Jeremy Lin is the new sensation that has every one in NYC/USA going crazy, OK I understand the young man is playing great and has the Knicks doing something the Melo/Amare combo couldn’t win.


Lin has led the Knicks to 6 straight wins and averaged 26.8 and 8.5 assists, that’s a far cry from what he was thought to be capable of when he was cut by both Houston and Golden State earlier this year.


He is turning the ball over at an alarming 5/p rate but that’s ok in the up tempo Dantoni system that the Knick run. The D has helped as well the Knicks had been allowing 96ppg and in the last 6 games they are only giving up 90ppg.


When Melo comes back in a couple days it will be very interesting how Knicks run their offense. Melo is always better off the ball, He can knock down jumpers and cuts to the rim with ease. If the offense runs thru Lin then he can distribute and drive the lane when needed. His shots and points are destined to drop but that’s ok if he continues to facilitate for others.


Lin is definitely intriguing, he has parallels to other out of nowhere phenomenons, but the question is, is he the next Kurt Warner/Albert Pujols? Or is he Mark Fydrich/Hideo Nomo? We don’t know. Time will tell.


While it is a small sample size you don’t usually see people slide into the starting line up from the end of the bench and start lighting it up, Lin is hitting game winning shots and energizing a team. He has been fantastic.


I don’t want to hear that the only reason he is receiving all kinds of hype is because he plays in the biggest market in the U.S. If he was playing in Milwaukee and came in and played like this and got the Bucks into playoff contention people would still be talking about him. People don’t become stars on the court coming from Harvard, People don’t get cut by two teams in one year and then start dropping 27per.


He deserves the Hype like it or not the question is will it continue


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