So with spring training under way I just wanted to wax poetic on hope and the general excitement baseball can bring its fans. In spring everyone is in 1st place, everyone is optimistic of what their team can do, some more than others but baseball is the ultimate what if game.


No matter how shaky your rotation is, or if you think you have issues in the pen, you can still be optimistic your team will be able to perform. Every year prospects step up, guys work hard and take the next step, anything is still possible. Maybe you have the next Albert Puljols coming up; maybe that player you just signed might be Jason Bay.


I try to have an unbiased opinion and I know baseball, but my love of the New York Mets prohibits that some times. If you believe the Pundits, the Mets are a 5th place team this year, they have lowered the payroll by over 50 million in the last two years. They have an owner being sued for like a billion dollars.


The Phillies bost one of the best rotations in baseball, and added Paplebon to upgrade the back end of the Pen, but they always have injuries and this year should be no different.


Atlanta has a great young core and veteran leadership and will be good again, they also have a ton of prospects ready to make the jump to the Bigs to help if needed.


Miami changed their name, their stadium and upgraded the roster and switched skippers, Hanley moves to third and should have a bounce back year if he doesn’t sulk, Reyes needs to stay healty, but adding Behrle and Zambrano to Johnson, Nalasco and Sanchez makes a quality rotation, they have Heath Bell too so him and leo nunez makes a solid pen, but they have no depth and if any everyday player goes down they will suffer.


Washington gets a full year out of Strausburg even thou they limit his innings, Super stud Bryce Harper should be up soon maybe ever break camp with the big guys, getting Gio Gonzalez really helps the rotation and Ian Desmond keeps getting better, The Nats won 80 games last year and may continue to improve.


That gets me to my beloved Mets, look everyone is down but they should play out the string the Mets showed last year they have some grit. Terry Collins has instilled his values on this very young team, and even thou lesser known than others we could have a terrific line up. Bay improved towards the end of the year and could have a big year, David Wright is dedicated and past the beaning incident, Lucas Duda and Ike Davis are monsters and Daniel Murphy can easily hit .315 with 15 hrs. Ruben Tejada is a 20 yr old defensive genious that has had success in the big leagues at the plate.


The last 6 years have been brutal and the Mets are due for something good, they may not win 100 games but I can see them winning 85-90 and being in contention. This team has been ravaged by injuries in the last couple years and I have a feeling that this year will be fun. Duda and Davis are going to be stars and David Wright is going to have a fantastic year. Pelfry will bounce back Dicky and Gee will be steady and Niese will break out.


There are a couple major league ready prospects ready to help out only time will tell how good the Mets can be


Here are my lineup and Projections


Cf- Tores- 400 ab’s .280/avg .320 obp 20 steals

2b- Murphy .315 .800 ops 16 hrs 80 rbi

3b Wright .305 29 hrs 117 rbi

1b- Davis. .299 32 hrs 115 rbi

RF Bay .280 23 hr 90 rbi

LF Duda .290 25 hr 93 rbi

C- Thole .265 30 xbh

ss- Tejada ..270 20 steals



Santana 140 innings sub 3 ERA

Dicky sub 3.5 era

Pelfry 200 innings sub 4 era

Niese 200 innings sub 4 era

Gee- 13-10

 A lot needs to happen but it’s definitely possible.








Jeremy Lin is the new sensation that has every one in NYC/USA going crazy, OK I understand the young man is playing great and has the Knicks doing something the Melo/Amare combo couldn’t win.


Lin has led the Knicks to 6 straight wins and averaged 26.8 and 8.5 assists, that’s a far cry from what he was thought to be capable of when he was cut by both Houston and Golden State earlier this year.


He is turning the ball over at an alarming 5/p rate but that’s ok in the up tempo Dantoni system that the Knick run. The D has helped as well the Knicks had been allowing 96ppg and in the last 6 games they are only giving up 90ppg.


When Melo comes back in a couple days it will be very interesting how Knicks run their offense. Melo is always better off the ball, He can knock down jumpers and cuts to the rim with ease. If the offense runs thru Lin then he can distribute and drive the lane when needed. His shots and points are destined to drop but that’s ok if he continues to facilitate for others.


Lin is definitely intriguing, he has parallels to other out of nowhere phenomenons, but the question is, is he the next Kurt Warner/Albert Pujols? Or is he Mark Fydrich/Hideo Nomo? We don’t know. Time will tell.


