Picks for turkey day


Green Bay @ Detroit                        Line Packers -6

The day gets off to a start in a big way with the up in coming lions taking on the superbowl champs. Greenbay is rolling and the Lions are stumbling Green Bay still undefeated and playing fantastic behind the play of #12  but on turkey day the Lions are usually formidable and the stadium will be rocking because for the 1st time in a long time they have a real quality team, The only problem is the Lions have given up 35 points or more in there last 2 games the D has been exposed, that being said the Pack have had protection issues and remember the Lions knocked him out last year sending the pack to the brink of elimination with 2 straight losses. People tend to forget Rodgers has yet to win the division and im sure he wants it bad putting the upstart lions in their place Thursday will just move them closer to one of their goals. Packers 38 Lions 24


Miami @ Dallas                     Cowboys -7

Is this the first time Miamihas played on thanksgiving in dallassince the Leon Lett snow game? Anyway, Miamiis hot and Matt Moore has channeled his inner Scott Mitchell and led the Phins to 3 straight wins, Reggie Bush is playing well and with Daniel Thomas they have a nice backfield punch. The Cowboys need this game to take control of the NFC east and them playing at home on thanksgiving they should roll. Cowboys 28 Dolphins 14


San Francisco @ Baltimore               Line Ravens -3

Harbaugh bowl #1 in a possible Superbowl Preview we get the Harbaugh brothers matching up against each other, similar to the Jets going cross country on a short week this is a big disadvantage for the 49ers, What were the schedule makers thinking. Half the nation will miss this one because its on the NETWORK but it should be a great matchup both D’s are fantastic and both teams are playing well(as long as Ravens are home) Can Rice run on the SF D? can Alex Smith throw on B-more secondary? How is gores Knee, this will be very entertaining football, but since I will be at my mothers and they have Time Warner I will miss it. What a shame!! Ravens 21 49ers 20




Playoff Picture

 Projected playoff teams in Bold


New England– They are in the driver seat for sure they play Philly this week and it should be a tough game, despite their record the Eagles have talent and their backs are to the wall. The Pats don’t play a winning team the rest of the way and should have no problem clinching a 1st round bye and home field in the AFC( If?  see below). Prediction 13-3


Houston– I thought they would be a lock for the other AFC bye but Shaubs Injury kills that theory. They only play 2 tough games the rest of the way a home game against the Falcons and on the road in Cincy, they have a 2 game lead over the Titans and should have no problem taking the division, but if they slip up in either of the tough games it could make the season finale at home to the Titans very interesting. Shaub getting hurt sucks but they are a running team that plays good D and should be fine a bye is still possible with the Ravens and Steelers inconsistencies. Prediction 11-5


Baltimore– They are in 1st place based on their 2 wins over the Steelers, but they have been very shaky. Road losses toSeattle,Tennessee, andJacksonville are tough to swallow when you try and think of this team as a contender. They had to have a huge come back to beat a lowly Arizona team but went out and handled the Bengals thanks to a questionable call on a apparent Gresham TD catch. This team must get a bye if they want to go deep into the playoffs, they could play with the Packers and Saints if they can get there. Prediction 12-4


Oakland- The Raiders are leading the division by 1 game and Carson Palmer keeps getting more comfortable. McFadden will be back but Bush has been terrific in his absence. The next 4 weeks are crucial for the Raiders playoff hopes, home for bears, then road games against hotMiami team and the Packers before coming home to playDetroit. If they don’t go at least 2-2 they will probably be out of the race. Prediction 10-6


Pittsburgh– The Steelers are 7-3 and have played well lately and should continue to do so.they have an easy schedule and there tough games left are home against cicny and on the road in SanFran, If the Steelers run the table and B-more falters then the Steelers will have home field because they have a tie breaker over the Pats by virtue of beating them straight up. Prediction 13-3


Cincinnati- The Bengals really needed this game againstBaltimore, they have to go toPittsburghand get Houston and Baltimore at home still and will have to win at least 2 of those games to get in loose all 3 and the Jets will overtake them.Daltonhas been good and this is a young team, I personally think they have overachieved and no matter what happens the rest of the way their fans should be happy and excited for the future. Prediction 9-7


NY Jets– The jets had a horrible loss atDenver, they should be upset with the NFL for scheduling having to play a Sunday night game then go toDenver 3 days later for a game that’s rough. NY has a very manageable schedule and could easily be 10-6 and get in as a 6 seed.


