where u cant smell the rose

So with just over a minute left in the 1st game of the Chicago-Philly 1st round series the NBA and all its fans were dealt a huge blow. Super-star and reigning NBA MVP derrick Rose blew out his ACL and will miss the rest of the playoffs. This is huge, Chicago is a really good team but when Rose is healthy they are a great team and could have won it all. As a fan we miss out on what could be a couple classic series with Chicago vs Boston and then Miami and then Possibly OKC/Spurs/Lakers, and that sucks plain and simple.

Losing rose hurts the NBA and the city of Chicago and i feel bad. what i dont want but will be discussed to no end is to hear about why he was in the game, its the playoffs and anything can happen, a 10 point lead while secure still could be blown. the other thing is people want to start blaming injuries on the condensed schedule, thats bullshit, Rose missed 27 games and has been nicked up all year it was a freak injury that happens all the time in the NBA, has nothing to do with the schedule.

The Bulls were 18-9 with out Rose, they are well coached and play great D so not all is lost they can still make a run but taking the crown is now highly unlikely. Deng Noah and boozer will need to step up, Lucas played really well in roses abscense so i can see them making it a series with the Celts if they get passed the Hawks.

The Rose injury is actually great for the celtics and bad for the Heat, The Celtics give the heat headaches with their play in the paint and they could actually beat the heat so the C’s have an opening to the eastern conference finals now can they beat the Heat 4x it will be hard but they can.

As for the Heat they stomped the Knicks, they forced a ton of turnovers and got to the line with ease, the game was over by the half with Lebron taking over in the last 5 minutes of the 1st half. The Knicks lost Iman Shumpert which is huge he is only a rookie but he is their best defender on the perimiter and in iso situations so that is going to hurt, i thought they could push the Heat to 6 but losing Shumpert will probably derail that thought as D-Wade now will have to work less to get his buckets. No way Melo shoots that poorly again but Lebron is on a mission, i cant see him choking in the 1st round.

The Thunder got pushed to the brink last night by the Champs but found a way to win, people tend to forget Durant is only 23 but he keeps getting better and this team is going to be good for a real long time. Its refreshing to see a superstar like him, he carries himself the right way and is a humble guy who is always giving credit for his team mates, Durant may have hit the game winner but the plays that stood out for me were a westbrook steal where he had a clear dunk but gave it up for Durant, who was struggling from the field, that got him going. the other was the 3 at half buzzer for Ibaka, with out that this was a different game. The Mavericks are a veteran team and will be  a tough out but the Thunder should handle them and winning a game when they didnt play their best is a good start.

I said in a previous post the Magic could still out of the 1st round with out dwight i dont think its likley but they showed us how it could happen with a gritty road win last night, J richardson hit a go ahead 3 late and the Pacers turned it over a couple times, this will be a long tight series.


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