A Letter to #4


 How are You? I was starting to get concerned due to the fact that we haven’t heard from you since the beginning of the preseason when you reiterated the fact you didn’t want to play. Come on Brett you know Indianapolis looks good and on the plus side they play indoors! I thought that you had fallen off your tractor, or took an accidental shot in a hunting accident but then you pop out of the woodwork to call an Atlanta radio station  and alleviate all of my fears and I have to thank you for that.

 I have spending the first 4 weeks of the year waiting to hear from you, I wanted to know your plans. I just know how entertaining you would be on the set of countdown  I’m salivating at the thought of you arguing with Ditka on TV 1st thing Sunday morning. But then I remembered ESPN is pretty business savvy and they would think you would probably cause a decrease in ratings. Those jokers in Connecticut have no clue to the type on insight that me and you’re other fans know you can provide.What a way to start your football Sunday! I also thought you would be a great fit on CBS right next to Marino. I can totally see an exchange where you mention how you shattered his career records while making some backhanded compliment and then stretching out your arms and making sure he got a clear shot of your super bowl ring. The look on his face would be priceless don’t you agree.

 I never even thought to ask, do you even wear yourGreen Bay ring? I get the general feeling that you feel spited by the entire organization. They probably deserve it thou I mean they know you, so why would they bother taking your February 2008 statement that you retiring at face value how dare they move on don’t they know it impossible to replace a legend. RETARDED!!!

 On that note I just wanted to talk about your recent backhanded compliments about A-rod#12. I know you know how to hadle the media, you have been dealing with them long enough so I don’t want to hear you really didn’t mean anything by saying that Aaron just “fell into a good situation” and this was “the best team you ever played on”. If it was then why did you want to retire in the 1st place. Why did you leave us knowing what could have been. I could be celebrating a 3rd straight championship and looking forward to a 4th if you didn’t do that, I’m upset. It would have been the makings of a true dynasty, Montana to Young, Elway to Greise, well maybe not so much that but you know what I’m saying. In stead you faked your retirement then forced a trade only to come back with the Vikings and try and stick it in the packer’s eye. That wasn’t nice you let an entire nation of fans down. Some thing in me just thinks this is more about you wanting to be heard again and saying things about your predesesor gets that done. I dont really hear you saying to much about the Jets, who have gone to 2 straight afc title games after you left.

 The good news is if you do want to be heard and get some of the spotlight back you do have options. Any network would surely give you a job talking about football. Mississippi high schools are always looking for quality quarterback coaches, just imagine you can show those weak armed kids how to properly fit a pass into quadruple coverage! For a broader audience you can look into reality TV. If OchoCinco/TO and other attention starved athletes can have a reality show so can you, I can see it now TRACTOR TRAPPIN IN DA DEEP SOUTH WITH YOUR HOST BRETT FAVRE, you would be great, rating would sky rocket and you would make millions. They might even put you in Prime-Time!!

 I will always love you Brett, so I’m not mad, I just didn’t understand where you were coming from or why you abandoned a team you thought was championship caliber. I can’t wait to go toCantonin August of 2017 when you’re enshrined. I will thank you for the memories and for having a player end up on my favorite team that played with so much joy so much passion and dedication. You are truly a great and no one can take that away, but between now and then please restrain your self from saying dumb things and being spiteful towards an organization that showered you with love for many years.

 Thanks Buddy


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