Denver- at 5-5 the Broncos are a game back of a playoff spot, but I don’t think they can win enough games to get in they would have to go 5-1 in next 6 weeks and they have to play Chicago, New England, Buffalo and San Diego. Tebow can win some games but not all of them Prediction 7-9


Buffalo also is 5-5 but are falling fast they were blown out 3 weeks in a row, they still have a chance but they need to beat the Jets this week that’s followed by 3 home games against Titans, Dolphins and Broncos if they can figure it out they could conceivably win all these games, but that’s a big IF. Prediction 7-9


Tennessee-well the Titans are 5-5 and alive as well and they might be the dark horse in all this. They have been so inconsistent but they can win and make thing difficult onHouston, but CJ needs to get better and fast, schedule is rotating home and away games the rest of the way,Tampa, Bills, Saints, Indy andJacksonville. If they can win 4 of these games it will be a big game againstHoustonto end the year and decide their fate. Prediction 8-8




Green Bay-The Packers have been nothing short of fantastic and Aaron Rodgers is heading towards his 1st MVP award and the sad part is they will have to win out to get home field, think about that for a minute, The Packers might have to go undefeated to get home field thru out, they might be able to lose 1 game that is if the 49ers lose to Pittsburgh but with the 49ers schedule they will probably go 14-2 at worst. The Packers Defense while maligned leads the NFL in Picks and they make plays, the offense well unless you havnt paid attention this year you know the deal. Going undefeated will be tough pack don’t play a team under .500 the rest of the way starting with the 1st of 2 with Lions on Thursday. Prediction 15-1


San Fransisco– The 49ers have been great and you have to give credit to head coach Harbaugh, he has righted the ship and has their D playing phenomenal. Willis and navaro bowman have been fantastic and the team is feeding off the way the D gets after it, Their division sucks and thats putting it lightly and they get to play every one again they play 2 tough games against B-more and Pittsburgh but other than that they should win every game look for Kendall Hunter to get more carries to keep gore fresh for playoffs. Prediction 14-2


New Orleans– The Saints are still one of the best teams in the NFL the loss to St.Louis was bad, real bad but they will be ok. The offense is great and the D does enough to give them breathing room.Atlanta andTampa’s struggles should allow them to stroll into the playoffs, the real question is can they win out and push the 9ers or Pack for a bye.


Giants- Ok so here is where it gets difficult to predict, They are 6-4 and getNew Orleansand the Packers in their next 2 games another collapse could be on the horizon after starting 6-2. Look the Giants are not a bad team and they put themselves in position to get to January but they need to get it done against better teams, after those 2 its @ dallas home for the Skins then @ jets and home for Cowboys again, They can lose the next 2 only if they can beat the Cowboys in their 2 matchups. The week 1 losses toWashingtonand at home toSeattlecould be the downfall not the tough stretch late. Prediction 9-7


Cowboys– At 6-4 the Cowboys are tied for division lead with Giants but they are actually in control, they should handle Miami and Arizona in the next 2 weeks and will have a chance to go up 3 games with 3 to play when Giants visit December 11th, Demarcus Ware is on pace to break the single season sack record and Demarco Murray has sparked the offense. Prediction 10-6


Detroit-The darlings of the NFL just struggled to put awayCarolinabut was able to end their 3 game losing streak. Losing Best has hurt a ton their running game has been weak at best no pun intended. The D has not played well of late and susceptible to the big play and that could be big Thursday, the Lions will have a chance to show they are for real if they can hand the pack a loss, if they get blown out they will continue to go backwards they have the Packers twice and games against N.O and San Diego and Oakland so nothing will be given 2 them. Prediction 9-7


Bears-Losing Cutler hurts but if the Bears can get buy Oakland this week they have and easy stretch, KC & Seattle at home sandwiched around a road game in Denver, before going to Green Bay and Minnesota to finish the year as long is Hanie is serviceable then the bears should not be worse than 11-5.