While it is a small sample size you don’t usually see people slide into the starting line up from the end of the bench and start lighting it up, Lin is hitting game winning shots and energizing a team. He has been fantastic.


I don’t want to hear that the only reason he is receiving all kinds of hype is because he plays in the biggest market in the U.S. If he was playing in Milwaukee and came in and played like this and got the Bucks into playoff contention people would still be talking about him. People don’t become stars on the court coming from Harvard, People don’t get cut by two teams in one year and then start dropping 27per.


He deserves the Hype like it or not the question is will it continue


So I have not been able to write anything for a while but that’s ok because no one really reads this shit anyways. Alas more Rings have been won this time by the NY Football Giants. Congrats you are world champions.

So Eli is really the story here he won his second Ring in his big brothers house (old House if you prefer) This basically opens the debate to who the better Manning is one has 1 ring 4 MVP’s and a SB MVP the other has 2 rings and 2 SB MVP’s. Peyton is obviously the better talent but on too many occasions has come up small in the end of year Tournament.

Remember at the beginning of the year when Eli did his best to try and convince the NY Media he was an elite QB, well he did a hell of a job he led all qb’s in 4th quarter TD’s and QB Rating and even thou the G-Men underachieved it was not really his fault. The Giants were 7-7 and people were talking about going after Coughlins head oh how quickly things change.

For a 2nd straight year a team fighting for their playoff lives till the last day of the season put together a run to take home the crown. They had to beat the 3 of the best teams record wise in the NFL to do it. Color me impressed!!

The game winning drive was absolutely fantastic; Manning hitting Manningham down the sideline was eerily similar to the David Tyree grab 4 years prior and really set them up. I totally agree with Bradshaw scoring even if it gave Brady another chance NEVER I repeat NEVER trust the kicker anything can happen take the points, I mean its not like Brady was lighting it up all game so take your chances.

As for the Pats they played solid on D and had every chance to win that game, Brady made a quality throw to Welker on that second to last drive that would have put the game away Welker should have had it but he didn’t and that unfortunately was the difference. The Pats made some mistakes like the too many men call that overturned a turnover, and the Giants caught some breaks like when Bradshaw fumbled and the Welker drop, What can you do that’s Football.

Eli and Coach Coughlin deserve a ton of credit and will be hero’s in NYC for a long time to come, Congrats and this concludes another Fantastic year in the NFL.

 Soon I will post a 2 rnd Mock Draft and I will rank the available FA’s after the Franchise window has closed stay tuned.


 I’m all about the rings so its time to give props to our newest Champs congrats to the 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide redeemed an earlier loss to the LSU Tigers by making the Kicks they missed back in November. The Tide rolled with strong D and efficient offense to a 21-0 win that was well YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alabama is a great team and they showed that last night. They probably should have beat LSU earlier this year but missed 4 kicks and lost by 3. They play terrific D, have a Stud RB and an offense that is efficient. They are an excellent coached football team on all levels. Nick Saban deserves a lot of credit for the way they play. I got a good chuckle when he went ballistic on a offside call with 5 min left up 21, it was Bama’s 1st penalty of the game and it shows how much of a perfectionist he is. Game is in hand you completed your goal and you still get pissed about 5 yards love it.


Les Miles LSU Tigers went thru a murderer’s row of a schedule unscathed only to get a rematch with a team they had already beaten once. They played 9 ranked teams, their out of conference schedule pitted them against 2 BCS bowl game winners 1(Oregon) on neutral site, the other (WV) on the road. They finished the season with Wins over 4 of the 5 BCS bowl game winners, Oregon, Arkansas, West Virginia and Alabama. It all went for not after getting shut out last night.


Alabama held LSU to 92 total yards, IN A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! Bama’s D definitely deserves credit but Jordan Jefferson and Les Miles deserve some blame as well. Saying Jefferson was atrocious is an understatement. It’s a gross miscarriage of justice. Miles had run 2 qb’s all season long but decided to go with the more athletic of the two. Adjustments are a big part of Football and great coaches make the necessary adjustments to win, Miles didn’t do that. In the 1st half the Tiger’s yardage was 6, 0, 17, -22 and 7 for a grand total of 8 yards. Now what do you do at half, make adjustments. Try something else. I mean WTF give Lee a shot.


