So Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning divorce is finally official, the press conference was emotional but understandable. Peyton is a champion and a competitor and wants to WIN. The Colts can no longer offer him that opportunity, all the big contracts have limited the team in other areas and they need to start over. Between Manning, Clark,Wayne,Mathis and Freeney the colts would have been paying over 70 million combined he needs to start somewhere new.

I love great QB play and Manning has been terrific throughout his career. I always hope guys can finish their career where they started like Marino or Elway but that’s not the nature of the game any longer. Guys always end up going somewhere else, it happened to Montana it happened to Favre and its happening now to Manning. Now we just need to see if Manning can be the guy he was. If he can some franchise is going to go from the dog house to the pent house, now don’t get me wrong I’m not putting that team in the super bowl that would be dumb but they will definitely be good.

All the talk is that Manning wants to stay in the AFC so he doesn’t have to compete with Eli which is strange, I have to question that because I would think he would want to prove himself even more now. Eli went to Old Miss because his dad went there. Peyton went to Tennessee because he was worried about being in the shadow of his legendary father. Maybe because Peyton was so good Eli knew he would always be in his brother’s shadow not his fathers. But what about now, Eli has 2 rings and 2 SB MVP’s Peyton has 1 ring and a lot of postseason let down. Eli has been Clutch Peyton has not. Even the Super bowl Peyton won he didn’t play that great then again the bears D were pretty stout at that point. But Eli has gotten the best of Brady something Peyton has struggled with for his whole career.

If I was Peyton I would want to be in the best situation possible, to me that would be Houston, Its in his old division, they have a great back and a great WR along with a very strong defense. Denver is in and they may be a good fit they have a ton of cap space and a strong young defense. I see no way he goes to Washington but Arizona is interesting. They also have good young nucleolus and good coaching. Then there is Miami, they have a ton of space and an absolute need for Peyton but their front office is so unstable I can’t really see Peyton wanting to be there. This process will move quickly and should be completed in the next couple weeks and where ever he lands it will change the landscape of the NFL.


Congrats Drew Brees


So now that Drew Brees has passed Marino for the all time single season passing mark I think we should take some time and on reflect on his path to this point. Brees was absolutely fantastic at Perdue, Brees was highly touted and projected to go mid to late 1st but the knock on him was his height and lack of arm strength. Team’s shyed away in the first round because he is not that proto typical build GM’s look for in QB’s.


In the 2001 NFL Draft The San Diego Chargers held the # 1 pick and badly wanted to take Michael Vick and just like they would be spurned by Eli years later Vick told them he would not play there, San Diego shipped that pick to Atlanta for their # 5 overall and the used the 1st pick of the 2nd round on their QB of the future, one Drew Brees. The Ability to take Ladanian Tomlinson along with Brees turned around the entire San Diego Franchise.


Brees started for 4 years in SD and was 30-28 with 79 tds and 53 pics he was maligned and the Chargers drafted Rivers, Brees played under the franchise tag in 2004 and he led the Chargers to a 12-4 record and an AFC west title. In 2005 he was tagged again and they went 8-8 and in the regular season finally tore his labrum diving after a fumble.


This is where it started to get interesting and the history of the NFL was re-written. The Chargers wanted to resign Brees but the contract was heavily weighted on incentives, he said NO! Miami wanted him but after an extensive 6 hour physical they decided he wasn’t worth the risk, bad move. The Saints stepped in and history was made. A Relationship with a coach was born and make no mistake Peyton and Brees are perfect for each other. They won a Superbowl and set the course for the best passing season in NFL history to occur.


So many things probably wouldn’t have happened if Brees ended up in Miami, Nick Saban wouldn’t have left, The Saints would not have become relevant, and Marino’s mark would still stand.


Brees has always produced, in High School, In College and in the Pro’s he is on pace to be one of the most prolific passing quarterbacks of all time, but has played in an era that has Favre, Brady 2 Mannings and newly minted Aaron Rodgers. He is still kind of an afterthought even thou he is an elite player.


The Saints are playing better than anyone right now and definitely have a shot at winning it all again, Brees would likely be the MVP if it wasn’t for Rodgers spectacular season but they will likely have to play outside in Lambeau to get there. They could struggle with the elements but I won’t put anything past Brees.


So Congradulations Drew! You have worked hard your entire career and proved all the doubters wrong. There is absolutely nothing better in the game of football then watching a quarterback play at the highest level.