Falcons– at 6-4 the falcons are in good shape to get to 10 wins as well they but they will have to win road games at Houston and Carolina, this looks a lot easier with no Matt Shaub they get Jacksonville Minnesota and  Tampa at home  as well plus 1 game with the Saints if they can win that game they could finish with 11 wins at least and maybe a division title, they could Run the table but that’s unlikely. Prediction 10-6


Eagles- at 4-6 its simple they have to win out to get in 9-7 wont cut it unless both the Giants and Cowboys falter, that could happen and the Eagles would have the tiebreaker cause they have beaten them both already and would have to again to get to 9-7, it starts this week with New England but with the way they have thrown away games this year I don’t see it, this year could be just what they need a very humbling experience. Prediction 8-8

week 11 pics

going into week 11’s pics i’m a respectable 75-62-3 against the spread for the year and have been on a roll lately.

Tennessee At Atlanta                       Line Atlanta-6

Titans have struggled on the road but Chris Johnson has picked it up a little and at 5-4 are right in the thick of things in the AFC the falcons have been up and down and have already lost 2x at home this year which is unusual, i think they will handle the Titans easily at the Georgia dome Falcons 27 Titans 17

Buffalo At Miami                       Line Dolphins -2

Break up the fins, Miami has played well the last couple weeks and for the second straight week are favorites, its one thing to be favorite against the Redskins its another playing a struggling Buffalo team. The Bills may have been blown out in conssecutive weeks but i expect them to bounce back this week to stay alive in the AFC Fitzpatrick will show the last 2 weeks were an aberation Bills 24 Dolphins 14

Cincinnati At Baltimore                              Line Ravens -7

There begging me to take the Bengals here getting a touchdown, and with the way the Ravens have played this year why not. They might be the best team in the AFC and could win this game in blow out fashion but losses at Tenn, Sea and JAX are unacceptable and give me pause, they seam to be fine at home. Big time guys out for this one on both teams with A.J Green and Ray Lewis both sidelined. The Ravens need to find away to run the ball consistently but i dont see that happening this week against a strong Bengals D im taking the Bengals straight up Bengals 21 Ravens 20

Jacksonville At Cleveland                        Line Browns-1

The game of the week! ok so maybe not but its fun to bet right? Browns suck, Jags Suck both teams play good D so should be low scoring take the under 34.5 you should be good unless MJD explodes, Gabbert cant hit any throws down the field Cleveland has no one on outside and no running game, misses kicks from 22 yards i dont even know what to say Jags 12 Browns 10

Oakland At Minnesota                        Line PICK

Oakland looked good last week at San diego Palmer to Moore is good combination and Bush has proven could be starter in this league and is headed for a good contract, good for him he was terrific in college and had he not missed his senior year to injury would have been 1st round pick. I can see the game being PICK cause raiders are known to let down and struggle against the run so AP should have big day but Raiders should still take this one and solidify there lead in AFC West Raiders 27 Vikings 23

Carolina At Detroit                        Line Lions-7

When the Panthers are favorites i pick them and they lose, when there dogs i pick them and they get covered, so im a little lost here Newton was the king of the back door cover earlier this year but his performance has slowed a little bit and he has Demarco Murray nipping at his heals for NFC rookie of the year. The Lions have lost 3 straight and are looking to get back on track but the lack of running game has really hurt, with no threat to run Safties can double Megatron, he is still going to make plays just not as many as when Best is availible to make safties play up. I think Lions bounce back but dont cover. Lions 24 Panthers 19

