So ESPN just listed their top 500 players in the NBA list,  I think that’s a bit much I mean with 30 teams each with 15 roster spots that is 450 players so I don’t really believe they should have been that in depth, but hey at least they are thorough. I love the fact Eddie Curry is listed at #493, I wonder how he feels about that!


I have no real problems with the List, the NBA is a stars league and you could probably make an argument for about 7 or 8 guys to be the best player in the league, (Wade, Bryant, Durant, Dirk, Lebron, Rose, Howard). It did get me thinking about “The King” “The Chosen One” Mr. Lebron James. I love watching him play, he can do anything on the court and has the ability to take over games, but he has disappeared in some big spots, Yes he scored 25 straight points against the Pistons to get a lowly Cleveland team to the finals, He played fantastic in last years Eastern Conference only to disappear against the Mavericks. I really don’t understand how a man with his ability can check out in a NBA finals.


I really am under the impression that we as fans and the media enable Lebron, People praise his abilities when they need to be focusing on the Failure. Failure inspires the greats to get better and that’s exactly what separates players from being Great vs being gifted. For ever all anyone wanted to talk about with Tracy McGrady was that he couldn’t get his teams out of the 1st round, McGrady could have used this as inspiration to get better but he didn’t and that’s why he was gifted but not great. Don’t get me wrong I Love Tracy and personally don’t think it was Tracy’s fault, he was absolutely phenomenal in the Playoffs but losing will always be placed at the feet of a teams star.


Now I don’t really think Lebron can get better, I mean how is that even possible, but he needs to be more assertive, The Heat are now his team as much as they are D-wades and he needs to step up and act like it. Going into last year I thought well its gona take some time to mold the roster for them to compete for a title. Once the playoffs began you could clearly see they were in good shape and could win it all, then in the finals they were out worked and Lebron was disinterested for lack of a better word. How is this even possible? Lebron went to Miami sacrificed money and his legacy to WIN, no other reason just to WIN, did he not want it? Highly doubtful but we don’t know. He can blame god all he wants but it’s on him and no one else, he didn’t want the ball, he didn’t use his immense talent to his advantage. He failed bottom line.


You can not be the best player in the NBA if you can’t finish, you can’t be the best player in the NBA if your desire is in question during the finals. Could you ever imagineKobedeferring to anyone else in the Finals? Nope, will never happen Paul Pierce is going to say jump on my back I will carry you,  hell I couldn’t even see Carmello giving the ball up in that spot let alone not looking like he gave a damn. Lebron thrived on hatred last year, he went from a hero to a villain over night and the country rejoiced at his failure. He is gifted and there is no doubting that, but he needs to some how find that alpha male mentality and realize the only one who can stop him is himself or he will never transition from gifted to great.


After all it is all about the rings!!!



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