the leg and was hobbling a little so that will be something to watch for tonight, but he looked fine the rest of the game.

 How big has David Freese been, he ripped a double that set up the game winner, the NLCS MVP continues to rake in big spots giving a lot of length to the Cardinal lineup.

 Dave Duncan has his Bullpen clicking at the right time, they have multiple guys who come in and throw strikes and are fearless and it bodes well for them going forward. I am very impressed with Jason Mott.

 Next up tonight Colby Lewis Vs Jaime Garcia

2011 World series

2011 World Series

 So I know I don’t post a lot about baseball, but it is my favorite sport, but being a Mets fan sucks the life out of you by September 1st.  I have no hatred towards either Texas or St. Louis like other teams (Phils, Braves, Yanks) so I am going to watch the series and hope it’s competitive. I will post thoughts after each game.

 For the most part baseball is all about pitching, but these 2 teams have a lot of fire power so I think you will see a lot of runs scored. If there is a benefit, it goes to the Cardinals, the rangers may have been there last year and gained experience but they have 3 lefty starters and Pujols and Halladay eat up lefties. The Rangers Lineup is potent and can rake with anyone and will be difficult to contain, but St.Louis has a distinct advantage by getting 2 starts from Carpenter, who is miles better than any other pitcher in this series. Can he come up big again?

 LaRussa is a established manager with 2 WS titles already, he is a great motivator and will have his teams fight tooth n nail for all 27 outs, Can Ron Washington make the strategic decisions necessary forTexasto pull out games in the late innings?

 National league has home field, Can Texas play small ball, Can they do the little thing required to move runners over? Or will they rely on the long ball?

 Who can play better Defense, both teams have committed 4 errors the Rangers have played 10 games to the Cardinals 11, but the Cards definitely benefited from sloppy play by the Brewers and ended up scoring a ton of unearned runs, both teams are solid defensively up the middle but I have to believe the Cards will get an advantage behind the plate, Molina is an excellent game caller and you will rarely see a pitcher shake him off.

 The title has switched from league to league for the last 5 seasons but this year I think the Cards win in 6 and keep the title in the NL for another year. Carpenter steps up big gets 2 wins and they out Mash the Rangers behind a huge series from your eventual MVP Albert Pujols.






So ESPN just listed their top 500 players in the NBA list,  I think that’s a bit much I mean with 30 teams each with 15 roster spots that is 450 players so I don’t really believe they should have been that in depth, but hey at least they are thorough. I love the fact Eddie Curry is listed at #493, I wonder how he feels about that!


I have no real problems with the List, the NBA is a stars league and you could probably make an argument for about 7 or 8 guys to be the best player in the league, (Wade, Bryant, Durant, Dirk, Lebron, Rose, Howard). It did get me thinking about “The King” “The Chosen One” Mr. Lebron James. I love watching him play, he can do anything on the court and has the ability to take over games, but he has disappeared in some big spots, Yes he scored 25 straight points against the Pistons to get a lowly Cleveland team to the finals, He played fantastic in last years Eastern Conference only to disappear against the Mavericks. I really don’t understand how a man with his ability can check out in a NBA finals.


I really am under the impression that we as fans and the media enable Lebron, People praise his abilities when they need to be focusing on the Failure. Failure inspires the greats to get better and that’s exactly what separates players from being Great vs being gifted. For ever all anyone wanted to talk about with Tracy McGrady was that he couldn’t get his teams out of the 1st round, McGrady could have used this as inspiration to get better but he didn’t and that’s why he was gifted but not great. Don’t get me wrong I Love Tracy and personally don’t think it was Tracy’s fault, he was absolutely phenomenal in the Playoffs but losing will always be placed at the feet of a teams star.


Now I don’t really think Lebron can get better, I mean how is that even possible, but he needs to be more assertive, The Heat are now his team as much as they are D-wades and he needs to step up and act like it. Going into last year I thought well its gona take some time to mold the roster for them to compete for a title. Once the playoffs began you could clearly see they were in good shape and could win it all, then in the finals they were out worked and Lebron was disinterested for lack of a better word. How is this even possible? Lebron went to Miami sacrificed money and his legacy to WIN, no other reason just to WIN, did he not want it? Highly doubtful but we don’t know. He can blame god all he wants but it’s on him and no one else, he didn’t want the ball, he didn’t use his immense talent to his advantage. He failed bottom line.