Tampa Bay At Green Bay                     Line Packers-14

Aaron Rodgers is 0-2 against the Bucs career and has 3 td’s against 6 picks, Rodgers is fueled by doubters and bad performances stick like glue to him and he will take that with him this week. The Packers are good but could suffer a let down at some point and given Rodgers history against the Bucs that might happen this week. That being said the Bucs have been really bad this year they might have some wins but they have made a ton of mistakes Freeman has regressed and Blount is not being used enough, at time it has looked like Morris has lost his team but he is a good coach and if they can play mistake free they can win in GreenBay. Packers 38 Bucs 27

Dallas At Washington                        Line Cowboys -7

Dallas is playing well and have a managable schedule the rest of the way, they need to win the easy ones if they want a shot at the playoffs. Demarco Murray has been great and really sparked the offense and its benifited Romo tremendously. The Redskins are a mess and i put the Blame on Shanahan, he should have drafter a QB then they would at least have some thing to get excited. Cowboys 31 Skins 14

Arizona At San Francisco                                Line 49ers -10

John Skelton is 2-0 as a starter and looks like the next coming of Marino copared to Kolb, but the cards shouldnt have a chance on Sunday. This is the type of game the 9ers would lose under the old regime but not now. Harbaugh has his guys ready every week and i dont think he will over look the cards even with the Harbaugh bowl coming up on Turkey day. I still think the 49ers are offensively challenged and i dont like them covering a big # plus Frank has  a bulky knee 49ers 24 Arizona 17

Seattle At St. Louis                           Line Rams -3

Rams have been better of late but so has tavaris Jackson, this game is a toss up and the Rams are only getting 3 cause their at home, can i get credit if i call for a push? i dont think so so i will take the Rams 21 Seahawks 17

San Diego At Chicago                                   Line Bears -3.5

The Bears have been great lately and are starting to look like the team that pushed the Packers in the NFC title game, Forte has been terrific and Cutler has done a good job finding the open man and avoiding sacks, Peppers, Briggs and Urlacher are all studs and always will make it hard on the opposition. The Chargers need this game but they have sucked on the road and havent been really competitive agaisnt good teams, i thought going into season Rivers would win MVP and Chargers would have 1st round bye, wow was I wrong but at least this season should force out Turner so they have something to look forward to Bears 24 Chargers 20

Philadelphia At NY Giants                          Line Giants-5

The Giants have a chance to do what the Eagles did to them last year and eliminate them from playoff contention, Philly has to run the table to even have a shot, and they still have to play the Pats and Jets and Cowboys. The giants have been really good but losing Michael Bolley is huge and it showed late last week, Bradshaw is still out but Jacobs can handle the load and Eli has done his thing and got them in position to win the division. Vick probably isnt playing so its VY’s time to step up idont really see them stretching the field alot and they should depend on Mccoy heavily but Ried is stubborn and you probably wont see mccoy get more than 20 carries and this is good for Giants. I thinks Giants will get it done but wont cover. Giants 24-Eagles 20

Kansas City At New England                            Line Pats -15

A week after listening Jaws and Gruden verbaly blow Aaron Rodgers they get to do the same for Brady, they must be in heaven after weeks of horrible QB’s on Monday nights. Im interested to see if the Pats D will make Tyler Palko look like Drew Breeze this week, could you imagine. Todd Haley looks like he is homeless, dude you make millions go to a barber!! The Chiefs were bad early bounced back and looked competitve now have fallen back down. Pats have too much for them to handle now the only question is will they cover. If i was just picking a couple games i would stay away from this because of the HUGE # but i have to pick em all so Pats 38 Chiefs 20


Tim Tebow is now 4-1 as a starter this year. It hasn’t been pretty but you have to admit he gets it done. The wins against K.C, Miami and the Raiders were nice but not extremely impressive, going 95 yards against the Jets Defense was.

Tebow is polarizing, you either love him or hate him, but I think he is starting to turn some of the haters around. Me, I don’t hate the man but I don’t think his skill set translates into long term success in the NFL, but then again what do I know. The reason you don’t see the option work in the NFL is due to the speed of the game but Tebow is making it happen.

