Week 17 PICS

Happy New years!!!!!!!! It’s the final week of the NFL regular season and there is still a lot on the line. The west and one wild card, as well as home field advantage and a 1st round bye are all one the line in the AFC. The NFC has the East to clear up as well as who travels to that winner and whether or not the Saints or 49ers are getting a bye. The NFC in particular is real interesting because im sure Detroit/Atlanta would rather travel to the NFC east winner than face 49ers/Saints in the 1st round.

On to the picks

This years record 105-92-4

Last week 8-6


Pittsburgh @ Cleveland                               Line Steelers -10

Big Ben is still dinged up but he will be a go this week. The Steelers need a win plus Baltimore loss to get the 2 seed and a bye, I think they might struggle this week. When Ben is playing injured he forces things and even thou the browns secondary is suspect they can make some plays. In the end Pitts D is too strong for the weak offensive unit of the Cleveland Browns. Steelers 20 Browns 7

San Francisco @ St. Louis                             Line 49ers -9

The 9ers clinch the 2 seed with a win, and it should be an easy week for them. I think Kendall Hunter will get a lot of reps to rest Gore, I don’t see him getting more than 12 carries. The o-line is as solid as can be so not much risk of an Alex Smith injury. Congrats to Stephen Jackson he passed 1K rushing for 7th time too bad he always plays for a shitty team. 49ers 21 Rams 10

Carolina @ New Orleans                              Line Saints -7

Coach Sean Peyton said this week every one will be playing no rest for his team and I don’t blame him. With San Fran going against a much weaker team the Saints chances of getting the 2 seed are highly unlikely. The Panthers have been tough against everyone and Cam Newton is officially a beast and will be a top fantasy pick candidate next year, the Saints want to have momentum going into round 1. I’m sure last years debacle in Seattle is in the back of their minds. They Saints win but don’t cover. Saints 31 Panthers 27

Buffalo @ New England                               Line Patriots -12

Can the Bills shock New England again? I doubt it but I thought the pats would roll over Miami last week and that didn’t happen either. The Bills will play hard but this game is too important for the Pats a win and they lock up home field thru out, a loss and they will be the 2 seed. The Bills passing game will be a hard match up for the Pats but I always like the Pats against divisional teams they have lost to previously. Patriots 34 Bills 27

Chicago @ Minnesota                   Line Bears-1

The Vikings are in the running for the # 1 pick but are they in the market for Luck, I don’t know, Ponder has played well but he has regressed a little, Joe Webb led them on 5 straight scoring drives last week but I cant see him being the answer. Toby Gerhart has looked decent when AP has been out in the past, and now Peterson will probably be out a portion of next year as well so the Vikings have a lot of questions about what to do with a likely top 3 pick. Da Bears have fallen flat since the Cutler injury and would like to finish the season on a winning note but they really don’t have anyone who can play well left, no forte, no Knox, no cutler…They do have a good D and they will ride them to a win this week. Bears 20 Vikings 17

Ny Jets @ Miami                             Line Dolphins -1

The Jets need to win and get a lot of help. The Dolphins are playing for pride, they pushed the Patriots to the brink last week now they have a chance to finish on a high note by ensuring a divisional foe misses out on postseason as well. The Jets have been hyped up for years based on road playoff wins against quality teams but this year they couldn’t get it done and this week will be a microcosm of their season just not enough. Dolphins 24 Jets 20

Detroit @ Green Bay                     Line Lions -3

So the Pack are dogs for the 1st time all year, that’s because this game means nothing for them, Woodson, Matthews and Starks should all sit and AR12 should only play 1st half if that, Matt Flynn will look to play well because he is hitting the FA market after this season and should have a couple suitors lining up. The Lions on the other hand need this game badly, a win and they go on the road to DAL/NYG winner a loss and they go to the SuperDome to play the Saints. Stafford will look to exploit the Packs secondary with the long ball to Megatron but I think Flynn has a great game and the Pack pull it out on  Crosby kick at the horn. Packers 27 Lions 24

Tennessee @ Houston                 Line Titans -3

The Titans are still alive and they also need a win + help, CK2K has been a bust this year, but he got paid that’s really all that matters right? Hasselback has been exactly what they needed but losing Britt for the season early really hurt this team. But they are alive and anything can happen. The Texans have lost their top 2 qb’s and their best defender + andre Johnson for extended periods of time but they still won their 1st division title and will host their 1st playoff game in franchise history so all in all a good run they will get the Wildcard winner so its possible they could play the Titans in back to back weeks. If they can win this week that eliminates that scenario and I think behind Foster and the D they get it done. Texans 20 Titans 15