You can not be the best player in the NBA if you can’t finish, you can’t be the best player in the NBA if your desire is in question during the finals. Could you ever imagineKobedeferring to anyone else in the Finals? Nope, will never happen Paul Pierce is going to say jump on my back I will carry you,  hell I couldn’t even see Carmello giving the ball up in that spot let alone not looking like he gave a damn. Lebron thrived on hatred last year, he went from a hero to a villain over night and the country rejoiced at his failure. He is gifted and there is no doubting that, but he needs to some how find that alpha male mentality and realize the only one who can stop him is himself or he will never transition from gifted to great.


After all it is all about the rings!!!


week 6 picks

wow, how time flies after this week we will completed a 3rd of the season. Teams now have more than enough film to be able to game plan against their opponents. after a horrible week 5 (4-9) i have fallen below .500 38-39 overall. my gut is torn on a lot of picks while i think i know who will win the spreads have been my downfall. Now with the picks.

Carolina @ Atlanta                         Falcons -3

Atlanta needs this game bad and I cant see them losing again at home, Carolina has been in every game and has backdoored the cover almost every week. This week will be different. Falcons 28 Panthers 24

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati                Bengals -4

Cincy has definitely been a surprise this year, they have played a lot better than anyone expected. Dalton is playing decent and A.J Green could be a stud. Curtis Painter showed some flashes, hooking up for big plays with Garcon each of the last 2 weeks. I hate indy no matter where they play but im going to take the 4 points.       Bengals 20  Colts 17

San Fransisco @ Detroit              Lions -3

Harbaugh has done a great job with this team and its good to see them playing well, but the Lions are a different animal this week and Stafford to Johnson is a unstopable force. If Best can continue to play like he did last week they can go far.          Lions 28 49ers 24

St Louis @ Green Bay            Packers -14

Spreads this big tend to worry me, but the Pack D has been fantastic against the run and the Rams passing game has been weak to say the least. Rodgers has his offense humming and Green Bay cruises. Packers 38 Rams 17

Buffalo @ Ny GIANTS             Giants -3

It seems like every week people say “if Buffalo wins this week we will know they are for real” Stop it!!!!!! The Bills are a good team and will be in the hunt for a playoff berth all year long. The Giants stunk it up against the Seahawks last Sunday and Coughlin will have them prepared for a tough home game this week. In a close game i think the Giants get the win. Giants 28 Bills 27

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh            Steelers-14

I don’t really think Pittsburgh deserves to be this big of a favorite i would like to see the line around 10. Jacksonville looks totally lost so i have to lay the points and go with the Steelers.  Steelers 27 Jacksonville 10

Philadelphia @ Washington          Pick

I love the fact that the Eagles are losing, but i still think they are a quality football team. The Redskins have played well and will try to establish the run against a team that has struggled to stop it mightily. I think Vick has a huge game and the Eagles get back on track this week. Eagles 31 Redskins 20

Houston @ Baltimore       Ravens -7

The Texans were able to move the ball well enough to win at home to Oakland, But the Ravens D is a whole different story, They will struggle to run and that will affect shaubs ability to throw down field. Flacco has so far been the weak link on the Ravens. He has 2 horrible performances in the last 3 games but has been bailed out by the defense. He needs to play well this week and I think he will. Ravens 27 Texans 17

Dallas @ New England              Patriots -9

The Patriots were able to run the ball effectively last week and should try to do the same against the cowboys. Dallas has all their receivers healthy this week and the pats will want to limit their opportunities.  Same thing for the Cowboys the Pats are unstoppable thru the air so Felix Jones should get a lot of touches as the Cowboys also will try to control the clock. In the end it doesn’t really matter the only real ? is will the Pats cover, i think not. Patriots 31 Dallas 24

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay        Line New Orleans -3