The Broncos are not a very good team, they are over matched in a lot of area’s but they believe in Tebow, They play hard for him. Don’t get me wrong they have good players like Elvis Dumerville and Von Miller so the defense is competitive. Tebow is now 5-3 in 8 career starts with 2:1 td-turnover ratio on a bad team but for his style it’s the perfect team, now we have to find out if they can be a playoff team. Any team who plays Denver knows whats coming the problem is stopping it, even when you do stop it you get worn down they control the clock and because they only throw 10x per game the clock is always running. It’s about gap discipline and making sure you account for all 3 options. The Broncos offense is not explosive and I don’t seeing it ever getting there. Its not like they even played well last night they were shut down for 55 minutes. That’s where the greatness of Tebow comes in, if the game is close you believe he will do something special. You can watch him play and say wow he has a horrible throwing motion, his passes wobble, arm strength is questionable, but you just feel he is going to get it done at the end.

NFL defenses are not used to having to deal with this because it’s not something they see. The NFL is a copy cat league and when something works teams will use it Cam Newton gets some option plays but like wildcat while it works for a while it will not work for multiple seasons and that’s why I think while he will have some success Tebow will not be around long term. The more tape defenses have on him the easier he will be to defend.

Tebow is a big guy so he can take hits, but for how long. He is a QB in fullbacks body. He can run and he will make plays and keep his teams competitive but I just don’t ever see him lifting the Lombardi trophy as a starting QB. Then again he does have a big guy on his side, God Bless.

Week 10 NFL picks


Tennessee at Carolina                   Line

the Panthers are coming off a bye in favor by three at home
Tennessee has been a mess but the Panthers struggle against the run. Maybe this
is a good week for Chris Johnson that start running the ball successfully. Can
you have had a fantastic rookie season and with Tennessee struggles they should
be able to cover                            Carolina
24 Tennessee 17


Denver at Kansas City                    line
Kansas City-three

The  Tim Tebow show
heads to Kansas City Tebow did a great job last week in Oakland but the KC
defense is a much better test.  KC was
playing well up untill last week when they decided not to show up against
Miami. Cassell has been good and this should be a fun game.   Broncos 27 Chiefs 24


Washington AT Miami                    Line
Dolphins -3

So after looking like they might not win any games all year
the dolphins crush KC then get favored the following week at home to the Skins,
Beck is horrible and the Skins are real banged up this should be a low scoring
affair and maybe the dolphins can get there run game going with thomas and
bush.  I just cant pick the dolphins when
they are giving points Skins 17 Dolphins 16

New Orleans @ Atlanta                 Line
Saints -3

Matt Ryan has only lost 3 times at home in his career and
they have been hot lately, on top of that the Saints have been up n down and
inconsistent. That makes this matchup of quality teams even harder to call. It’s
a big division game and a must win for both teams. I like the dirty birds
getting points at home. Saints 28 Falcons 27

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis                          Line
Jags – 3

Our 3 point spreads continue in this matchup, the lowly
Colts are still searching for there 1st win and a home game against
the jags could be there best opportunity. Painter has played better lately but
he still has issues, Reggie Wayne has been non exsistent this year. MJD is
already excited to be matched up with the poor/undersized colts D and should
have a big game. Jaguars 24 Colts 10

St Louis @ Cleveland                      Line
Browns -3

The Browns have played good D this year but there offense is
stagnant and that holds them back. The Rams have been sparked by Stephen
Jackson and the addition of Brandon Lloyd, there offense is finally moving the
ball and putting up points and they should get enough this week to out score
the browns Rams 20 Browns 17

Houston @ Tampa Bay                  Line
Texans -3

Another game with 2 quality teams that match up well,
Houston running game has been awsome and allows shaub to make big plays off
play action. Freeman has had some growing pains this year and injuries have
hurt the bucs. Houston needs to take care of business and they will Texans 27
Bucs 21


Pittsburgh@ Cincinnatti                Line

The Bengals are playing good
Football but they havent beat to many good teams this will be a big test for
where there at, Dalton has played strong and shows poise but the Steelers D is
a different animal and shoud limit him. I love taking the Steelers when there
getting points Steelers 21 Bengals 16

