Week 16 pics

8-7 last week overall 97-86-4


Cleveland @ Baltimore                      Line Ravens -14

So who is wacko for Flacco now? The man plain stinks and the fact Cam Cameron continues to run the offense thru the passing game is absurd! The formula for winning in December and January has always been the same RUN and play great D that fits the Ravens to the T, hopefully their OC and QB realize this, I know Rey Lewis does.

Ravens 27 Browns 10


Giants @ Jets              Line Jets -3

So basically a playoff game for both of these teams, who ever wins will control their own destiny going forward. Anything can happen in this one, can G-men create pressure, Will Eli get hot or will the Jets smash the ball down their throats. Can Sanchez protect the football, will Plex play big. So many questions but this one will be a nail bitter. I’ll take the Giants D line and Eli over Sanchez and the Jet secondary Giants 30 Jets 28


Denver @ Buffalo                  Line Broncos -3

Win and your in for Denver, at the beginning of the season I think I picked the Broncos to be one of the worst teams in the AFC, ditto for KC last year what is it with AFC west teams being shockingly surprising? Tebow should have no problem against the free falling Bills, after a great start the Bills have floundered where do they go from here.

Broncos 20 Bills 14


Minnesota @ Washington                  Line Redskins -6

So with Indy winning last week the Vikings are in play for the 1st overall pic, now they Took Ponder in 1st round last year, do they really like him or is Luck a cant miss option that you have to pull the trigger on…..The Skins will be looking QB too and will hope that RG3 drops to them, but winning this game is a losing situation for both of these teams. Vikings 20 Skins 17


Tampa Bay @ Carolina           Line Panthers -7

Im not picking the Bucs again this year, I just cant get them right so no matter what I say I will not pick this game correct its impossible, so might as well go with it. Cam Newton will have greatest single game ever with 100+ rush 300+ pass 2 rush td and 4 pass tds, he will also play D make a pick and get a sack…..Why Not!!! Panthers 132 Bucs 89


Jacksonville @ Tennessee       Line Titans -7

So if your in a keeper league and you get to keep 1 guy and you have CJ to you keep him and hope this year was a fluke? Other options Eli, Romo, Gore, Jimmy Graham I think this a no win situation but I guess it just bites my ass that I would have to keep Johnson after getting Burned by him this year…Fuck Jacksonville Sucks Titans play down to competition so Jags 20 Titans 17


St Louis @ Pittsburgh                                    Line Steelers -14

If Ben isn’t healthy you aint winning in playoffs no matter what seed you are, Youre the defending AFC champs if you cant beat St.Louis with your backups you have issues sit Ben and take a shot with Batch Steelers 24 Rams 7


Arizona @ Cincinnati             Line Bengals -5

The Cards are rolling behind Patrick Peterson and John Skelton and they keep it up this week knocking off the Bengals. I’m really happy for Cincy they are an up and coming team and had a very nice season but it ends this week with loss to AZ. Cards 20 Bengals 17


Oakland @ Kansas City                     Line Chiefs -1

It was good to see KC beat Green Bay last week they have had a rough year with injuries and are playing with some Pride, The Raiders have also had a bad year with Injuries, turnovers, Penalties, death of owner ect, ect after the way the raiders started this season you would have to agree that last weeks loss to Detroit is a microcosm of their season hot early, fall apart late. You cant be successful if you cant be disciplined in Football the penalties and turnovers are comical at this point. Chiefs 21 Raiders 17


Miami @ New England                      Line Patriots -11

Upset Special? No don’t think so Miami has shown some life and Reggie Bush is showing he can be an every down back, but they arnt going into New England and winning wont happen. Brady will carve them up and the Pats will look to establish a run game to get ready for the Division round. Pats 31 Dolphins 17


San Francisco @ Seattle                     Line 49ers -3

Seattle is straight beasting Marshawn Lynch should get some votes for MVP. The Hawks always play great at home but SF still hasn’t allowed a rushing TD this year, Willis might get more rest as they are preparing for playoffs but even if he plays the Hawks are a buzz saw right now Lynch gets that 1st rushing TD against SF. Seahawks 20 49ers 14


San Diego @ Detroit              Line Lions -2

May be the game of the week, both these teams need this game bad. The Chargers have to win out and hope Buffalo can beat Denver and the Lions want to avoid having a must win game against Green Bay the last week of the season. The lions just need 1 win to clinch a spot but it won’t be easy. The Chargers have really picked it up and look like they are who I thought they were, too little to late the Lions are hungry and know in the back of their mind they don’t want to have to win in Lambeau next week to get in. Lions 30 Chargers 24


Philadelphia @ Dallas             Line Cowboys -3

The dream team travels to Jerry world and they are still alive. Ill break it down Eagles beat dallas, giants lose to jets then philly beats Washington and the Giants beat Dallas and the Eagles are getting a home playoff game against Atlanta….wow after such a shitty season they can still get in absolutely crazy. Guess what Henry misses a game winning kick at the Gun and the dream is crushed Dallas 21- Eagles 20


Chicago @ Green Bay                        Line Packers -13

The Packers o-line is in shambles a lot of guys should rest but for me this is a nightmare situation. We still need to win 1 game to control home field, but we have every one playing the day before so they should know by game time where they stand if SF loses look for Rodgers not to play a lot with o-line breaking down and Peppers and Briggs bearing down on him all day long. Mckown is starting for 1st time since 2007 but the bears are without Knox and Forte they still won’t be able to move the ball. Packers 20 Bears 10


Atlanta @ New Orleans                     Line Saints -7

Atlanta is finally getting to realize the offense they pictured when they traded up to grab Julio Jones, They are on a roll and will want to take it to the Saints to show them they can play with them, they could meet up in playoffs but would have to be in conf champ game. Breeze could break marino’s yardage record this week he is less than 350 away so should be very entertaining. I got the Saints…….Saints 34 Falcons 24





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