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville                       Line Jaguars -5

This game is almost meaningless unless of course the Colts win that will knock them out of the 1st pic but it could go to St. Louis who doesn’t need a QB or the Vikings who might not either. I think no matter what the 1st pick will get traded and the Redskins end up with it somehow just a gut feeling, something about Shanahan and kids from Stanford just seems right. Oh ya the game, Um anything I say will be horseshit, anything goes with these 2 bum squads. Colts 31 Jags 24

Washington @ Philadelphia                      Line Eagles -9

Meaningless!!! Eagles Suck way to spend all that money, I would say Andy Reid has to go but who would replace him? I would send out feelers to Parcells, Cowher and Gruden, Maybe even Bob Stoops isn’t it time he steps it up to the pro game? In the NFL you have to know what your personnel can and cant do, taking a o-line coach and giving him control of a D with linebackers the size of corners is a problem, Philly was doomed from the Jump but they win and cover this week and everyone will act like this year didn’t happen when next year starts, they will be hyped up again. Eagles 31 Skins 17

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta                    Line Falcons -13

Atlanta has been hot lately and Matt Ryan is having a nice year, They are an extremely talented team and will be a tough out for anyone in the playoffs, I believe they will win their 1st playoff game no matter if its in SF,N.O,Dal or NY. Doesn’t matter they are that good they are complete. The Bucs on the other hand, JEESH!!! Losers of 9 straight, this team was 4-2 now 4-11 wow what a turnaround. I like Raheem Morris as a coach and I think Freeman can play so I wont say they need to start over yet. They will play hard this week and back door the spread. Falcons 31 Bucs 20

Baltimore @ Cincy                          Line Ravens -3

The 2nd biggest game of the week, pits these 2 division foes against each other, Bmore needs to win to get the division and 1st round bye, Cincy win and there in. The Bengals played the Ravens well in Baltimore a month ago and the Ravens have been atrocious on the road. Coach Harbaugh knows whats on the line and so do his battle tested players. The Bengals are a young team and they wont be scared, but I think Baltimore overcomes their road woes and knocks off this young Bengals Ravens 24 Bengals 20

Seattle @ Arizona                           Line Cardinals -3

What to say, What to say! Another meaningless game. If you told me at beginning of season this game would be fun to watch I would say your crazy. But it will be so many guys on both teams are playing well they both just lost to many games early for this to matter. I’m so happy for my boy Calais Campbell the former Cane has been a man child this season and while a lot of people don’t know who he is they will soon. Marshawn Lynch has been a total world beater the last 10 weeks he is still in beast mode and playing great. Seattle 21 Cardinals 20

San Diego @ Oakland                    Line RAIDERS -3

My heart really wants me to take Oakland in this game but by football brain tells me the penalties and Carson Palmers color blindness make that difficult. The Raiders have not had a losing season in 2 years but I don’t think they will have a winning one Either. Of course we don’t even have this conversation if the foot injury that knocked D-mac out for 2-3 weeks 3 months ago doesn’t happen. The Chargers have been better and are an enigma once again but what better way to finish a season than to knock the Hated(by them) Raiders out of the playoffs and a possible division win. Chargers 28 Raiders 17

Kansas City @ Denver                   Line Broncos -3

The NFL wants Teebow in the Playoffs, Denver wants into the playoffs hell God and his kid want Teebow in the playoffs, well I don’t im kinda tired of it. Ya he wins I get it but he has proved the last 2 weeks he is kinda a gimmick. Put 8 in the box and run a safety deep and force him to throw it. KC is playing for Romeo, they want him to be their coach, I guess their not aware of what he did to the Browns organization as the top dog. They will get their wish and they wont make the playoffs again for about 6 years good luck with that. Chiefs win but so does denver cause everyone else lost too. Kansas City 20 Broncos 14

Dallas @ NY Football Giants                       Line Gmen -3

Its all the Marbles in the NFC East, Cowboys and Giants for the right to lose in the 1st round. Romo cant play in December and now will go with his hand swelled up like a kid allergic to shellfish. The Giants cant play D very well. Eli has been great and has a lot of weapons. Cruz and Nicks are a dynamic duo and Manningham and Ballard are solid as well, the G-mens offense isn’t the problem it’s the secondary but with Romo Banged up they should be alright. Gmen in a shoot out. Giants 35 Cowboys 34


So if im right the Bengals, Broncos lose their way in and the Giants earn their birth.