Arizona @ Philadelphia                  Line Eagles-9

1st big spread on the
list and well deserved the eagles have been better even thou I thought they
would lose last week and did they should have no issues winning this week the
only question is can Beanie wells keep the cards close against the weak eagles
run D, I think they will Eagles 31 Cards 23

Buffalo @ Dallas                               Line Cowboys-5

Another huge must win game for
these 2 squads, Buffalo has a brutal schedule and a tough division and while
the Boys may have an easier road, they are already 2 games back. Demarco Murray
is turning into a stud and him and mr Jackson should have decent games. I like
Buffalo out right, Bills 24 Cowboys 21

Detroit @ Chicago            Line Bears -3

The Bears have won 3 in a row and
Martz and Cutler seem to be on the same page, Forte has been great and the
bears always play solid D. Megatron is unstoppable but Best’s injury has
Detroit at a disadvantage in the run game I think the Bears will avenge an
earlier loss and tie Detroit in the division. Bears 21 Lions 20

NY Giants @ San fransico                              Line 49ers -3

Another huge game 2 of the top
teams in the NFC, the Giants historically do not well traveling west and with
the way the 49ers are playing that trend should continue. The 49ers have a
solid o line and have kept smith upright but the Giants have the best d line in
the NFL, I see a low scoring affair with frank gore being the difference       49ers 20 Giants 16

Baltimore @ Seattle        Line Ravens -9

Seattle is a bad team plain in
simple the good news is that the Ravens play horrible against bad teams, losses
to Jacksonville and Tennessee on the road were extremely bad and while I cant
pick them to lose this game alright I cant take them laying 9 Ravens 24
Seahawks 17

New England @ NY Jets                                Jets-3

Jets have won 3 in a
row the pats have lost 2 straight this is a crucial game for both teams and a
must win for the Jets, if NY cant win this game I don’t see them having a
chance to win the division. The pats last 2 losses are to good teams and they
are still a good team themselves and any time they are getting points I got to
take them no matter how well Rex gets his guys up for these types of games
Patiots 27 jets 20

Minnesota @ Green Bay                              Line
Packers -14

The Champs look great I don’t really care that the d is
letting up points they are still making plays when needed. They are near top of
league in interceptions and with the offense looking unstoppable they make
enough plays to keep games out of reach. Same spread as 4 weeks ago but this
time the pack are at home. The result will be the same pack cruise but Vikings get
enough from ponder and Peterson to cover Packers 34 Vikings 21




Trouble in Happy Valley

If you’ve read my blog before, know have very strong feelings when it comes to college athletics. The situation is currently affecting PennState is absolutely horrendous. It goes to show the power that universities and athletic programs have in their communities. Coach Joe Paterno is the man at PennState he always has been at least for the last 40 years. His long-time assistant Jerry Sandusky has been charged with approximately 20 counts of sexual assault. The school’s athletic directors along with the school’s senior vice president have been charged with perjury in a grand jury investigation, they tried to cover up the scandal. Sandusky who was the top assistant coach for many years under Paterno was allegedly seen molesting a boy in a shower by a graduate assistant back in 2002. This information was given to Coach Paterno the following day and he proceeded to notify the proper administrators at the school. The big question is why Coach Paterno decided not to notify the authorities. Why did the assistant not go to the police, hell why didn’t he stop it right then and there, if I saw a child being abused I damn sure would stop it, I would kick the shit out of the guy.

