Trouble in Happy Valley

If you’ve read my blog before, know have very strong feelings when it comes to college athletics. The situation is currently affecting PennState is absolutely horrendous. It goes to show the power that universities and athletic programs have in their communities. Coach Joe Paterno is the man at PennState he always has been at least for the last 40 years. His long-time assistant Jerry Sandusky has been charged with approximately 20 counts of sexual assault. The school’s athletic directors along with the school’s senior vice president have been charged with perjury in a grand jury investigation, they tried to cover up the scandal. Sandusky who was the top assistant coach for many years under Paterno was allegedly seen molesting a boy in a shower by a graduate assistant back in 2002. This information was given to Coach Paterno the following day and he proceeded to notify the proper administrators at the school. The big question is why Coach Paterno decided not to notify the authorities. Why did the assistant not go to the police, hell why didn’t he stop it right then and there, if I saw a child being abused I damn sure would stop it, I would kick the shit out of the guy.

You have a man who I’m sure Paterno considered as a friend and who runs a youth football program associated with school molesting a child in the shower and all you can think to do is notify administrators at the school? You would think that would raise a red flag. As it turns out this is nothing new Sanduskyhad been doing this sort of thing dating back to 1994. The school knew about this back in 2002 obviously Paterno said something but they still allowed him on the campus to conduct different events and be involved with youth organizations. As recently as 10 days ago, Sandusky was on campus working out at the gym. The grand jury investigation was taking place for the last two years administrators have been questioned, coaches have been questioned, so the school obviously knows that there’s something going on why would you allow this individual distill the on your Campus. It boggles my mind.
Scandal is nothing new to college athletics it happens all the time but we’ve seen it numerous times over the last year from the paper for play thing with Cam Newton to the illicit benefits allegedly given to the Miami hurricane players by rogue booster, the Reggie Bush scandal at USC, Ohio State players receiving free tattoos and other benefits and Oklahoma players with no-show jobs, the list goes on forever. Until this weekPennState has been above that, for the last 40 some years Paterno’s ran a clean program but now he has to go.

There is no way he can ever to defend this happening on his watch. Like I said before he is the man at PennState the be-all end-all and someone that he hired he respected was doing this and he didn’t know about it I highly doubt that. The administrators that tried to cover this up may have been doing so to protect Joe Pa. I’m just throwing that out there this is nothing that I know for sure or that I can confirm in any way shape or form but you have to look at it like that’s a possibility you protect Paterno you protect the University to try and keep the scandal way but how can you honestly do that when eight children are claiming that they were molested on your watch.

I’m big on support from fans and alumni, its your school and you should be proud, but now you have students holding rally’s in front of Paterno’s house supporting him. Are you kidding me? How can you defend that? The man allowed a sexual predator that he knew about to be around children and young men at his school under his authority. If I was a parent who had a child attending PennState in the last 15 years I would be outraged!!
As the head football coach for a major university Paterno sat in thousands of different young men’s living rooms and preached, he probably talked about honesty, he probably talked about commitment and he probably told parents about how he was going to turn their child into a man. How he would instill values that would carry with them for their entire lives. He can’t do this anymore. If he tried to recruit my son to come to his University there is no way I would even let him in my house knowing what I know now. I’m sure that he didn’t know the full extent of what Sandusky was doing but he had to know something was up and he continued to let it happen this is that something that started in 1995 and continued for a long period of time. Only eight children of step forward from a 15 year period there could be countless others we just don’t know. He should not be allowed to grasiously retire at the end of the year, Penn State needs to take care of this now. Paterno will not face any criminal actions, but this is completely immoral and as a leader and educator he was ethically responsible to do more. He can no longer be allowed to be a face of the university starting now not later.



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