week 5 pics

Late scores changed my week 4 pics from fantastic to mediocre 8-8 so for the season I’m 34-30. I really need a good week for my own confidence. We are still winning money!!! But I need to be better.

Tennessee@Pittsburgh            Line Steelers -8

I was shocked when I saw this line, Yes Tennessee hasn’t really played anyone good other than the Ravens but they are winning games. The Steelers are getting worse and worse by the week Ben is banged up and the line cant block any one, the Texans ran all over them last week. Titans D has been terrific and ill take them with the points. Titans 21 Steelers 18

Cincinnati@Jacksonville          Line Jags -2.5

The Bengals some how have the best statistical D in the NFL this week. They are playing solid as a team and are a lot stronger than a lot of people thought. Benson is running hard and A.J Green could be special. The Jags need to lean on MJD a little more but that might be tough against the Bengals run D. I like the home team in this matchup of not good but not horrible teams. Jags 20 Bengals 17

New Orleans@Carolina         Line Saints -6

You have to be very impressed with the way Cam Newton has handled himself and his team. Make no mistake this is his team now, they play hard make plays and stay close. The Panthers are going to have growing pains all season that’s going to keep them from winning games but they will never be an easy win for any one. The Saints are rolling and will continue this week they have the superior talent in this matchup. Saints 28 Panthers 20

Oakland@Houston                 Line Texans -6

This is a game in the past where the Texans would come up short and losing these types of games is the reason they have missed the playoffs every year since acquiring Matt Shaub. The Raiders showed they can throw it as well as run it last week but INT’s stalled drives, they will need to stack the box and stop foster. With Johnson sitting this one out it’s hard to see the Texans covering the 6. Texans 21 Raiders 17

Philadelphia@Buffalo  Line Eagles -2.5

OrchardPark will be rocking when the Eagles come to town. The “dream Team” has been anything but and has struggled mightily on D. I guess they might want to reconsider moving there offensive line coach to Defensive coordinator, both units are a mess. I have a solution you have 2 all pro corners and a 3rd who is pro-bowl caliber, just stack the box and let the corners play man stop the run and rush the passer, wow I’m a genius. As for the Bills last week was a crushing loss and I’m eager to see how this young team responds. The fact that they have fallen behind big 2x and still won I think they have a good opportunity to bounce back. I just don’t see Philly falling to 1-4. Eagles 30 Bills 24

Arizona@Minnesota                           Line Vikings -2.5

WHAT!!! The Vikings are giving points, that’s laughable I don’t care if they are at home. This team is a disaster and is completely miss managed. The Cards have been able to move the ball and Beanie has been great they just seem to keep coming up short. They should be able to get back over the hump this week. Cardinals 24 Vikings 17

Kansas City@Indianapolis                  Line Colts -2.5

Curtis Painter was able to make some plays against the Bucs last week so its nice to see Indy with a little bit of life. The Chiefs got off the shcnied with a home win over the Vikings and all it took was a Haley vs.Casselsideline fight to get them there. I think we will see the defenses rule the day this week in a low scoring battle. If Indy doesn’t win this week when will they. Colts 20 Chiefs 17

Seattle@ Giants                       Line Giants -9.5

West coast teams playing 1pm games on the East coast have been historically bad and as bad asSeattleis this cant be good. There are no easy games in the NFL but this is a close as it gets for the Giants. They have been good, not great and that’s enough to be 3-1. I look for the Giants to try and establish the run to set up big plays down the field in the passing game they should walk right thru this game. Giants 31Seattle14

TampaBay@San Francisco               Line 49ers -2.5

Record wise the best matchup of the week and it should be a close game. The 49ers offense has been able to move the ball and the D has been solid, same can be said of the Bucs. This game is more important for Tampa considering what division they play in. The 49ers are the only team with a winning record in their division. I like the Bucs from a talent aspect as well. I like what Harbaugh did keeping SF east for a whole week more teams should do that. He is doing a great job coaching up the 49ers but I like the Bucs on the road.Tampa27 49ers 20

San Diego@Denver                Line Chargers -4

I will be the first to admit I hate picking Charges games, they are so up n down offensively. They get up and down the field but they stall or settle for 3 a lot and they haven’t seemed to really put a team away yet. Hopefully a division game against the Broncos will be the solution for this. Chargers 31 Broncos 20

NY Jets @ New England.                    Line Patriots -9

Pats will be out for revenge in this one and im sure the Hoodie will have his guys ready to go. As good of a coach Rex is he is still full of shit and he needs to start ripping his team instead of glorifying them. They have a porous run D and they have not played consistent on offense. Tom Brady was uncharacteristically inaccurate last week and that was odd, but the Pats remembered they can use handoffs to get players the ball too so they were able to control the clock against Oakland, they need more of the same this week. Division games like this are usually close but with the playoff home loss last year and the way the Jets are playing right now the Pats should be licking their chops. Patriots 34 Jets 20

Green Bay@Atlanta               Line Packers -5.5

For the 3rd straight year these to teams play in the regular season. The Packers have been playing extremely well there offense is efficient and basically unstoppable in the Red Zone. Atlanta needs to find a way, they won last week but let a weak Seattle team mount a comeback, they have to be hyped for this game considering what Green Bay did to them last year and i’m sure McCarthy is reminding his players not to get to cocky. Atlanta is still a dangerous team and they are wounded and in a corner and will fight hard. I expect the Packers to win but by a narrow margin. Packers 31Atlanta 27

Chicago@Detroit                   Line Lions -6

So the Lions get a primetime game, It should be a good one with the division rival Bears visiting. Are they ready? They should be and they have a definite advantage with there D line going up against the Bears. Chicago has had protection issues and Cutler has been pounded so look for a lot of blitz’s from the Lions. How good has Calvin Johnson been, he is absolutely incredible and I’m in awe of his talents. I really like Detroit in this game but 6 is a big # for a team playing there 1st Monday night game in a while,Chicago stays close. Lions 28 Bears 24


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