week 11 pics

going into week 11’s pics i’m a respectable 75-62-3 against the spread for the year and have been on a roll lately.

Tennessee At Atlanta                       Line Atlanta-6

Titans have struggled on the road but Chris Johnson has picked it up a little and at 5-4 are right in the thick of things in the AFC the falcons have been up and down and have already lost 2x at home this year which is unusual, i think they will handle the Titans easily at the Georgia dome Falcons 27 Titans 17

Buffalo At Miami                       Line Dolphins -2

Break up the fins, Miami has played well the last couple weeks and for the second straight week are favorites, its one thing to be favorite against the Redskins its another playing a struggling Buffalo team. The Bills may have been blown out in conssecutive weeks but i expect them to bounce back this week to stay alive in the AFC Fitzpatrick will show the last 2 weeks were an aberation Bills 24 Dolphins 14

Cincinnati At Baltimore                              Line Ravens -7

There begging me to take the Bengals here getting a touchdown, and with the way the Ravens have played this year why not. They might be the best team in the AFC and could win this game in blow out fashion but losses at Tenn, Sea and JAX are unacceptable and give me pause, they seam to be fine at home. Big time guys out for this one on both teams with A.J Green and Ray Lewis both sidelined. The Ravens need to find away to run the ball consistently but i dont see that happening this week against a strong Bengals D im taking the Bengals straight up Bengals 21 Ravens 20

Jacksonville At Cleveland                        Line Browns-1

The game of the week! ok so maybe not but its fun to bet right? Browns suck, Jags Suck both teams play good D so should be low scoring take the under 34.5 you should be good unless MJD explodes, Gabbert cant hit any throws down the field Cleveland has no one on outside and no running game, misses kicks from 22 yards i dont even know what to say Jags 12 Browns 10

Oakland At Minnesota                        Line PICK

Oakland looked good last week at San diego Palmer to Moore is good combination and Bush has proven could be starter in this league and is headed for a good contract, good for him he was terrific in college and had he not missed his senior year to injury would have been 1st round pick. I can see the game being PICK cause raiders are known to let down and struggle against the run so AP should have big day but Raiders should still take this one and solidify there lead in AFC West Raiders 27 Vikings 23

Carolina At Detroit                        Line Lions-7

When the Panthers are favorites i pick them and they lose, when there dogs i pick them and they get covered, so im a little lost here Newton was the king of the back door cover earlier this year but his performance has slowed a little bit and he has Demarco Murray nipping at his heals for NFC rookie of the year. The Lions have lost 3 straight and are looking to get back on track but the lack of running game has really hurt, with no threat to run Safties can double Megatron, he is still going to make plays just not as many as when Best is availible to make safties play up. I think Lions bounce back but dont cover. Lions 24 Panthers 19

Tampa Bay At Green Bay                     Line Packers-14

Aaron Rodgers is 0-2 against the Bucs career and has 3 td’s against 6 picks, Rodgers is fueled by doubters and bad performances stick like glue to him and he will take that with him this week. The Packers are good but could suffer a let down at some point and given Rodgers history against the Bucs that might happen this week. That being said the Bucs have been really bad this year they might have some wins but they have made a ton of mistakes Freeman has regressed and Blount is not being used enough, at time it has looked like Morris has lost his team but he is a good coach and if they can play mistake free they can win in GreenBay. Packers 38 Bucs 27

Dallas At Washington                        Line Cowboys -7

Dallas is playing well and have a managable schedule the rest of the way, they need to win the easy ones if they want a shot at the playoffs. Demarco Murray has been great and really sparked the offense and its benifited Romo tremendously. The Redskins are a mess and i put the Blame on Shanahan, he should have drafter a QB then they would at least have some thing to get excited. Cowboys 31 Skins 14

Arizona At San Francisco                                Line 49ers -10

John Skelton is 2-0 as a starter and looks like the next coming of Marino copared to Kolb, but the cards shouldnt have a chance on Sunday. This is the type of game the 9ers would lose under the old regime but not now. Harbaugh has his guys ready every week and i dont think he will over look the cards even with the Harbaugh bowl coming up on Turkey day. I still think the 49ers are offensively challenged and i dont like them covering a big # plus Frank has  a bulky knee 49ers 24 Arizona 17

Seattle At St. Louis                           Line Rams -3

Rams have been better of late but so has tavaris Jackson, this game is a toss up and the Rams are only getting 3 cause their at home, can i get credit if i call for a push? i dont think so so i will take the Rams 21 Seahawks 17

San Diego At Chicago                                   Line Bears -3.5

The Bears have been great lately and are starting to look like the team that pushed the Packers in the NFC title game, Forte has been terrific and Cutler has done a good job finding the open man and avoiding sacks, Peppers, Briggs and Urlacher are all studs and always will make it hard on the opposition. The Chargers need this game but they have sucked on the road and havent been really competitive agaisnt good teams, i thought going into season Rivers would win MVP and Chargers would have 1st round bye, wow was I wrong but at least this season should force out Turner so they have something to look forward to Bears 24 Chargers 20

Philadelphia At NY Giants                          Line Giants-5

The Giants have a chance to do what the Eagles did to them last year and eliminate them from playoff contention, Philly has to run the table to even have a shot, and they still have to play the Pats and Jets and Cowboys. The giants have been really good but losing Michael Bolley is huge and it showed late last week, Bradshaw is still out but Jacobs can handle the load and Eli has done his thing and got them in position to win the division. Vick probably isnt playing so its VY’s time to step up idont really see them stretching the field alot and they should depend on Mccoy heavily but Ried is stubborn and you probably wont see mccoy get more than 20 carries and this is good for Giants. I thinks Giants will get it done but wont cover. Giants 24-Eagles 20

Kansas City At New England                            Line Pats -15

A week after listening Jaws and Gruden verbaly blow Aaron Rodgers they get to do the same for Brady, they must be in heaven after weeks of horrible QB’s on Monday nights. Im interested to see if the Pats D will make Tyler Palko look like Drew Breeze this week, could you imagine. Todd Haley looks like he is homeless, dude you make millions go to a barber!! The Chiefs were bad early bounced back and looked competitve now have fallen back down. Pats have too much for them to handle now the only question is will they cover. If i was just picking a couple games i would stay away from this because of the HUGE # but i have to pick em all so Pats 38 Chiefs 20


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