Look I love college football and I don’t want to take anything away from Alabama, but the NC game should be the best game of the year and it seems like every game has been a yawn fest since the USC VS Texas game. Something must be done. I don’t really care about a playoff system, yes it would be nice but im not a proponent of it but it would give use more meaningful exciting games. Could you imagine if the OSU Stanford game had more meaning? Or make a rule 2 teams from the same conference can’t play in the title game. Or conferences can make a rule that no matter who wins what division the top 2 teams in BCS poll play for conference championship and the right to play for the national title.


Kids need time to study, 95% of collegiate athletes don’t end up playing professionally so school is important. Playoffs would make the season longer and likely take place during Finals and the longer season would be more taxing for the kids.

I’m getting off topic this is a post about the Champs so congrats again for the 2nd time in three years the Alabama Crimson Tide are our National Champs. For Nick Saban it’s his 3rd BCS title and the way he coaches he could be in line for a couple more.


Thoughts on Wildcard round.

 So there is only Division winners left because the Home Team won every game but here is what i thought


Cincinnati @ Houston  Texans 31 Bengals 10

The Bengals jumped out with a quick score but one the Texan D settled in it was all over. Foster was a beast, and Yates managed the game hitting Johnson for a big TD. Cincy was just overmatched and their youth really showed itself. Dalton threw 3 picks (1 for score) and the Bengals managed just 76 yards rushing on 19 attempts. The Bengals had a great year and it’s nice to see, they are really young and have a solid foundation in Dalton, Green and Gresham.

Biggest play- with 30 seconds left in the 1st half tied at 10 AJ Watt jumped up and picked off a Andy Dalton pass and took it to the house for a 17-10 half time lead.


Detroit @ New Orleans        Saints 45 Lions 28

The Saints kept rolling but it was a little harder than the score might suggest. The Lions played well in the 1st half to take a 14-10 lead but the saints came out firing on all cylinders in the second half and scored td’s on 5 straight possessions. The game played out the way it should have for the most part but what I take away from it is that the Saints put the ball on the carpet 2x and if that trend continues no way do they beat the Packers in Green Bay. (Assuming they both win next week) The Saints are hot and playing well and Brees is out of his mind.

The Lions are in the same boat as Cincy but are in better shape they are deep in a lot of positions and Stafford, Johnson and Suh are elite players and will continue to grow look for big things from this team in the future.

Play of the game. Brees TD pass to Henderson to begin the 2nd half set the tone and gave N.O their 1st lead of the game.

Atlanta @ NY Giants                        Giants 24 Atlanta 2

Atlanta made the playoffs for the 1st time in 2 straight seasons but it was the same result as every other appearance in the Matt Ryan/Mike Smith Era. The Falcons were out played and the G-men consistently made huge plays on both sides of the ball. Eli was fantastic again when he needed to be and the Run game was potent. The Giants offensive line was outstanding in both protection schemes and opening gaping holes in the Atlanta d-line. The NY D was outstanding but I really have question the decision making on the 4th down calls by Smith. These 2 plays definitely changed the game, I agree with going for it but it’s the actual calls that bothered me.

Lets examine- the 1st one was on a 4th and 1, score 0-0. So tie game 1st play of 2nd quarter in Field goal range Smith decides to go for it. Great decision you’re on the road, you’re moving the ball good and you want to get the lead. You have one of the best power runners in all of the NFL and you run a qb sneak Giants were ready and it went nowhere. The second attempt was even more perplexing down 8 with the ball at the Giants 21 driving for a possible tying score they tried the same thing but this time with an empty backfield but had same result. The 1st attempt set the tone for the game, the second attempt just deflated the entire team and 3 plays later Nicks blew past the entire team on a crossing route to go 72 yards for a score and blow the game open.

Hind sight will always be 20/20 but with these two particular plays the Falcons needed to have a different approach. In both of these situations you have to go with what works and if the Falcons watched tape of the previous week they would see Romo tried same thing twice and also failed. Give Turner the ball, or run play action, hell spread out the field. Don’t run slow ass Matt Ryan up the middle it was a huge mistake and it cost them dearly.

Play of the game- I think I covered that!!

Pittsburgh @ Denver                        Broncos 29     Steelers 23 (OT)

“Big Ben gets Tebowed” should be the headlines in the Denver papers. Tebow and his lord and savior pull out another one and keep that train moving. I have written posts praising Tebow and ripping him. I didn’t want to see him win this game I have nothing against the Broncos but I want good matchups in the playoffs and Pittsburgh @ New England is a good matchup Denver @ New England is not but more on that later this week.