1st round Matchups

Cincy @ Houston

Pittsburgh @ Denver

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Detroit @ NY Giants


Congrats Drew Brees


So now that Drew Brees has passed Marino for the all time single season passing mark I think we should take some time and on reflect on his path to this point. Brees was absolutely fantastic at Perdue, Brees was highly touted and projected to go mid to late 1st but the knock on him was his height and lack of arm strength. Team’s shyed away in the first round because he is not that proto typical build GM’s look for in QB’s.


In the 2001 NFL Draft The San Diego Chargers held the # 1 pick and badly wanted to take Michael Vick and just like they would be spurned by Eli years later Vick told them he would not play there, San Diego shipped that pick to Atlanta for their # 5 overall and the used the 1st pick of the 2nd round on their QB of the future, one Drew Brees. The Ability to take Ladanian Tomlinson along with Brees turned around the entire San Diego Franchise.


Brees started for 4 years in SD and was 30-28 with 79 tds and 53 pics he was maligned and the Chargers drafted Rivers, Brees played under the franchise tag in 2004 and he led the Chargers to a 12-4 record and an AFC west title. In 2005 he was tagged again and they went 8-8 and in the regular season finally tore his labrum diving after a fumble.


This is where it started to get interesting and the history of the NFL was re-written. The Chargers wanted to resign Brees but the contract was heavily weighted on incentives, he said NO! Miami wanted him but after an extensive 6 hour physical they decided he wasn’t worth the risk, bad move. The Saints stepped in and history was made. A Relationship with a coach was born and make no mistake Peyton and Brees are perfect for each other. They won a Superbowl and set the course for the best passing season in NFL history to occur.


So many things probably wouldn’t have happened if Brees ended up in Miami, Nick Saban wouldn’t have left, The Saints would not have become relevant, and Marino’s mark would still stand.


Brees has always produced, in High School, In College and in the Pro’s he is on pace to be one of the most prolific passing quarterbacks of all time, but has played in an era that has Favre, Brady 2 Mannings and newly minted Aaron Rodgers. He is still kind of an afterthought even thou he is an elite player.


The Saints are playing better than anyone right now and definitely have a shot at winning it all again, Brees would likely be the MVP if it wasn’t for Rodgers spectacular season but they will likely have to play outside in Lambeau to get there. They could struggle with the elements but I won’t put anything past Brees.


So Congradulations Drew! You have worked hard your entire career and proved all the doubters wrong. There is absolutely nothing better in the game of football then watching a quarterback play at the highest level.

Week 16 pics

8-7 last week overall 97-86-4


Cleveland @ Baltimore                      Line Ravens -14

So who is wacko for Flacco now? The man plain stinks and the fact Cam Cameron continues to run the offense thru the passing game is absurd! The formula for winning in December and January has always been the same RUN and play great D that fits the Ravens to the T, hopefully their OC and QB realize this, I know Rey Lewis does.

Ravens 27 Browns 10


Giants @ Jets              Line Jets -3

So basically a playoff game for both of these teams, who ever wins will control their own destiny going forward. Anything can happen in this one, can G-men create pressure, Will Eli get hot or will the Jets smash the ball down their throats. Can Sanchez protect the football, will Plex play big. So many questions but this one will be a nail bitter. I’ll take the Giants D line and Eli over Sanchez and the Jet secondary Giants 30 Jets 28


Denver @ Buffalo                  Line Broncos -3

Win and your in for Denver, at the beginning of the season I think I picked the Broncos to be one of the worst teams in the AFC, ditto for KC last year what is it with AFC west teams being shockingly surprising? Tebow should have no problem against the free falling Bills, after a great start the Bills have floundered where do they go from here.

Broncos 20 Bills 14


Minnesota @ Washington                  Line Redskins -6

So with Indy winning last week the Vikings are in play for the 1st overall pic, now they Took Ponder in 1st round last year, do they really like him or is Luck a cant miss option that you have to pull the trigger on…..The Skins will be looking QB too and will hope that RG3 drops to them, but winning this game is a losing situation for both of these teams. Vikings 20 Skins 17


Tampa Bay @ Carolina           Line Panthers -7

Im not picking the Bucs again this year, I just cant get them right so no matter what I say I will not pick this game correct its impossible, so might as well go with it. Cam Newton will have greatest single game ever with 100+ rush 300+ pass 2 rush td and 4 pass tds, he will also play D make a pick and get a sack…..Why Not!!! Panthers 132 Bucs 89


