2011 World series

2011 World Series

 So I know I don’t post a lot about baseball, but it is my favorite sport, but being a Mets fan sucks the life out of you by September 1st.  I have no hatred towards either Texas or St. Louis like other teams (Phils, Braves, Yanks) so I am going to watch the series and hope it’s competitive. I will post thoughts after each game.

 For the most part baseball is all about pitching, but these 2 teams have a lot of fire power so I think you will see a lot of runs scored. If there is a benefit, it goes to the Cardinals, the rangers may have been there last year and gained experience but they have 3 lefty starters and Pujols and Halladay eat up lefties. The Rangers Lineup is potent and can rake with anyone and will be difficult to contain, but St.Louis has a distinct advantage by getting 2 starts from Carpenter, who is miles better than any other pitcher in this series. Can he come up big again?

 LaRussa is a established manager with 2 WS titles already, he is a great motivator and will have his teams fight tooth n nail for all 27 outs, Can Ron Washington make the strategic decisions necessary forTexasto pull out games in the late innings?

 National league has home field, Can Texas play small ball, Can they do the little thing required to move runners over? Or will they rely on the long ball?

 Who can play better Defense, both teams have committed 4 errors the Rangers have played 10 games to the Cardinals 11, but the Cards definitely benefited from sloppy play by the Brewers and ended up scoring a ton of unearned runs, both teams are solid defensively up the middle but I have to believe the Cards will get an advantage behind the plate, Molina is an excellent game caller and you will rarely see a pitcher shake him off.

 The title has switched from league to league for the last 5 seasons but this year I think the Cards win in 6 and keep the title in the NL for another year. Carpenter steps up big gets 2 wins and they out Mash the Rangers behind a huge series from your eventual MVP Albert Pujols.






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