WEEK 4 Thoughts


Once again the Lions erased a huge lead in the second half. This time they did it with defense, returning 2 Romo picks to the house. Megatron made 2 outstanding touchdown catches; the Lions are learning fast and are playing with moxy and confidence they can be scary down the road, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving Day against the Packers. Romo’s gotten a lot of credit for being gutsy and playing hard but he needs to take the blame for this loss. As he goes so do the cowboys and when he is chucking picks all over the place they can’t win games.

 Buffalo showed their youth and for young team trying to learn how to win, they layed up against the Bengals. The Bills have to win these types of games if they want any sniff of the playoffs, their schedule is really tough and they cant let up against anyone. The roster is not deep enough and they cant beat anyone if they are not playing at their best.

 The Titans are 3-1 and have the best Defense in football right now, they lost to Jacksonville and only beat Denverby 3 which is not very impressive but solid wins over Baltimore and Cleveland are. I look forward to seeing them against Pittsburghthis week. The Titans are strong on the D line and the Steelers can’t block anyone.

 I personally think the Steelers will be ok if they can get some better o-line play, the question now, is that even possible? They are flat out bad and now Big Ben has a banged up foot. The Ravens look good and if the Steelers don’t get better on both sides of the ball the AFC champs will be ice fishing come January. I like the game plan Kubiak had for the Steelers, he understood Shaub’s deficiency dealing with the blitz and had his Texans run 35 times for 180 yards and controlled the clock and that was big.

 Its time for Christian Ponder to get some snaps, I don’t care if he is ready or not McNabb is doing nothing and the Vikes are going NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 New England bounced back nicely and they ran the ball effectively against Oakland. This is key for the Pats, the way the D plays they need to be effective on the ground, maybe it keeps there scoring #’s down but it keeps the other teams offense off the field and its something they will have to do well to be successful in January.

 Green Bay played another great game, Rodgers became the first player in NFL history to throw for 400, 4 passing td’s and 2 rushing td’s. The defense made more plays in the secondary but still gave up a lot of yards. Morgan Burnett is playing well and has made the loss of Nick Collins.

 Baltimore Is playing great D as would be expected and got 3 non-offensive touchdowns to make up for a bad game by Flacco. I wonder how Ray Lewis feels when he see’s his offense out there pass happy with the way the d is playing the Ravens need to commit to the run. I guess its now a passing league but teams need to feature what they do best.


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