bounty gate

The whole bounty scandal thing is not shocking, bounty’s and players paying each other has been happening for ages. Greg Williams and the Saints are going to be punished because Roger want to protect the sanctity of the shield. It sucks for them because they got caught, some one snitched them out. There are unwritten laws for the locker room and by divulging this information to the league those laws were violated.

I don’t want to here about the beating Brett Favre took in the 2009 NFC championship game. Every time any qb in the NFL drops back to throw a pass he has eleven guys ready to rip his head off. To say oh I can see a point where the saints or Redskins or any other team Williams has coached were trying to hurt someone is ridiculous. Football is a violent game and hitting people hard is what causes fumbles and turnovers so it’s the defenders job to play like that.

In Goodell’s new NFL he is trying to limit the violence and that should be applauded its always sad when you here about some old timer (50’s for NFL PLAYERS) that cant move around because of all the trama his body took when he was playing. Look Football players know what they sign up for its part of their life and it’s the price they pay for the chance to live like kings and support their families. Goodell has instituted policies that limit hits to the head and harming players in defensless positions and it will help going forward.

What player safety is really about is greed, by moving the kick off up and instituting all the penalties and fines that come with big hits the NFL is making the games safer to the players so they can extend the league to an 18 game season which equals more money for the owners. The NFL is already the most lucrative sport in the US maybe the world and the TV deals coming up will just make it richer. We are moving towards having games 4 days per week and every team will be in a primetime game.

So the Saints got caught up in bounty gate when it really shouldn’t matter. The punishment will be harsh but it wont stop this from continuing to happen. Sean Peyton was aware of it but didn’t do anything why should he? Its probably been around in every locker room he has ever been in. the cart off part is definitely harsh but guys get paid to make plays and them betting each other on who will make the most or the biggest will always be part of the game.


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