Week 9 picks

Sorry missed last week, but after week 7 we are back over .500 56-54-2. There are some big tilts this week highlighted by Baltimore traveling to Pittsburgh so should be a good week.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis                   Line Falcons -7

Atlanta has won two in a row and may be looking ahead to next weeks game against the Saints not to worry, the Colts are a mess and the Falcons offense will have no trouble moving the ball,  I see a big game from Turner. Falcons 24 Colts 10

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans                 Line Saints -10

Whoa! I know the Saints are at home but this team has lost 2 of 3 and one of those losses was to Tampa 26-20 week 6. Look the Saints are the 2nd best team in the NFC but the Bucs always play them tough and 10 is a huge # for them to cover against this team, i’m not saying they can’t I just don’t think they will.   Saints 28 Bucs 24

Cleveland @ Houston                Line Texans -10

Maybe the Texans get A. J back this week we will see, it shouldnt really matter with 2 quality backs and Matt Shaub the offense has been pretty consistent. The Browns play good D but can’t score a lot of points so the # bothers me but i still like Houston.

Texans 24  Browns 13

NY Jets @ Buffalo                 Line Pick

Both teams are coming off a bye, and this is a HUGE game for both teams, Bills want to solidify there position as an AFC contender and a loss for the Jets would drop them two games back of both Buffalo and New England. We will have to see what Shottenhimer’s game plan will be Buffalo has an opportunistic D and create takeaways in the passing game but can struggle against the run. On the Flip side Buffalo’s Fred Jackson has been amazing as a runner and receiver and will cause problems. This should be a close one.               Jets 23 Bills 21

Miami @ Kansas City             Line Chiefs -5

Chiefs have surged and are now 4-3 in a 3 way tie for AFC west lead. Cassel has been strong and you really need to give credit to Todd Haley and his guys for not packing it in after getting absolutely blown out the first 2 weeks and losing arguably their 2 best players  for the year. Miami is in full “SUCK FOR LUCK” mode and shouldnt cause a threat to the Chiefs. Chiefs 24 Dolphins 17

San Fransisco @ Washington          Line 49ers -3

The Niners are rolling and you have to appreciate the job Harbaugh is doing, Alex Smith is playing well and Frank Gore is a Beast. I’m always wary of west coast teams coming east but the Redskins are Banged up and John Beck is obviously not the answer. Niners should cover with ease. 49ers 24 Redskins 10

Seattle @ Dallas                  Line Cowboys -13

The Cowboys have a get well visit from Seattle lets see if they can take advantage. I’m not surprised at what happened against philly last week, but I don’t think that’s what the Boys are. They will play well this week and thump a Hapless seattle team. Cowboys 31 Seattle 17

Denver @ Oakland              Line Raiders -7

Week 3 for the Tim Tebow experience, I think he will be able to make some plays against the Raiders defense. Hugh Jackson will have a conservative game plan to ease Palmer in see a lot of run plays and some play action down the field. Tebow will keep it close but lose in the end Raiders 20 Broncos 14

Cincinnati @ Tennessee            Line Titans -3

I am surprised to see the Titans as favorites this week, I know they play well at home and have beat some good teams but they have been bad lately. Chris Johnson is an absolute BUM!!! i cant believe i drafted him this year. The Bengals are moving in the right direction and A.J Green has been great. Bengals 20 Titans 17

St Louis @ Arizona               Line Cardinals -7

Cards played the Ravens tight and the Rams shocked everyone by pounding the Saints. Stephen Jackson looks back in a big way and the addition of Brandon Loyyd has helped a lot, Kolb is a bust but Beanie is solidifying himself as a top shelf back so they do have some thing going for them. If Bradford plays and i think he will i have to take the Rams with the Points.  Rams 21 Cards 20

NY GIANTS @ New England               Line Patriots -7

The Pats have had solid offensive line play all year but the Steelers were able generate pressure and play man on the outside this caused some problems. The Giants Have one of the best d-lines in football and should be able to generate pressure but will get murdered if they try and play man, their cover guys are suspect and will have trouble all day long if Brady has time in the pocket. I dont put to much stock into an october road loss to Pittsburgh, the pats are a quality team and can beat anyone in this league. Patriots 31 Giants 21

Green Bay @ San Diego             Line Packers -4

The Chargers found multiple ways to lose against the Chiefs and that’s on them, Rivers is having his worst year as a pro, and Turner is definitely on the hot seat.  They probably should have made a change after last year. i find it funny that Marty Shottenhiemer went 14-2 and got canned cause he couldn’t win a playoff game but Norv Turner can make his team Mediocre and miss the playoffs but get a pass. What is there to say about the Packers, Rodgers is having an MVP season and has been terrific, it could be a while before this team is challenged. Packers 31 Chargers 20

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh            Line Steelers -3

How could you possibly like the Ravens in this game after stinking it up against Jacksonville 2 weeks ago then falling behind BIG to the Cardinals last week, are you kidding me what is going on with this team. On the Flip side the Steelers are playing at a high level and seem to be able to overcome their deficiencies on the offensive line. This is old school knock em out Football and should be a close contest. I have to believe that Ray Lewis will have the troops fired up and they will play like up to their level not the team that lost to Jacksonville and Tennessee. Ravens 21 Steelers 20

Chicago @ Philadelphia                  Line Eagles -7

The Eagles crushed Dallas last week and are starting to look like a lot of people thought they would.  They have burned me before and im not sold yet, Chicago plays good special teams, runs the ball and can get after the QB. all 3 facets of the game Philly struggles with. The Eagles have more skill but the Bears are a better team. I Think Peppers will be a terror and the Bears will hang another L on philly.  Bears 24 Eagles 20




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