The BCS is dead well kind of, after the completion of the 2014 college football season the current BCS contract will have run its course and a new playoff model will be put in place. This is what the college football world needs. For too long we have been waiting on computers and college coaches with agendas to determine who gets a chance to play for the title. A playoff system is only fair.

As constituted right now, the 4 conference champs rated highest in the polls will play head to head with the two highest ranking teams playing home games and the a neutral site NC game to be played somewhere around New Years day. What isn’t determined is if its all conferences or just BCS conferences, I don’t really know if that matters because all the small programs that have been top 5 teams in the last 10 years have basically moved to BCS conferences or will have by the end of the current BCS contract.

This will make for fantastic football mid December in stead of meaningless bowl games. Yes there will still be like 100 bowl games but there are only 3 games that really matter. This year would have pitted Wisconsin @ LSU and Oregon at Oklahoma State, could you imagine? But what does this scenario leave out? Oh yea are eventual national champion Alabama. Whatever I don’t care two teams that play in the same conference should not play for the title, Bama had a chance to win its conference and blew it by missing field goals.

The onus should be put on winning a conference championship to get to a playoff if you don’t win you go to a minor bowl game plain and simple. Conferences continue to get deeper and tougher to win, and I can envision teams winning conferences with 2 losses and still making the playoffs. That’s where the rankings still come into play. If Uconn wins the big east at 8-4 and Nebraska wins the Big 10 at 8-4 but the big ten is a tougher conference they will be higher in the polls and go in over Uconn. That makes sense. It will definitely be tough for a Big East team to make it to the playoffs unless they go undefeated. The conference is that weak.

All this being said one change you may see is more teams lowering their strength of schedule, why play more tough games if all you need to do is win your conference, why would LSU schedule Oregon when they already play a tough SEC schedule and no matter what if they win SEC title game they will be in the playoffs.

This also lets us knock off pretenders as well we have seen every year that teams from outside the SEC usually are over matched when they play in the NC game now those teams will have to play a really tough opponent to even get in the game and with the conference championship games in the Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 16, SEC and ACC you will now have to play 2 tough games to get to that point so for all intensive purposes its really a ten team playoff. Unless of course there is an upset, like say this year because of USC’s probation a 6-6 UCLA team got to play Oregon for the pac 16 title and if they had won some how they would have been left out of the playoffs, hell if UCLA beat Oregon the Ducks couldn’t even argue that they deserved to be in the playoffs anyways.

I really love it, conference championship games carry so much more meaning now and that 4 team playoff that follows will for sure be some excellent football. I mean could you imagine the game between the Cowboys and Ducks this year it would have been like 92-87 lol, but OSU would have gotten an opportunity to try that offense out against a stout SEC defense. Coaches are probably going to hate this because now you have to win 3 more games to win the NC but no one will be able to say it wasn’t earned or someone shouldn’t have been there and that’s what we want that’s what we need.


2015 cant come soon enough.



 I’m all about the rings so its time to give props to our newest Champs congrats to the 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide redeemed an earlier loss to the LSU Tigers by making the Kicks they missed back in November. The Tide rolled with strong D and efficient offense to a 21-0 win that was well YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alabama is a great team and they showed that last night. They probably should have beat LSU earlier this year but missed 4 kicks and lost by 3. They play terrific D, have a Stud RB and an offense that is efficient. They are an excellent coached football team on all levels. Nick Saban deserves a lot of credit for the way they play. I got a good chuckle when he went ballistic on a offside call with 5 min left up 21, it was Bama’s 1st penalty of the game and it shows how much of a perfectionist he is. Game is in hand you completed your goal and you still get pissed about 5 yards love it.


Les Miles LSU Tigers went thru a murderer’s row of a schedule unscathed only to get a rematch with a team they had already beaten once. They played 9 ranked teams, their out of conference schedule pitted them against 2 BCS bowl game winners 1(Oregon) on neutral site, the other (WV) on the road. They finished the season with Wins over 4 of the 5 BCS bowl game winners, Oregon, Arkansas, West Virginia and Alabama. It all went for not after getting shut out last night.


Alabama held LSU to 92 total yards, IN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! Bama’s D definitely deserves credit but Jordan Jefferson and Les Miles deserve some blame as well. Saying Jefferson was atrocious is an understatement. It’s a gross miscarriage of justice. Miles had run 2 qb’s all season long but decided to go with the more athletic of the two. Adjustments are a big part of Football and great coaches make the necessary adjustments to win, Miles didn’t do that. In the 1st half the Tiger’s yardage was 6, 0, 17, -22 and 7 for a grand total of 8 yards. Now what do you do at half, make adjustments. Try something else. I mean WTF give Lee a shot.


Look I love college football and I don’t want to take anything away from Alabama, but the NC game should be the best game of the year and it seems like every game has been a yawn fest since the USC VS Texas game. Something must be done. I don’t really care about a playoff system, yes it would be nice but im not a proponent of it but it would give use more meaningful exciting games. Could you imagine if the OSU Stanford game had more meaning? Or make a rule 2 teams from the same conference can’t play in the title game. Or conferences can make a rule that no matter who wins what division the top 2 teams in BCS poll play for conference championship and the right to play for the national title.


Kids need time to study, 95% of collegiate athletes don’t end up playing professionally so school is important. Playoffs would make the season longer and likely take place during Finals and the longer season would be more taxing for the kids.

I’m getting off topic this is a post about the Champs so congrats again for the 2nd time in three years the Alabama Crimson Tide are our National Champs. For Nick Saban it’s his 3rd BCS title and the way he coaches he could be in line for a couple more.