Jacksonville @ Tennessee       Line Titans -7

So if your in a keeper league and you get to keep 1 guy and you have CJ to you keep him and hope this year was a fluke? Other options Eli, Romo, Gore, Jimmy Graham I think this a no win situation but I guess it just bites my ass that I would have to keep Johnson after getting Burned by him this year…Fuck Jacksonville Sucks Titans play down to competition so Jags 20 Titans 17


St Louis @ Pittsburgh                                    Line Steelers -14

If Ben isn’t healthy you aint winning in playoffs no matter what seed you are, Youre the defending AFC champs if you cant beat St.Louis with your backups you have issues sit Ben and take a shot with Batch Steelers 24 Rams 7


Arizona @ Cincinnati             Line Bengals -5

The Cards are rolling behind Patrick Peterson and John Skelton and they keep it up this week knocking off the Bengals. I’m really happy for Cincy they are an up and coming team and had a very nice season but it ends this week with loss to AZ. Cards 20 Bengals 17


Oakland @ Kansas City                     Line Chiefs -1

It was good to see KC beat Green Bay last week they have had a rough year with injuries and are playing with some Pride, The Raiders have also had a bad year with Injuries, turnovers, Penalties, death of owner ect, ect after the way the raiders started this season you would have to agree that last weeks loss to Detroit is a microcosm of their season hot early, fall apart late. You cant be successful if you cant be disciplined in Football the penalties and turnovers are comical at this point. Chiefs 21 Raiders 17


Miami @ New England                      Line Patriots -11

Upset Special? No don’t think so Miami has shown some life and Reggie Bush is showing he can be an every down back, but they arnt going into New England and winning wont happen. Brady will carve them up and the Pats will look to establish a run game to get ready for the Division round. Pats 31 Dolphins 17


San Francisco @ Seattle                     Line 49ers -3

Seattle is straight beasting Marshawn Lynch should get some votes for MVP. The Hawks always play great at home but SF still hasn’t allowed a rushing TD this year, Willis might get more rest as they are preparing for playoffs but even if he plays the Hawks are a buzz saw right now Lynch gets that 1st rushing TD against SF. Seahawks 20 49ers 14


San Diego @ Detroit              Line Lions -2

May be the game of the week, both these teams need this game bad. The Chargers have to win out and hope Buffalo can beat Denver and the Lions want to avoid having a must win game against Green Bay the last week of the season. The lions just need 1 win to clinch a spot but it won’t be easy. The Chargers have really picked it up and look like they are who I thought they were, too little to late the Lions are hungry and know in the back of their mind they don’t want to have to win in Lambeau next week to get in. Lions 30 Chargers 24


Philadelphia @ Dallas             Line Cowboys -3

The dream team travels to Jerry world and they are still alive. Ill break it down Eagles beat dallas, giants lose to jets then philly beats Washington and the Giants beat Dallas and the Eagles are getting a home playoff game against Atlanta….wow after such a shitty season they can still get in absolutely crazy. Guess what Henry misses a game winning kick at the Gun and the dream is crushed Dallas 21- Eagles 20


Chicago @ Green Bay                        Line Packers -13

The Packers o-line is in shambles a lot of guys should rest but for me this is a nightmare situation. We still need to win 1 game to control home field, but we have every one playing the day before so they should know by game time where they stand if SF loses look for Rodgers not to play a lot with o-line breaking down and Peppers and Briggs bearing down on him all day long. Mckown is starting for 1st time since 2007 but the bears are without Knox and Forte they still won’t be able to move the ball. Packers 20 Bears 10


Atlanta @ New Orleans                     Line Saints -7

Atlanta is finally getting to realize the offense they pictured when they traded up to grab Julio Jones, They are on a roll and will want to take it to the Saints to show them they can play with them, they could meet up in playoffs but would have to be in conf champ game. Breeze could break marino’s yardage record this week he is less than 350 away so should be very entertaining. I got the Saints…….Saints 34 Falcons 24




WEEK 15 Pics

Last week I went 6-7-1 to be 89-79-4 for the year, hopefully I can finish strong but we are still in the money


Dallas @ Tampa Bay              Line Cowboys -7

Dallas is not playing great losing 2 straight and they are giving 7 in a road game? I know the Bucs have been bad and got wooped by the Jags but they still have Talent and are playing at home. This is a Must win for Dallas but im taking the points Cowboys 27 Bucs 21