So the Broncos took some time to settle in. Ben was horrible in the 1st half after getting 2 1stQ Field Goals the Broncos scored on 4 straight possessions to take a 20-6 lead into the half. Tebow was a big play machine. After starting the 2nd Q with a incompletion his next 3 passes went for 50 yrds to Thomas, 30 to royal for Td and 58 to Thomas to set up his own 8 yrd rush TD. He then threw one incompletion and on the next throw he hits Fells for 40 yrds. So rack it up Tebow for the 2nd quarter he was 5-9 186 yards 2 tds 20 points. Maybe Jason Suedekis helped out early this week.

The Steelers have battled injuries all year but that shouldn’t be an excuse. They are a talented, veteran laden squad who should be able to overcome adversary and they showed they could in the 2nd half. After forcing a punt to start the 2nd half they drove 88 yards in 11 plays to score and get back in the game. The teams traded FG’s to start the 4th then with Denver driving MaGahee put it on the carpet and Woodley recovered. Ben hit Cotchery for a 31 yd TD to tie it up. The Steelers got the ball back and were at the Denver 45 and Dumerville makes the play of the game a sack fumble knocking the Steelers back 9 yards. If Ben completes a pass in that spot they have a game winning FG shot, didn’t happen.

I was hoping to see the new OT rules go to work for the 1st time but that didn’t happen either, all game long the Broncos were throwing for big yards on 1st down, on the 1st play of OT the Steelers got aggressive and went with 0 Coverage and they got burned. Tebow hit Thomas in stride a stiff arm was given and the game and season was over for the defending AFC Champs.

Week 17 PICS

Happy New years!!!!!!!! It’s the final week of the NFL regular season and there is still a lot on the line. The west and one wild card, as well as home field advantage and a 1st round bye are all one the line in the AFC. The NFC has the East to clear up as well as who travels to that winner and whether or not the Saints or 49ers are getting a bye. The NFC in particular is real interesting because im sure Detroit/Atlanta would rather travel to the NFC east winner than face 49ers/Saints in the 1st round.

On to the picks

This years record 105-92-4

Last week 8-6


Pittsburgh @ Cleveland                               Line Steelers -10

Big Ben is still dinged up but he will be a go this week. The Steelers need a win plus Baltimore loss to get the 2 seed and a bye, I think they might struggle this week. When Ben is playing injured he forces things and even thou the browns secondary is suspect they can make some plays. In the end Pitts D is too strong for the weak offensive unit of the Cleveland Browns. Steelers 20 Browns 7

San Francisco @ St. Louis                             Line 49ers -9

The 9ers clinch the 2 seed with a win, and it should be an easy week for them. I think Kendall Hunter will get a lot of reps to rest Gore, I don’t see him getting more than 12 carries. The o-line is as solid as can be so not much risk of an Alex Smith injury. Congrats to Stephen Jackson he passed 1K rushing for 7th time too bad he always plays for a shitty team. 49ers 21 Rams 10

Carolina @ New Orleans                              Line Saints -7

Coach Sean Peyton said this week every one will be playing no rest for his team and I don’t blame him. With San Fran going against a much weaker team the Saints chances of getting the 2 seed are highly unlikely. The Panthers have been tough against everyone and Cam Newton is officially a beast and will be a top fantasy pick candidate next year, the Saints want to have momentum going into round 1. I’m sure last years debacle in Seattle is in the back of their minds. They Saints win but don’t cover. Saints 31 Panthers 27

Buffalo @ New England                               Line Patriots -12

Can the Bills shock New England again? I doubt it but I thought the pats would roll over Miami last week and that didn’t happen either. The Bills will play hard but this game is too important for the Pats a win and they lock up home field thru out, a loss and they will be the 2 seed. The Bills passing game will be a hard match up for the Pats but I always like the Pats against divisional teams they have lost to previously. Patriots 34 Bills 27

Chicago @ Minnesota                   Line Bears-1

The Vikings are in the running for the # 1 pick but are they in the market for Luck, I don’t know, Ponder has played well but he has regressed a little, Joe Webb led them on 5 straight scoring drives last week but I cant see him being the answer. Toby Gerhart has looked decent when AP has been out in the past, and now Peterson will probably be out a portion of next year as well so the Vikings have a lot of questions about what to do with a likely top 3 pick. Da Bears have fallen flat since the Cutler injury and would like to finish the season on a winning note but they really don’t have anyone who can play well left, no forte, no Knox, no cutler…They do have a good D and they will ride them to a win this week. Bears 20 Vikings 17

