Tim Tebow is now 4-1 as a starter this year. It hasn’t been pretty but you have to admit he gets it done. The wins against K.C, Miami and the Raiders were nice but not extremely impressive, going 95 yards against the Jets Defense was.

Tebow is polarizing, you either love him or hate him, but I think he is starting to turn some of the haters around. Me, I don’t hate the man but I don’t think his skill set translates into long term success in the NFL, but then again what do I know. The reason you don’t see the option work in the NFL is due to the speed of the game but Tebow is making it happen.

The Broncos are not a very good team, they are over matched in a lot of area’s but they believe in Tebow, They play hard for him. Don’t get me wrong they have good players like Elvis Dumerville and Von Miller so the defense is competitive. Tebow is now 5-3 in 8 career starts with 2:1 td-turnover ratio on a bad team but for his style it’s the perfect team, now we have to find out if they can be a playoff team. Any team who plays Denver knows whats coming the problem is stopping it, even when you do stop it you get worn down they control the clock and because they only throw 10x per game the clock is always running. It’s about gap discipline and making sure you account for all 3 options. The Broncos offense is not explosive and I don’t seeing it ever getting there. Its not like they even played well last night they were shut down for 55 minutes. That’s where the greatness of Tebow comes in, if the game is close you believe he will do something special. You can watch him play and say wow he has a horrible throwing motion, his passes wobble, arm strength is questionable, but you just feel he is going to get it done at the end.

NFL defenses are not used to having to deal with this because it’s not something they see. The NFL is a copy cat league and when something works teams will use it Cam Newton gets some option plays but like wildcat while it works for a while it will not work for multiple seasons and that’s why I think while he will have some success Tebow will not be around long term. The more tape defenses have on him the easier he will be to defend.

Tebow is a big guy so he can take hits, but for how long. He is a QB in fullbacks body. He can run and he will make plays and keep his teams competitive but I just don’t ever see him lifting the Lombardi trophy as a starting QB. Then again he does have a big guy on his side, God Bless.


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