Carolina @ Houston               Line Texans -7

Houston has clinched its first playoff  berth as a franchise and have won 7 straight all the injuries this team keeps rolling their resiliency reminds me a little of last years champs. They take on a game Carolina team this week that seems to be in every game with out being able to win, Cam Newton is having a great year but he should be tested against this d-fence, but ill take a back door cover with them this week. Houston 20 Carolina 17


Washington @ NY Giants                  Line Giants -7

Washington has found the perfect back for their zone rushing scheme and Mike Shanahan must be pretty happy about that, but it doesn’t really help when your have no talent at the QB position. The Giants are coming off an emotional win in Big D and need this game badly, they can not look past the skins who have already beat them once. Eli has been terrific and with the season coming to the close he will need to sustain his play, any slip and the Giants could be on outside looking in come January.  Giants 28 Skins 20


Tennessee @ Indianapolis                  Line Titans -7

So the Titans played well against N.O last week but fell short but Locker looks good and they have to be excited. They will have to win out to have a sniff at the playoffs but with Cincy losing last week there is still a chance. Big week for CJ!!! Do you really want me to talk about Indy? Titans 34 Colts 17


New Orleans @ Minnesota                 Line Saints -7

The Saints need to keep on winning if they want a bye, they are playing just as well as the Pack but have struggled out doors and on the road so a bye and home field in division round is crucial. AP is playing for his fantasy guys! Great tell that to his owners whose playoffs started last week. The Vikes have some nice young players and will stay competitive but N.O will cover late. Saints 34 Vikings 20


Miami @ Buffalo                                Line pick

Rivalry week for these 2, neither has anything to play for but its still fun when these two match up. The Bills have floundered after a hot start and the phins have turned it around after starting 0-7. I think the Bills turn it around and get a win to push them further down in the draft and further away from being competitive. Bills 24 Dolphins 20


Seattle @ Chicago                  Line Bears -3

The Bears have done nothing since Cutler went down, and the Hawks have been hot, Tavaris Jackson has been efficient and limited turnovers and Marshawn Lynch has been terrific, keep eating those skittle’s kid!! The Bears gave away the Denver game thanks to Marion Barber but their D is still great. Peppers is having an all pro season and the rest of the core is solid, this one should be low scoring and im taking bears at home Bears 20 Seahawks 14


Cincinnati @ St Louis                        Line Bengals -9

Cincy has had a tough go of it lately and last weeks loss was heartbreaking. They are a team on the rise and they have played beyond expectations they need a solid back so hopefully they can find it in the draft to have a really young nucleolus with tons of talent. St. Louis was kinda a mirror last year of what the bengals are this year, their offence has been impotent and they have struggled mightily and this week will be no different Bengals 24 Rams 6


Green Bay @ Kansas City                  Line Packers -14

Pursuit of perfection goes thru KC this week, KC fired head coach Todd Haley this week one year after getting them to the Playoffs I guess its his fault they had so many injuries hey it’s a win driven league and results are all that matters unfortunately for them they have no shot this week. Look for the Packers to try some different wrinkles defensively and to rest guys by end of 3rd q when game is out of reach Packers 34 Chiefs 10


Cleveland @ Arizona             Line Cardinals -7

Never thought I would see Cards giving 7 this season is Kurt Warner coming out of retirement or something? No In all seriousness the cards have won 6 of 7 and are playing pretty well. Peterson has been fantastic and Skelton has managed the game well. The Browns still play decent D to keep score low but cards will win ? is by how much Cardinals 20 Browns 14


Ny Jets @ Philadelphia                       Line Eagles -3

Mike Vick is back and the Eagles throttled the Dolphins last week what can they do with the Jets? I really like this matchup for Philly they will be able to run the ball and Vick should be able to make enough plays in the passing game. Shonn Greene should have a good game against the Eagles undersized line backing core but I don’t like Plex and holmes against the zone secondary scheme the eagles imploy look for Sanchez to make some mistakes and cost the Jets the game. Eagles 27 Jets 23


Detroit @ Oakland                 Line Raiders -2

Carson Palmer is an absolute turnover machine this year, can you blame him tons of injuries and he was sitting on a couch for the 1st 6 weeks of the season. The Raiders need to find a way to win out to win the division. Detroit going across the country will be a difficult task but they need this game badly as well and I think there is no way they don’t get it done. After a brilliant start where has Megatron been? Guaranteed he takes advantage of a weak Raider secondary. Lions 31 Raiders 20