Ny Jets @ Miami                             Line Dolphins -1

The Jets need to win and get a lot of help. The Dolphins are playing for pride, they pushed the Patriots to the brink last week now they have a chance to finish on a high note by ensuring a divisional foe misses out on postseason as well. The Jets have been hyped up for years based on road playoff wins against quality teams but this year they couldn’t get it done and this week will be a microcosm of their season just not enough. Dolphins 24 Jets 20

Detroit @ Green Bay                     Line Lions -3

So the Pack are dogs for the 1st time all year, that’s because this game means nothing for them, Woodson, Matthews and Starks should all sit and AR12 should only play 1st half if that, Matt Flynn will look to play well because he is hitting the FA market after this season and should have a couple suitors lining up. The Lions on the other hand need this game badly, a win and they go on the road to DAL/NYG winner a loss and they go to the SuperDome to play the Saints. Stafford will look to exploit the Packs secondary with the long ball to Megatron but I think Flynn has a great game and the Pack pull it out on  Crosby kick at the horn. Packers 27 Lions 24

Tennessee @ Houston                 Line Titans -3

The Titans are still alive and they also need a win + help, CK2K has been a bust this year, but he got paid that’s really all that matters right? Hasselback has been exactly what they needed but losing Britt for the season early really hurt this team. But they are alive and anything can happen. The Texans have lost their top 2 qb’s and their best defender + andre Johnson for extended periods of time but they still won their 1st division title and will host their 1st playoff game in franchise history so all in all a good run they will get the Wildcard winner so its possible they could play the Titans in back to back weeks. If they can win this week that eliminates that scenario and I think behind Foster and the D they get it done. Texans 20 Titans 15

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville                       Line Jaguars -5

This game is almost meaningless unless of course the Colts win that will knock them out of the 1st pic but it could go to St. Louis who doesn’t need a QB or the Vikings who might not either. I think no matter what the 1st pick will get traded and the Redskins end up with it somehow just a gut feeling, something about Shanahan and kids from Stanford just seems right. Oh ya the game, Um anything I say will be horseshit, anything goes with these 2 bum squads. Colts 31 Jags 24

Washington @ Philadelphia                      Line Eagles -9

Meaningless!!! Eagles Suck way to spend all that money, I would say Andy Reid has to go but who would replace him? I would send out feelers to Parcells, Cowher and Gruden, Maybe even Bob Stoops isn’t it time he steps it up to the pro game? In the NFL you have to know what your personnel can and cant do, taking a o-line coach and giving him control of a D with linebackers the size of corners is a problem, Philly was doomed from the Jump but they win and cover this week and everyone will act like this year didn’t happen when next year starts, they will be hyped up again. Eagles 31 Skins 17

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta                    Line Falcons -13

Atlanta has been hot lately and Matt Ryan is having a nice year, They are an extremely talented team and will be a tough out for anyone in the playoffs, I believe they will win their 1st playoff game no matter if its in SF,N.O,Dal or NY. Doesn’t matter they are that good they are complete. The Bucs on the other hand, JEESH!!! Losers of 9 straight, this team was 4-2 now 4-11 wow what a turnaround. I like Raheem Morris as a coach and I think Freeman can play so I wont say they need to start over yet. They will play hard this week and back door the spread. Falcons 31 Bucs 20

Baltimore @ Cincy                          Line Ravens -3

The 2nd biggest game of the week, pits these 2 division foes against each other, Bmore needs to win to get the division and 1st round bye, Cincy win and there in. The Bengals played the Ravens well in Baltimore a month ago and the Ravens have been atrocious on the road. Coach Harbaugh knows whats on the line and so do his battle tested players. The Bengals are a young team and they wont be scared, but I think Baltimore overcomes their road woes and knocks off this young Bengals Ravens 24 Bengals 20

Seattle @ Arizona                           Line Cardinals -3

What to say, What to say! Another meaningless game. If you told me at beginning of season this game would be fun to watch I would say your crazy. But it will be so many guys on both teams are playing well they both just lost to many games early for this to matter. I’m so happy for my boy Calais Campbell the former Cane has been a man child this season and while a lot of people don’t know who he is they will soon. Marshawn Lynch has been a total world beater the last 10 weeks he is still in beast mode and playing great. Seattle 21 Cardinals 20