You have a man who I’m sure Paterno considered as a friend and who runs a youth football program associated with school molesting a child in the shower and all you can think to do is notify administrators at the school? You would think that would raise a red flag. As it turns out this is nothing new Sanduskyhad been doing this sort of thing dating back to 1994. The school knew about this back in 2002 obviously Paterno said something but they still allowed him on the campus to conduct different events and be involved with youth organizations. As recently as 10 days ago, Sandusky was on campus working out at the gym. The grand jury investigation was taking place for the last two years administrators have been questioned, coaches have been questioned, so the school obviously knows that there’s something going on why would you allow this individual distill the on your Campus. It boggles my mind.
Scandal is nothing new to college athletics it happens all the time but we’ve seen it numerous times over the last year from the paper for play thing with Cam Newton to the illicit benefits allegedly given to the Miami hurricane players by rogue booster, the Reggie Bush scandal at USC, Ohio State players receiving free tattoos and other benefits and Oklahoma players with no-show jobs, the list goes on forever. Until this weekPennState has been above that, for the last 40 some years Paterno’s ran a clean program but now he has to go.

There is no way he can ever to defend this happening on his watch. Like I said before he is the man at PennState the be-all end-all and someone that he hired he respected was doing this and he didn’t know about it I highly doubt that. The administrators that tried to cover this up may have been doing so to protect Joe Pa. I’m just throwing that out there this is nothing that I know for sure or that I can confirm in any way shape or form but you have to look at it like that’s a possibility you protect Paterno you protect the University to try and keep the scandal way but how can you honestly do that when eight children are claiming that they were molested on your watch.

I’m big on support from fans and alumni, its your school and you should be proud, but now you have students holding rally’s in front of Paterno’s house supporting him. Are you kidding me? How can you defend that? The man allowed a sexual predator that he knew about to be around children and young men at his school under his authority. If I was a parent who had a child attending PennState in the last 15 years I would be outraged!!
As the head football coach for a major university Paterno sat in thousands of different young men’s living rooms and preached, he probably talked about honesty, he probably talked about commitment and he probably told parents about how he was going to turn their child into a man. How he would instill values that would carry with them for their entire lives. He can’t do this anymore. If he tried to recruit my son to come to his University there is no way I would even let him in my house knowing what I know now. I’m sure that he didn’t know the full extent of what Sandusky was doing but he had to know something was up and he continued to let it happen this is that something that started in 1995 and continued for a long period of time. Only eight children of step forward from a 15 year period there could be countless others we just don’t know. He should not be allowed to grasiously retire at the end of the year, Penn State needs to take care of this now. Paterno will not face any criminal actions, but this is completely immoral and as a leader and educator he was ethically responsible to do more. He can no longer be allowed to be a face of the university starting now not later.


Week 9 picks

Sorry missed last week, but after week 7 we are back over .500 56-54-2. There are some big tilts this week highlighted by Baltimore traveling to Pittsburgh so should be a good week.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis                   Line Falcons -7

Atlanta has won two in a row and may be looking ahead to next weeks game against the Saints not to worry, the Colts are a mess and the Falcons offense will have no trouble moving the ball,  I see a big game from Turner. Falcons 24 Colts 10

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans                 Line Saints -10

Whoa! I know the Saints are at home but this team has lost 2 of 3 and one of those losses was to Tampa 26-20 week 6. Look the Saints are the 2nd best team in the NFC but the Bucs always play them tough and 10 is a huge # for them to cover against this team, i’m not saying they can’t I just don’t think they will.   Saints 28 Bucs 24

Cleveland @ Houston                Line Texans -10

Maybe the Texans get A. J back this week we will see, it shouldnt really matter with 2 quality backs and Matt Shaub the offense has been pretty consistent. The Browns play good D but can’t score a lot of points so the # bothers me but i still like Houston.

Texans 24  Browns 13

NY Jets @ Buffalo                 Line Pick

Both teams are coming off a bye, and this is a HUGE game for both teams, Bills want to solidify there position as an AFC contender and a loss for the Jets would drop them two games back of both Buffalo and New England. We will have to see what Shottenhimer’s game plan will be Buffalo has an opportunistic D and create takeaways in the passing game but can struggle against the run. On the Flip side Buffalo’s Fred Jackson has been amazing as a runner and receiver and will cause problems. This should be a close one.               Jets 23 Bills 21