New England @ Denver                    Line Patriots -5

All the haters are anticipating this game, Tebow’s 1st against a title contender (sorry NY JETS!!) The Patriots should cruise thru this anticipated match up but this is Tebow (GOD) we are talking about so anything is possible Patriots 34 Broncos 14

Baltimore @ San Diego          Line Ravens -3

The Ravens have struggled on the road this year so im weary of them going cross country for a Prime time game against a suddenly Hot Charger team. Ryan Matthew has been really good and I think he has finally got it and should be a quality back in this league going forward. Rivers has cut down on the turnovers and the Chargers are amazingly still alive so they need this one, and I think they get it Chargers 24 Ravens 23


Pittsburgh @ San Francisco                Line 49ers -3

The Steelers have the perfect style of play to deal with the 49ers and I think they would be road favorites if Ben was totally healthy as of right now his status is up in the air. Let me quickly remind you one slip by B-more and the Steelers will be the #1 AFC seed so this game is crucial. San Fran is also Battling for a Bye with N.O so they need it bad as well but I just like Pitts D more. Steelers 17 49ers 16.






I hate to write about the same thing 2 weeks in a row but what the FUCK!!!, what is good enough for the league to accept for a Chris Paul trade. David Stern has to know he is handcuffing the entire New Orleans Organization, who would want to buy this team if they don’t get anyone for Paul, 1st they trade for 3 starters a competent back up PG and a 1st rounder and that’s not good enough then they trade for 3 young guys a starting center and a likely top 3 pick (Minnesota’s 2012 unprotected) and that’s not good enough.

Yes I know the later trade(clippers) is potential worse but if the Hornets are going to be bad why not get 2 top picks and really rebuild, it will be a extremely deep draft because a lot of people stayed in school because of the Labor issues, I mean 2 of the top 3 picks in last years draft stayed(Barnes, Sullinger) and you have a host of others who will be in the Mix. Stern and the League holding Paul ransom is only hurting the Hornets and Dell Demps. Im sure they would like to move on from this situation, Paul IS NOT STAYING NO MATTER WHAT!!!! So what’s the problem?

This isn’t about big market vs small market its about Stern being stubborn and loosing control of his league to the owners. David Stern was hardly ever able to be able pushed around but in the process of the Lockout he was usurped by the owners and now is lost. How can you possibly defend any of these actions how is 7 months of Paul better for the city of N.O then getting pieces back to help rebuilding process.

I can understand if your 1st move post lockout is to try and prevent even more super teams and I can understand if you want to keep Donald Sterling irrelevant but you have to make this stop. Its totally unfair to the league and the players involved for you to be hording Paul. You cant say its not good for Basketball reasons because that’s not true hell either of those trades would have worked for N.O long term and helped them stabilize and attract new ownership and that’s what should matter! Not a vendetta against Paul for being the only star player on the NBPA labor board.

I said it before you can’t control where players go, ultimately it’s their decision. Either its thru free agency or whether the player says you can trade for me but just to be clear I’m not signing an extension with you. That Handcuffs teams into sending players where they want or to a team willing to give up less knowing it would be a rental.

Orlando is in the same position, accept they really think they will be able to keep D12, they wont he is as good as gone and Otis Smith should find the best possible deal right away. Howard came out this week and was honest about wanting to leave, he was hammered in the press then flip-flopped saying “I can stay here if they make changes” Smith has proven over and over again he can not make deals to make his team better he doesn’t have the chips, no one wants Jameer Nelson, or JJ Redick. Hedo Turkolu contract is horrible and they Amnestied Gil, so what pieces do they have? Big Baby Davis? He is not the answer to help Dwight. The Magics scenario is better than N.O because they are an upper echelon team where the Hornets are likely a 7 or 8 seed with Paul one team can keep there player and try and win a title while the other has no shot at a title and needs to start rebuilding now and the Commissioner needs to get out of the way and tell the owners to eat crow, Why wasn’t Dan Gilbert crying when the Hornets traded for Carl Landry and took on salary last year? Because he didn’t care and even if he did you didn’t veto it then and you shouldn’t now.


okay we are 3/4th’s of the way for the season and im 83-72-3 for the year. Love December Football so much on the line for all of the contenders whether it be home field, a bye or just getting into the tournament. Here we go

