So with spring training under way I just wanted to wax poetic on hope and the general excitement baseball can bring its fans. In spring everyone is in 1st place, everyone is optimistic of what their team can do, some more than others but baseball is the ultimate what if game.


No matter how shaky your rotation is, or if you think you have issues in the pen, you can still be optimistic your team will be able to perform. Every year prospects step up, guys work hard and take the next step, anything is still possible. Maybe you have the next Albert Puljols coming up; maybe that player you just signed might be Jason Bay.


I try to have an unbiased opinion and I know baseball, but my love of the New York Mets prohibits that some times. If you believe the Pundits, the Mets are a 5th place team this year, they have lowered the payroll by over 50 million in the last two years. They have an owner being sued for like a billion dollars.


The Phillies bost one of the best rotations in baseball, and added Paplebon to upgrade the back end of the Pen, but they always have injuries and this year should be no different.


Atlanta has a great young core and veteran leadership and will be good again, they also have a ton of prospects ready to make the jump to the Bigs to help if needed.


Miami changed their name, their stadium and upgraded the roster and switched skippers, Hanley moves to third and should have a bounce back year if he doesn’t sulk, Reyes needs to stay healty, but adding Behrle and Zambrano to Johnson, Nalasco and Sanchez makes a quality rotation, they have Heath Bell too so him and leo nunez makes a solid pen, but they have no depth and if any everyday player goes down they will suffer.


Washington gets a full year out of Strausburg even thou they limit his innings, Super stud Bryce Harper should be up soon maybe ever break camp with the big guys, getting Gio Gonzalez really helps the rotation and Ian Desmond keeps getting better, The Nats won 80 games last year and may continue to improve.


That gets me to my beloved Mets, look everyone is down but they should play out the string the Mets showed last year they have some grit. Terry Collins has instilled his values on this very young team, and even thou lesser known than others we could have a terrific line up. Bay improved towards the end of the year and could have a big year, David Wright is dedicated and past the beaning incident, Lucas Duda and Ike Davis are monsters and Daniel Murphy can easily hit .315 with 15 hrs. Ruben Tejada is a 20 yr old defensive genious that has had success in the big leagues at the plate.


The last 6 years have been brutal and the Mets are due for something good, they may not win 100 games but I can see them winning 85-90 and being in contention. This team has been ravaged by injuries in the last couple years and I have a feeling that this year will be fun. Duda and Davis are going to be stars and David Wright is going to have a fantastic year. Pelfry will bounce back Dicky and Gee will be steady and Niese will break out.


There are a couple major league ready prospects ready to help out only time will tell how good the Mets can be


Here are my lineup and Projections


Cf- Tores- 400 ab’s .280/avg .320 obp 20 steals

2b- Murphy .315 .800 ops 16 hrs 80 rbi

3b Wright .305 29 hrs 117 rbi

1b- Davis. .299 32 hrs 115 rbi

RF Bay .280 23 hr 90 rbi

LF Duda .290 25 hr 93 rbi

C- Thole .265 30 xbh

ss- Tejada ..270 20 steals



Santana 140 innings sub 3 ERA

Dicky sub 3.5 era

Pelfry 200 innings sub 4 era

Niese 200 innings sub 4 era

Gee- 13-10

 A lot needs to happen but it’s definitely possible.




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