And the 2nd round begins

Ok so we have concluded the 1st round of the NBA playoffs, no real surprises, Philly got by a banged up Bulls squad but with all the injuries, that was the most likely scenario.

The Lakers got pushed but that was more due to lack of effort from Bynum and Gasol, Kobe calling them out was absolutely the right thing to do. L.A gets OKC next and they will be an underdog and cant afford to give away games due to lack of effort. If they go down 0-2 on the road thing could get ugly real quick. Bynum just has surly demeanor at time and still doesn’t seem to get it, make no mistake the man can play but I just don’t see a consistent passion for the game and that bothers me. I think OKC should have no trouble advancing but I think Kobe and co can get at least 2 games. The Metta World Peace- James Hardin aspect of this series will be fun.

San Antonio gets the most rest and then a banged up Clippers team that was pushed to the brink by Memphis, I thought going in that Memphis had an advantage with their size but it was the Clippers quickness and Memphis lack of 3 point shooting that was the difference. Spurs are a different story, they are deep and rested and have 3 HOF’s along with a HOF coach all ready to go. It would shock me if this series goes deep, I think Chris Paul and Toney Parker is a great matchup but the Spurs are too good defensively and have too many options in the half court game for the Clippers to stop.

The Heat won the 1st game of their series with Indiana, but I think the Pacers showed why they are for real, not a lot of people are familiar with these Pacers, but I like them a lot. I said in previous post that they will be a tough out, they are long and athletic and get good production from the bench. Lebron won his 3rd MVP then dominated the 4th Q in game one, Bosh is out for now so the Heat will need James and Wade to play the way they can to control this series, the Pacers are not gona continue to get 1-11 from their stud Danny Granger so I can see them winning at least 2 games and possibly pushing the Heat to 7, The Heat are good but they will struggle to rebound in this series and will need more production from Miller, Battier, Haslem and Turiaf.

The Celtics get the good fortune of the D Rose injury and take on Philly and as game 1 showed this will probably be a real ugly series. Pierce has a bulky knee and Allen is still working into shape and while the C’s should handle Philly relatively easy they will need to find ways to keep KG off the floor. If Garnett continues to play 35+ minutes every game and this series has any length, he might be spent when it comes time to play the Heat. Then again the way the big men on the boston bench have played I don’t see how you could rest KG unless they build some big leads we will see.


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