week 13 picks

This Weeks pics


Tennessee@Buffalo                            Line Bills -3

Not only are the Bills free falling they cant seem to get out of their own way. Titans seem to struggle on the road but it looks like CJ2K is back on track and the o-line is playing better, they need this game to stay in the playoff picture but I think Bills will find away to get it done with Stevie Johnson atoning himself for last week. Bills 24 Titans 20


Indianapolis@New England                Line Patriots -21

Always one of the best games of the year, I cant wait. Oh yeah no Manning but Painter is the real deal so they should have no problem. How funny would it be to see the colts get their 1st win against the Pats, hey any given Sunday right!! NO NOT REALLY!!  Patriots 42 Colts 17


NY Jets @Washington                        Line Jets -3

I think this one will be low scoring and the Jets need to be wary of a trap game. The Jets are not that great and the Skins D will be in the backfield all game long so look for Sanchez to struggle. Im excited for Roy Helu, he should get the majority of the plays in the run game as its time for the skins to really evaluate what they have. I like this as an upset special Redskins 21 Jets 20


Carolina@TampaBay                 Line Bucs -3

The Titans ran all over the Bucs last week and I look for Carolina to try and do the same, Williams and Stewart have picked it up a little plus Newton has ran the ball out of read option set well this year, The Bucs are a mess and it’s a wonder how they have won the 4 games that they have. These two teams seem to be going in opposite directions Panthers 28 Buccaneers 20


Cincinnati@Pittsburgh             Line Steelers -7

The red rifle, Andy Dalton had his squad ready to go when they played at home a couple weeks back and almost got the job done, on the road is another story. The Steelers are playing at a high level and this week and a road game against the 49ers are the only games they have a chance to lose going forward but look what happened in KC last week. The Bengals will be game again but the Steelers come out on top Steelers 24 Bengals 20


Kansas City@Chicago                       Line Bears -7

Caleb Hanie’s 1st start didn’t work out so well throwing 3 picks in the black hole, now he gets a home start against a tough secondary. I have read articles from some pundits calling for Todd Haley’s job he might look like a Bum but he got his team to a division title last year that no one ever saw coming and has battled with a team racked with injuries, he definitely deserves another year. Chiefs will be feisty again, but Bears will find enough points to win Bears 21 Chiefs 17


Atlanta@Houston                   Line Texans -3

Bye Bye Matt Lienart nice to see you for a minute, welcome T.J Yates, Mike Smith should try and run blitz all game long Yates will not be able to do a lot with little preparation. The Texans can run the ball butAtlantacan do everything well Roddy White is finally heating up and I expectAtlantato take this one on the road. Falcons 24 Texans 17


Oakland@Miami                    Line Dolphins -3

Oaklandis due for a slip up and the Phins are hot that’s probably why a 4-7 team is giving points against a 7-4 team. Palmer is settling in nicely and Michael Bush is earning a big payday at end of year. The Dolphins are getting good Production out of the backfield and Matt Moore has played well, but the Raiders are still a better team and need to keep it up to distance them selves from a hot Denver team. Raiders 21 Dolphins 20


Denver@Minnesota                Line Vikings -1

Tebow Mania invadesMinneapolisto take on fellow State ofFlorida QB Christian Ponder. The Denver D has been phenomenal and any one who thought Von Miller shouldn’t have went 2 is crazy. No way shouldDenverlose this game but as soon as they do the Tebow Bashers will be out in full force. Early in the year I was very critical of the way Percy Harvin was being used well not anymore he has been very good last couple weeks but he should be minimized this week. Broncos 20 Vikings 10


Baltimore@Cleveland             Line Ravens -7

The Ravens need to come out and POUND the Browns to many bad road losses have made anyone who considered them a contender cringe. They need to blow the doors offCleveland. I mean come on man!!! A team that’s as good as Baltimore should not be in close games let alone lose the one they have, now the big questions is can they for one more week im a believer Ravens 31 Browns 14


St Louis@San Francisco        Line 49ers – 13

The 49ers have a cake walk schedule going forward other than a home game against the Steelers they should easily win their 4 remaining games with the NFC West the only question is do they cover the 13. This week I think they do 49ers 21 Rams 7


Green Bay@ NY Giants                      Line Packers -4

The Champs role into the Met-olands with a 17 game win streak and the Giants reeling. Its kind of a role reversal of last year with the Giants needing to win out to get in. No Usi and probably will miss Boley and Bradshaw as well. But be ware of the Injured cornered dog, he will fight to the Death. The G-Men are a quality team and have the passing game to give the Pack fits. Is there anything I really need to say about the way the pack are playing, didn’t think so but gut call im taking the points in a shoot out. Packers 38 Giants 35


Dallas@Arizona                     Line Cowboys-7

The Cowboys have won a couple games in a row but they struggled againstWashingtonandMiami, Romo has been horrendous in the Month of December and the ? is will that continue. I don’t really see him having a problem this week. Cowboys 27 Cardinals 17


Detroit@New Orleans                        Line -7

So the sky is falling inDetroitand that should continue this week after starting 5-0 they have lost 4 of 6 and should be 5 of 7 after this week. The Saints blasted NYG last week and Brees is having a record breaking year yardage wise. With Suh’s suspension the Detroit D just gets weaker and the Saints should roll thru Motown Saints 35 Lions 24


San Diego@Jacksonville                     Line Chargers -3

The Chargers have to find away to end the season on a high note, Norv is for sure a goner and good riddens he has been horrible. What happened to Phillip Rivers? What a year to forget and this makes like 20 years in a row the chargers have underachieved, I just cant see them getting better at this point and they definitely need a change of direction. Jags just bouncedDel Rioand that was well deserved as well. Lets see if Gabbard gets lost in the Shuffle and the Jags go QB in a rich draft. Chargers 24 Jaguars 20


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