Indianapolis @ Baltimore                        Line Ravens -16

So what B-more team shows up is really the question, they are capable of throwing up a stinker but i dont see that coming this week at home. I wonder what the odds are of indy losing every game this year A trillion to 1 i should play the # 18 in my lotto picks. Ravens 31 Colts 10

New England @ Washington                           Line Patriots -9

Washington fans are you not entertained!! great play from D-line and Roy Helu could really be an answer now the question is do you want Landry Fields, Matt Barkley or RG3. Patriots 38 Skins 20

New Orleans @ Tennessee                   Line Saints -3

Saints 3 point road favorites boy am i licking my chops, oh wait didnt they get blown out by the Rams on the road? Yup!! No for real Saints will cruise and this is a horrible line but its nice to see CJ2K make an appearance this year he might get 1000 yards in his last 6 games. Saints 31 Titans 20

Kansas City @ NY Jets                               Line Jets -9

Jets need to win out to asure themselves a spot in the dance, If they loose hear Rex might blow a gasket. Chiefs are fighters and will not lay down. Hopefully the Jets can contain Tamba Hali otherwise could be long game for Sanchez. Jets 24 Chiefs 17

Philadelphia @ Miami                Line Dolphins -3

Are the Dolphins the best 4-8 team ever? no probably not but they straight wooped the Raiders. Matt Moore is playing like he wants to stay a starter but i dont think that will happen. Reggie Bush has set a career mark for rushing yards and still has 4 games left guess he was worth the money he got. Eagles what can i say hahahahahahahahaha at least vick is back this week Dolphins 24 Eagles 20

Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville             Line Pick

Its the game of the week (in Florida) but seriously how can you have 3 teams in 1 state and none of them make the Playoffs anyways the Bucs playing jags in a pick game i tend to take the team with more Talent and thats the Bucs, sorry Jacksonville but i have no faith, a faith, a faith. Did i just Date myself? No, no one will get that reference Buccaneers 21 Jaguars 17

Atlanta @ Carolina              Line Falcons -3

Going into this season i considered Matt Ryan to be one of the better qb’s in the league now he is probably the 3rd best in his division. They gave him more weapons, The Falcons have never made the postseason 2 years in a row and this is the week they blow it this year Panthers 21 Falcons 20

Houston @ Cincinnatti             Line Pick

Ok here is where that whole take the team with more talent on a pick game comes off sour when the better team is playing a 3rd stringer on the road. Still love Houstons running game and yates did enough to give me some faith but look out for the Red Rifle, I just love saying/writing that Texans 24 Bengals 17

Minnesota @ Detroit                Line Lions -7

AP is banged up, Ponder might not play, and the Lions are an angry Football team in a must win situation at home. I always felt the Lions were a little bit overated when they won the first 5 but they did it so convincingly, they have lost 5 games to good teams and still have to play Green Bay 1 more time they need this game cause 9-7 aint getting in. Lions 31 Vikings 20

Chicago @ Denver                   Line Broncos -3

So now Elway is a believer well im not, its not Tebows play thats winning these games its a light schedule and the D. With Miller out another week they could be in trouble. I see this as a low scoring affair, The Bears D makes plays and their special team unit making the difference Bears 17 Broncos 10

San Fransisco @ Arizona             Line 49ers -3

3 point line? are you kidding me yes I know the 9ers are on the road but they are much better than 3 points against a week cardinals team. I am impressed with Patrick Peterson in the return game but that doesnt help them when they wont be able to move the ball against a stout 9ers D. Look for Frank to crack 1k this week and the 9ers roll. 49ers 24 Cardinals 13

Oakland @ Green Bay                  Line Packers -13

Green Bay is gearing up for a title run and the Raiders are going backwards, The Raiders are banged up all over the skill positions and have had trouble moving the ball of late. Michael Bush should be able to get some yards this week and the Raiders might be able to hang in there especially if they get a good effort from D line, but the Packs offense is just too much and will pull away late Packers 31 Raiders 17

Buffalo @ San Deigo                 Line Chargers -5

The Bills are a mess and havent one a game in a while the Chargers finally got a complete game under their belts even thou it was against a weak JAX team, still it has to give them some confidence. Where do the Bills go from here they started the Season 5-1 and its been all downhill from there, I dont really see this week changing for them Chargers 31 Bills 24

NY Giants @ Dallas Line Cowboys -3

These 2 squads play each other twice in the last 4 weeks to decide the division. The Giants gave a great effort in a losing cause against Green Bay and maybe it propels them the way it did when losing a close game to the undefeated Patriots 4 years ago. The Cowboys dropped a donut in AZ last week and thats rough knowing the G-Men were playing the Pack that was a must win game now they have to win at home against big blue to really take control of NFC East, This one will be a shoot out and i think the Giants will bounce back G-Men 34 Cowboys 28

