So I have not been able to write anything for a while but that’s ok because no one really reads this shit anyways. Alas more Rings have been won this time by the NY Football Giants. Congrats you are world champions.

So Eli is really the story here he won his second Ring in his big brothers house (old House if you prefer) This basically opens the debate to who the better Manning is one has 1 ring 4 MVP’s and a SB MVP the other has 2 rings and 2 SB MVP’s. Peyton is obviously the better talent but on too many occasions has come up small in the end of year Tournament.

Remember at the beginning of the year when Eli did his best to try and convince the NY Media he was an elite QB, well he did a hell of a job he led all qb’s in 4th quarter TD’s and QB Rating and even thou the G-Men underachieved it was not really his fault. The Giants were 7-7 and people were talking about going after Coughlins head oh how quickly things change.

For a 2nd straight year a team fighting for their playoff lives till the last day of the season put together a run to take home the crown. They had to beat the 3 of the best teams record wise in the NFL to do it. Color me impressed!!

The game winning drive was absolutely fantastic; Manning hitting Manningham down the sideline was eerily similar to the David Tyree grab 4 years prior and really set them up. I totally agree with Bradshaw scoring even if it gave Brady another chance NEVER I repeat NEVER trust the kicker anything can happen take the points, I mean its not like Brady was lighting it up all game so take your chances.

As for the Pats they played solid on D and had every chance to win that game, Brady made a quality throw to Welker on that second to last drive that would have put the game away Welker should have had it but he didn’t and that unfortunately was the difference. The Pats made some mistakes like the too many men call that overturned a turnover, and the Giants caught some breaks like when Bradshaw fumbled and the Welker drop, What can you do that’s Football.

Eli and Coach Coughlin deserve a ton of credit and will be hero’s in NYC for a long time to come, Congrats and this concludes another Fantastic year in the NFL.

 Soon I will post a 2 rnd Mock Draft and I will rank the available FA’s after the Franchise window has closed stay tuned.


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