Week 6 thoughts

 The Lions Niners games Sunday was classic, it seemed like every play was well played by both units and almost all the TD’s were up for review. The both teams fought hard and San Fran came out on top, I don’t get the coaches fighting at the end of the game but Football is highly emotional game and it was obviously a big game for both teams. The Lions will have another tough test with Atlanta coming to town this week lets see how they respond.

 The Eagles finally won another game but it wasn’t very convincing, Vick missed a series where Young got picked and the Redskins stayed close in the 4th and ended up with a chance to win if they could get a stop, Ya the Eagles won but I’m not impressed, they have a lot of issues on the the o-line, no matter how much talent you have at skill positions you will struggle if you cant block.

 The Steelers are so frustrating; they can go on the road and whip someone or be at home and play down to their competition. A win is a win no matter how you slice it up but no way should a weak Jacksonville team have a chance to win a game in Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin is a quality coach and they have injuries but come on, take care of business.

 Way to respond Tampa, a week after getting thumped on the road Raheem Morris had his boys ready to play and won a tough Division game to stay afloat in the NFC race. After not showing up in San Fran I had real doubts about this team but they bounced back in a BIG way!!!!

 If you thought there was a chance that the Pats would lose that game toDallasin Foxborough you haven’t been watching football for the last 10 years. As soon as brady got the ball at the end you new it was over it wasn’t even a question. The Dallas offense was pretty conservative all game and I really thought they would open it up, feel bad for you if you took the over!!!

 Jason Campbell broke his collar bone Sunday knocking him out for the season, so the Raiders go out and give up possibly two 1st rounders for Carson Palmer, and now they plan on starting him after three practices. Hugh Jackson is making the calls in Oakland after the passing of Al Davis, and this better work, if Palmer fails this will be similar to the Jamarcus Russell, The Raiders could have used one of those picks on a QB in the next 2 years to be the successor to Campbell. Palmer is signed thru 2014 so he could be there for a while provided his skill has not diminished. I dont really care 2 1st’s is too much to give up for any one not named Rodgers or Brady.

 All the talk about “Suck for Luck” needs to stop, Teams are not going to intentionally throw games for a player, and we are not even sure he will be the #1 overall pick. With the success that Cam Newton and Andy Dalton are having I’m sure some teams will give Robert Griffen the 3rd a look, for other teams there are going to be some quality guys going in the first round such as Landry Jones and Wheedon from Oklahoma state, don’t forget about Kellen Moore either that gives you 5 quality prospects.



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