Tampa has given the saints trouble over the last 2 years and this game should play out the same way. Lets hope Morris ripped his team all week for their lack of effort last week in San Fran. Brees will make enough plays to get the win for the Saints.   Saints 31 Bucs 27

Cleveland @ Oakland           Line Raiders -7

I really like Oakland in this game but i can totally se it being a let down game. The Browns are going to try to get more production out of Hillis so the Raider D needs to be ready. The Raiders are physical and run the ball better than any one else in the league, Campbell has been efficient even tho his completion % has been down. I’m looking for more of the same from Oakland this week. Raiders 27 Browns 14

Minnesota @ Chicago            Bears-3

Leslie Frasier is begging McNabb to not be so cautious, just go out and make plays. I’m not convinced this is a good move but they have to do something to get Percy Harvin more involved and open up the passing game. Peppers is banged up and the Jay Cutler is running for his life this must have Jared Allen salivating at a shot at the Bears. I like Minnesota to get their 2nd in a row. Vikings 20 Bears 17

Miami @ NY Jets                   Jets -9

Miami has won 3 of 4 against the Jets since Rex has taken over, but this is a different Miami team. The Jets need to be balanced to be successful on offense and they should be able to do what ever against Miami. The Dolphins need to run Daniel Thomas as much as possible as the Jets have been horrible defending the run. I like the Jets to win but 9 points is a lot to ask an offense that is struggling to cover. Jets 28 Dolphins 20

Al Davis

Al Davis, July 4, 1929 – October 8, 2011

 As a life long Raiders fan I have mixed emotions towards Al Davis. When I was a child he was just a guy with a big smile that kept saying “just win baby” or he was preaching about the Raiders “commitment to excellence”. You really don’t think of owners, GM’s and head coaches, You think of your favorite players and them scoring touchdowns and the Team winning games. So my early experience seeing/hearing Al didn’t really mean much to me. I remember him hiring Art Shell and it being a big deal because he was the first African American head coach, this was a typical Davis move based on loyalty, Shell was a Hall of famer and a true Raider and Davis loved him.

 You hear a lot of stories of Davis’s love and loyalty for his players, but there are also stories about him acting like a scorned lover such as the situation regarding Marcus Allen. Allen was maybe the greatest Raider Running back and amid contract disputes Allen held out till the last minute every year. Things came to a head when Davis forced Art shell to bench Allen, calling him a “cancer to the team” and claiming he “had his own agenda and asterisk will be next to his name for all time” all because of Allen who was an NFL MVP disagreeing with what Davis thought was fair

As i got older and I really started to understand the complexities of the game did I really got to see what Davis was about. While I will always love his passion for the game, I will loath his decision making and his stubbornness for believing he was the only one who could guide the Raiders.

 Davis is a legend and his impact was revolutionary to the league. He started the “vertical passing game” he went from Coach to GM to Owner and ran his team the way he saw fit at all times. This is part of the problem I have always had with Al, He fired Mike Shanahan for not doing things his way and ignoring play calls Davis had sent down from the owners box, He traded John Gruden because he felt he was getting to much credit for building a winner. He intervened on everything he could and it took its toll on the entire organization.

 Davis helped the Raiders win 3 superbowls but he has hindered the organization more than he helped in the last 25 years. He drafted based on speed not skill or acumen. He wanted athletes with great attributes; it was like he was playing a video game. This led to a ton of questionable picks led by Todd Maranovich and going thru Jamarcus Russell, the Raiders have picked in the top 10 every year for about 10 years and the only one to have really done much is Darren McFadden, and he took some time to develop into what he is today.

 The bottom line is every one will have an opinion on Al Davis, He will always be a huge part of the NFL legacy and he is well deserved member of the hall of fame. His life and contribution to the League and the Game should be celebrated. As a Raider fan I just wish he had stepped aside about 12 years ago so.

 In the about me section of my blog I had “waiting for Al Davis to Die” listed as one of my hobbies, That was callous and wrong of me to write and I regret it, He loved the same team I do so much and it was his right to do what he saw fit, no matter what I think.

 R.I.P Al Davis