St Louis @ Seattle Line Seahawks –4

Seattle is great at home and they have kinda steadyied the ship, it was real nice to see them pound the Eagles and Marshon Lynch has been an absolute Beast. The Rams cant get out of their own way and cant move the ball a lick, it’s a shame because they have a great back in Jackson and if they could keep the box from being stacked he could have a great impact. They better draft Blackmon for OSU with their 1st pick he is exactly what they need Seattle 24 Rams 14


The denial of the Chris Paul trade is ludicrous. Im a Rocket fan and i didn’t like the trade but for the league to veto it based it on not being in the best interest for the Hornets is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s break it down.

Chris Paul is leaving N.O no matter what whether its in a trade or via F.A at end of year, everyone knows this. By making this deal you give the fans of N.O a fresh start no one wants to see them play good get a 7 seed and get bounced in the 1st round and have the cupboards bare next year, it makes no sense and if i was a Hornets fan while I’m not really excited with the trade it does make you better long term.

You are basically getting 61 ppg 20 rbs and 12 assists from 4 guys, If you don’t know who Luis Scola is then you can’t appreciate what he brings to the table he is a BIGZ version of Manu plain and simple he will get you 19 and 10 every night and play a solid team game. Kevin Martin is a pure scorer and one of the most efficient players in the league. he is good for 24 and a couple assists per night, while not consuming the ball for the rest of the team, he is a slasher with a great jumper and good court awareness. The other guard dragic is a very solid bench piece, he is 6’3 with tons of speed and good vision and has been tutored by Steve Nash, hell Dragic is good enough to be back up point on a contender he could even start for N.O in the interim.

Lamar Odom is a legit 7 footer with great ball skills, he is a fantastic all around player who can guard 4 positions and gets his buckets economically. He is a Main cog on 2 title teams i mean come on!!! Plus on top of everything the Hornets would have gotten 2 pics as well.

Look i know CP3 is a great guard one of the best in the league but he also has a history of knee problems as well as other minor injuries, he is a risk for any one who signs him, Yes its a risk but one worth taking. He is a phenomenal talent and N.O should get a lot back from him and they would have if David Stern allowed this to happen.

On the flip side of all of this, how would Paul even fit with the lakers, Kobe loves to have the ball in his hands and the Triangle offense works for him, I have know idea what type of O Mike Brown will Implement but i really don’t see Kobe playing off the ball for the majority of the game. Would Paul be there to walk the ball up the court and hand it to Kobe so he can run ISO plays? i guess if Bynum can develop a solid Jumper they can run Pick n Pops, or if they trade Bynum for Howard then you can have oops galore ala LA Clippers, but i dont see the lakers having the pieces to get Howard. Who would they give up? Metta World Peace? Derrik Caracter and Bynum maybe the Magic want Steve Blake or Derick Fisher and Sasha Vulechic, wait is Sasha still a laker?

We haven’t even goten to Pau Gasol, He doesn’t want to be in Houston but he would make them better. Coach Mchale will want to be a solid defensive team and by trading for Gasol the Rockets would create some CAP room to sign another big say Nene or Deandre Jordan. The Rockets would trot out a starting 5 of Lowery, Courtney Lee, Marcus Morris Patrick Paterson(is a beast watch)and Gasol thats a big line up and pretty formidable.   The Rockets would still have a lot of young guys coming off the bench and available for a trade so it works for them.

The bottom line is that this trade might have been the worst for the Lakers then the other teams involved, and small market owners like Dan Gilbert started crying foul and Stern Vetoed it. Gilbert has no room to complain, he had a star who was playing in his home town and Gilbert continuously surrounded him with bad parts. He could have figured a way to land another star but he didnt he tried Mo Williams, Shaq, and Antoine Jamison. Thats on him, The Rockets are not a big market team and they have no problem with this trade and neither should anyone else.

I know the owners want to preach about how the lockout was about creating some parity in the league, but it really wasn’t. It was about making sure that teams weren’t continuously losing $$$, Revenue sharing should help fix that along with the 50/50 BRI split. Players are gona play where they want and they will take less money to play with their friends. We are now in the era of the super team and its up to good GM’s to build well rounded teams to compete with the teams struggling to find people because they have 75% of the cap tied up in 3 guys.