The denial of the Chris Paul trade is ludicrous. Im a Rocket fan and i didn’t like the trade but for the league to veto it based it on not being in the best interest for the Hornets is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s break it down.

Chris Paul is leaving N.O no matter what whether its in a trade or via F.A at end of year, everyone knows this. By making this deal you give the fans of N.O a fresh start no one wants to see them play good get a 7 seed and get bounced in the 1st round and have the cupboards bare next year, it makes no sense and if i was a Hornets fan while I’m not really excited with the trade it does make you better long term.

You are basically getting 61 ppg 20 rbs and 12 assists from 4 guys, If you don’t know who Luis Scola is then you can’t appreciate what he brings to the table he is a BIGZ version of Manu plain and simple he will get you 19 and 10 every night and play a solid team game. Kevin Martin is a pure scorer and one of the most efficient players in the league. he is good for 24 and a couple assists per night, while not consuming the ball for the rest of the team, he is a slasher with a great jumper and good court awareness. The other guard dragic is a very solid bench piece, he is 6’3 with tons of speed and good vision and has been tutored by Steve Nash, hell Dragic is good enough to be back up point on a contender he could even start for N.O in the interim.

Lamar Odom is a legit 7 footer with great ball skills, he is a fantastic all around player who can guard 4 positions and gets his buckets economically. He is a Main cog on 2 title teams i mean come on!!! Plus on top of everything the Hornets would have gotten 2 pics as well.

Look i know CP3 is a great guard one of the best in the league but he also has a history of knee problems as well as other minor injuries, he is a risk for any one who signs him, Yes its a risk but one worth taking. He is a phenomenal talent and N.O should get a lot back from him and they would have if David Stern allowed this to happen.

On the flip side of all of this, how would Paul even fit with the lakers, Kobe loves to have the ball in his hands and the Triangle offense works for him, I have know idea what type of O Mike Brown will Implement but i really don’t see Kobe playing off the ball for the majority of the game. Would Paul be there to walk the ball up the court and hand it to Kobe so he can run ISO plays? i guess if Bynum can develop a solid Jumper they can run Pick n Pops, or if they trade Bynum for Howard then you can have oops galore ala LA Clippers, but i dont see the lakers having the pieces to get Howard. Who would they give up? Metta World Peace? Derrik Caracter and Bynum maybe the Magic want Steve Blake or Derick Fisher and Sasha Vulechic, wait is Sasha still a laker?

We haven’t even goten to Pau Gasol, He doesn’t want to be in Houston but he would make them better. Coach Mchale will want to be a solid defensive team and by trading for Gasol the Rockets would create some CAP room to sign another big say Nene or Deandre Jordan. The Rockets would trot out a starting 5 of Lowery, Courtney Lee, Marcus Morris Patrick Paterson(is a beast watch)and Gasol thats a big line up and pretty formidable.   The Rockets would still have a lot of young guys coming off the bench and available for a trade so it works for them.

The bottom line is that this trade might have been the worst for the Lakers then the other teams involved, and small market owners like Dan Gilbert started crying foul and Stern Vetoed it. Gilbert has no room to complain, he had a star who was playing in his home town and Gilbert continuously surrounded him with bad parts. He could have figured a way to land another star but he didnt he tried Mo Williams, Shaq, and Antoine Jamison. Thats on him, The Rockets are not a big market team and they have no problem with this trade and neither should anyone else.

I know the owners want to preach about how the lockout was about creating some parity in the league, but it really wasn’t. It was about making sure that teams weren’t continuously losing $$$, Revenue sharing should help fix that along with the 50/50 BRI split. Players are gona play where they want and they will take less money to play with their friends. We are now in the era of the super team and its up to good GM’s to build well rounded teams to compete with the teams struggling to find people because they have 75% of the cap tied up in 3 guys.


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