okay we are 3/4th’s of the way for the season and im 83-72-3 for the year. Love December Football so much on the line for all of the contenders whether it be home field, a bye or just getting into the tournament. Here we go

Indianapolis @ Baltimore                        Line Ravens -16

So what B-more team shows up is really the question, they are capable of throwing up a stinker but i dont see that coming this week at home. I wonder what the odds are of indy losing every game this year A trillion to 1 i should play the # 18 in my lotto picks. Ravens 31 Colts 10

New England @ Washington                           Line Patriots -9

Washington fans are you not entertained!! great play from D-line and Roy Helu could really be an answer now the question is do you want Landry Fields, Matt Barkley or RG3. Patriots 38 Skins 20

New Orleans @ Tennessee                   Line Saints -3

Saints 3 point road favorites boy am i licking my chops, oh wait didnt they get blown out by the Rams on the road? Yup!! No for real Saints will cruise and this is a horrible line but its nice to see CJ2K make an appearance this year he might get 1000 yards in his last 6 games. Saints 31 Titans 20

Kansas City @ NY Jets                               Line Jets -9

Jets need to win out to asure themselves a spot in the dance, If they loose hear Rex might blow a gasket. Chiefs are fighters and will not lay down. Hopefully the Jets can contain Tamba Hali otherwise could be long game for Sanchez. Jets 24 Chiefs 17

Philadelphia @ Miami                Line Dolphins -3

Are the Dolphins the best 4-8 team ever? no probably not but they straight wooped the Raiders. Matt Moore is playing like he wants to stay a starter but i dont think that will happen. Reggie Bush has set a career mark for rushing yards and still has 4 games left guess he was worth the money he got. Eagles what can i say hahahahahahahahaha at least vick is back this week Dolphins 24 Eagles 20

Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville             Line Pick

Its the game of the week (in Florida) but seriously how can you have 3 teams in 1 state and none of them make the Playoffs anyways the Bucs playing jags in a pick game i tend to take the team with more Talent and thats the Bucs, sorry Jacksonville but i have no faith, a faith, a faith. Did i just Date myself? No, no one will get that reference Buccaneers 21 Jaguars 17

Atlanta @ Carolina              Line Falcons -3

Going into this season i considered Matt Ryan to be one of the better qb’s in the league now he is probably the 3rd best in his division. They gave him more weapons, The Falcons have never made the postseason 2 years in a row and this is the week they blow it this year Panthers 21 Falcons 20

Houston @ Cincinnatti             Line Pick

Ok here is where that whole take the team with more talent on a pick game comes off sour when the better team is playing a 3rd stringer on the road. Still love Houstons running game and yates did enough to give me some faith but look out for the Red Rifle, I just love saying/writing that Texans 24 Bengals 17

Minnesota @ Detroit                Line Lions -7

AP is banged up, Ponder might not play, and the Lions are an angry Football team in a must win situation at home. I always felt the Lions were a little bit overated when they won the first 5 but they did it so convincingly, they have lost 5 games to good teams and still have to play Green Bay 1 more time they need this game cause 9-7 aint getting in. Lions 31 Vikings 20

Chicago @ Denver                   Line Broncos -3

So now Elway is a believer well im not, its not Tebows play thats winning these games its a light schedule and the D. With Miller out another week they could be in trouble. I see this as a low scoring affair, The Bears D makes plays and their special team unit making the difference Bears 17 Broncos 10

San Fransisco @ Arizona             Line 49ers -3

3 point line? are you kidding me yes I know the 9ers are on the road but they are much better than 3 points against a week cardinals team. I am impressed with Patrick Peterson in the return game but that doesnt help them when they wont be able to move the ball against a stout 9ers D. Look for Frank to crack 1k this week and the 9ers roll. 49ers 24 Cardinals 13

Oakland @ Green Bay                  Line Packers -13

Green Bay is gearing up for a title run and the Raiders are going backwards, The Raiders are banged up all over the skill positions and have had trouble moving the ball of late. Michael Bush should be able to get some yards this week and the Raiders might be able to hang in there especially if they get a good effort from D line, but the Packs offense is just too much and will pull away late Packers 31 Raiders 17

Buffalo @ San Deigo                 Line Chargers -5

The Bills are a mess and havent one a game in a while the Chargers finally got a complete game under their belts even thou it was against a weak JAX team, still it has to give them some confidence. Where do the Bills go from here they started the Season 5-1 and its been all downhill from there, I dont really see this week changing for them Chargers 31 Bills 24

NY Giants @ Dallas Line Cowboys -3

These 2 squads play each other twice in the last 4 weeks to decide the division. The Giants gave a great effort in a losing cause against Green Bay and maybe it propels them the way it did when losing a close game to the undefeated Patriots 4 years ago. The Cowboys dropped a donut in AZ last week and thats rough knowing the G-Men were playing the Pack that was a must win game now they have to win at home against big blue to really take control of NFC East, This one will be a shoot out and i think the Giants will bounce back G-Men 34 Cowboys 28

St Louis @ Seattle Line Seahawks –4

Seattle is great at home and they have kinda steadyied the ship, it was real nice to see them pound the Eagles and Marshon Lynch has been an absolute Beast. The Rams cant get out of their own way and cant move the ball a lick, it’s a shame because they have a great back in Jackson and if they could keep the box from being stacked he could have a great impact. They better draft Blackmon for OSU with their 1st pick he is exactly what they need Seattle 24 Rams 14


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