San Diego @ Oakland                    Line RAIDERS -3

My heart really wants me to take Oakland in this game but by football brain tells me the penalties and Carson Palmers color blindness make that difficult. The Raiders have not had a losing season in 2 years but I don’t think they will have a winning one Either. Of course we don’t even have this conversation if the foot injury that knocked D-mac out for 2-3 weeks 3 months ago doesn’t happen. The Chargers have been better and are an enigma once again but what better way to finish a season than to knock the Hated(by them) Raiders out of the playoffs and a possible division win. Chargers 28 Raiders 17

Kansas City @ Denver                   Line Broncos -3

The NFL wants Teebow in the Playoffs, Denver wants into the playoffs hell God and his kid want Teebow in the playoffs, well I don’t im kinda tired of it. Ya he wins I get it but he has proved the last 2 weeks he is kinda a gimmick. Put 8 in the box and run a safety deep and force him to throw it. KC is playing for Romeo, they want him to be their coach, I guess their not aware of what he did to the Browns organization as the top dog. They will get their wish and they wont make the playoffs again for about 6 years good luck with that. Chiefs win but so does denver cause everyone else lost too. Kansas City 20 Broncos 14

Dallas @ NY Football Giants                       Line Gmen -3

Its all the Marbles in the NFC East, Cowboys and Giants for the right to lose in the 1st round. Romo cant play in December and now will go with his hand swelled up like a kid allergic to shellfish. The Giants cant play D very well. Eli has been great and has a lot of weapons. Cruz and Nicks are a dynamic duo and Manningham and Ballard are solid as well, the G-mens offense isn’t the problem it’s the secondary but with Romo Banged up they should be alright. Gmen in a shoot out. Giants 35 Cowboys 34


So if im right the Bengals, Broncos lose their way in and the Giants earn their birth.

1st round Matchups

Cincy @ Houston

Pittsburgh @ Denver

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Detroit @ NY Giants

Congrats Drew Brees


So now that Drew Brees has passed Marino for the all time single season passing mark I think we should take some time and on reflect on his path to this point. Brees was absolutely fantastic at Perdue, Brees was highly touted and projected to go mid to late 1st but the knock on him was his height and lack of arm strength. Team’s shyed away in the first round because he is not that proto typical build GM’s look for in QB’s.


In the 2001 NFL Draft The San Diego Chargers held the # 1 pick and badly wanted to take Michael Vick and just like they would be spurned by Eli years later Vick told them he would not play there, San Diego shipped that pick to Atlanta for their # 5 overall and the used the 1st pick of the 2nd round on their QB of the future, one Drew Brees. The Ability to take Ladanian Tomlinson along with Brees turned around the entire San Diego Franchise.


Brees started for 4 years in SD and was 30-28 with 79 tds and 53 pics he was maligned and the Chargers drafted Rivers, Brees played under the franchise tag in 2004 and he led the Chargers to a 12-4 record and an AFC west title. In 2005 he was tagged again and they went 8-8 and in the regular season finally tore his labrum diving after a fumble.


This is where it started to get interesting and the history of the NFL was re-written. The Chargers wanted to resign Brees but the contract was heavily weighted on incentives, he said NO! Miami wanted him but after an extensive 6 hour physical they decided he wasn’t worth the risk, bad move. The Saints stepped in and history was made. A Relationship with a coach was born and make no mistake Peyton and Brees are perfect for each other. They won a Superbowl and set the course for the best passing season in NFL history to occur.


So many things probably wouldn’t have happened if Brees ended up in Miami, Nick Saban wouldn’t have left, The Saints would not have become relevant, and Marino’s mark would still stand.


Brees has always produced, in High School, In College and in the Pro’s he is on pace to be one of the most prolific passing quarterbacks of all time, but has played in an era that has Favre, Brady 2 Mannings and newly minted Aaron Rodgers. He is still kind of an afterthought even thou he is an elite player.


The Saints are playing better than anyone right now and definitely have a shot at winning it all again, Brees would likely be the MVP if it wasn’t for Rodgers spectacular season but they will likely have to play outside in Lambeau to get there. They could struggle with the elements but I won’t put anything past Brees.


So Congradulations Drew! You have worked hard your entire career and proved all the doubters wrong. There is absolutely nothing better in the game of football then watching a quarterback play at the highest level.