Miami @ Kansas City             Line Chiefs -5

Chiefs have surged and are now 4-3 in a 3 way tie for AFC west lead. Cassel has been strong and you really need to give credit to Todd Haley and his guys for not packing it in after getting absolutely blown out the first 2 weeks and losing arguably their 2 best players  for the year. Miami is in full “SUCK FOR LUCK” mode and shouldnt cause a threat to the Chiefs. Chiefs 24 Dolphins 17

San Fransisco @ Washington          Line 49ers -3

The Niners are rolling and you have to appreciate the job Harbaugh is doing, Alex Smith is playing well and Frank Gore is a Beast. I’m always wary of west coast teams coming east but the Redskins are Banged up and John Beck is obviously not the answer. Niners should cover with ease. 49ers 24 Redskins 10

Seattle @ Dallas                  Line Cowboys -13

The Cowboys have a get well visit from Seattle lets see if they can take advantage. I’m not surprised at what happened against philly last week, but I don’t think that’s what the Boys are. They will play well this week and thump a Hapless seattle team. Cowboys 31 Seattle 17

Denver @ Oakland              Line Raiders -7

Week 3 for the Tim Tebow experience, I think he will be able to make some plays against the Raiders defense. Hugh Jackson will have a conservative game plan to ease Palmer in see a lot of run plays and some play action down the field. Tebow will keep it close but lose in the end Raiders 20 Broncos 14

Cincinnati @ Tennessee            Line Titans -3

I am surprised to see the Titans as favorites this week, I know they play well at home and have beat some good teams but they have been bad lately. Chris Johnson is an absolute BUM!!! i cant believe i drafted him this year. The Bengals are moving in the right direction and A.J Green has been great. Bengals 20 Titans 17

St Louis @ Arizona               Line Cardinals -7

Cards played the Ravens tight and the Rams shocked everyone by pounding the Saints. Stephen Jackson looks back in a big way and the addition of Brandon Loyyd has helped a lot, Kolb is a bust but Beanie is solidifying himself as a top shelf back so they do have some thing going for them. If Bradford plays and i think he will i have to take the Rams with the Points.  Rams 21 Cards 20

NY GIANTS @ New England               Line Patriots -7

The Pats have had solid offensive line play all year but the Steelers were able generate pressure and play man on the outside this caused some problems. The Giants Have one of the best d-lines in football and should be able to generate pressure but will get murdered if they try and play man, their cover guys are suspect and will have trouble all day long if Brady has time in the pocket. I dont put to much stock into an october road loss to Pittsburgh, the pats are a quality team and can beat anyone in this league. Patriots 31 Giants 21

Green Bay @ San Diego             Line Packers -4

The Chargers found multiple ways to lose against the Chiefs and that’s on them, Rivers is having his worst year as a pro, and Turner is definitely on the hot seat.  They probably should have made a change after last year. i find it funny that Marty Shottenhiemer went 14-2 and got canned cause he couldn’t win a playoff game but Norv Turner can make his team Mediocre and miss the playoffs but get a pass. What is there to say about the Packers, Rodgers is having an MVP season and has been terrific, it could be a while before this team is challenged. Packers 31 Chargers 20

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh            Line Steelers -3

How could you possibly like the Ravens in this game after stinking it up against Jacksonville 2 weeks ago then falling behind BIG to the Cardinals last week, are you kidding me what is going on with this team. On the Flip side the Steelers are playing at a high level and seem to be able to overcome their deficiencies on the offensive line. This is old school knock em out Football and should be a close contest. I have to believe that Ray Lewis will have the troops fired up and they will play like up to their level not the team that lost to Jacksonville and Tennessee. Ravens 21 Steelers 20

Chicago @ Philadelphia                  Line Eagles -7

The Eagles crushed Dallas last week and are starting to look like a lot of people thought they would.  They have burned me before and im not sold yet, Chicago plays good special teams, runs the ball and can get after the QB. all 3 facets of the game Philly struggles with. The Eagles have more skill but the Bears are a better team. I Think Peppers will be a terror and the Bears will hang another L on philly.  Bears 24 Eagles 20