bounty gate

The whole bounty scandal thing is not shocking, bounty’s and players paying each other has been happening for ages. Greg Williams and the Saints are going to be punished because Roger want to protect the sanctity of the shield. It sucks for them because they got caught, some one snitched them out. There are unwritten laws for the locker room and by divulging this information to the league those laws were violated.

I don’t want to here about the beating Brett Favre took in the 2009 NFC championship game. Every time any qb in the NFL drops back to throw a pass he has eleven guys ready to rip his head off. To say oh I can see a point where the saints or Redskins or any other team Williams has coached were trying to hurt someone is ridiculous. Football is a violent game and hitting people hard is what causes fumbles and turnovers so it’s the defenders job to play like that.

In Goodell’s new NFL he is trying to limit the violence and that should be applauded its always sad when you here about some old timer (50’s for NFL PLAYERS) that cant move around because of all the trama his body took when he was playing. Look Football players know what they sign up for its part of their life and it’s the price they pay for the chance to live like kings and support their families. Goodell has instituted policies that limit hits to the head and harming players in defensless positions and it will help going forward.

What player safety is really about is greed, by moving the kick off up and instituting all the penalties and fines that come with big hits the NFL is making the games safer to the players so they can extend the league to an 18 game season which equals more money for the owners. The NFL is already the most lucrative sport in the US maybe the world and the TV deals coming up will just make it richer. We are moving towards having games 4 days per week and every team will be in a primetime game.

So the Saints got caught up in bounty gate when it really shouldn’t matter. The punishment will be harsh but it wont stop this from continuing to happen. Sean Peyton was aware of it but didn’t do anything why should he? Its probably been around in every locker room he has ever been in. the cart off part is definitely harsh but guys get paid to make plays and them betting each other on who will make the most or the biggest will always be part of the game.


WEEK 15 Pics

Last week I went 6-7-1 to be 89-79-4 for the year, hopefully I can finish strong but we are still in the money


Dallas @ Tampa Bay              Line Cowboys -7

Dallas is not playing great losing 2 straight and they are giving 7 in a road game? I know the Bucs have been bad and got wooped by the Jags but they still have Talent and are playing at home. This is a Must win for Dallas but im taking the points Cowboys 27 Bucs 21


Carolina @ Houston               Line Texans -7

Houston has clinched its first playoff  berth as a franchise and have won 7 straight all the injuries this team keeps rolling their resiliency reminds me a little of last years champs. They take on a game Carolina team this week that seems to be in every game with out being able to win, Cam Newton is having a great year but he should be tested against this d-fence, but ill take a back door cover with them this week. Houston 20 Carolina 17


Washington @ NY Giants                  Line Giants -7

Washington has found the perfect back for their zone rushing scheme and Mike Shanahan must be pretty happy about that, but it doesn’t really help when your have no talent at the QB position. The Giants are coming off an emotional win in Big D and need this game badly, they can not look past the skins who have already beat them once. Eli has been terrific and with the season coming to the close he will need to sustain his play, any slip and the Giants could be on outside looking in come January.  Giants 28 Skins 20


Tennessee @ Indianapolis                  Line Titans -7

So the Titans played well against N.O last week but fell short but Locker looks good and they have to be excited. They will have to win out to have a sniff at the playoffs but with Cincy losing last week there is still a chance. Big week for CJ!!! Do you really want me to talk about Indy? Titans 34 Colts 17


New Orleans @ Minnesota                 Line Saints -7

The Saints need to keep on winning if they want a bye, they are playing just as well as the Pack but have struggled out doors and on the road so a bye and home field in division round is crucial. AP is playing for his fantasy guys! Great tell that to his owners whose playoffs started last week. The Vikes have some nice young players and will stay competitive but N.O will cover late. Saints 34 Vikings 20


Miami @ Buffalo                                Line pick

Rivalry week for these 2, neither has anything to play for but its still fun when these two match up. The Bills have floundered after a hot start and the phins have turned it around after starting 0-7. I think the Bills turn it around and get a win to push them further down in the draft and further away from being competitive. Bills 24 Dolphins 20


Seattle @ Chicago                  Line Bears -3

The Bears have done nothing since Cutler went down, and the Hawks have been hot, Tavaris Jackson has been efficient and limited turnovers and Marshawn Lynch has been terrific, keep eating those skittle’s kid!! The Bears gave away the Denver game thanks to Marion Barber but their D is still great. Peppers is having an all pro season and the rest of the core is solid, this one should be low scoring and im taking bears at home Bears 20 Seahawks 14


Cincinnati @ St Louis                        Line Bengals -9

Cincy has had a tough go of it lately and last weeks loss was heartbreaking. They are a team on the rise and they have played beyond expectations they need a solid back so hopefully they can find it in the draft to have a really young nucleolus with tons of talent. St. Louis was kinda a mirror last year of what the bengals are this year, their offence has been impotent and they have struggled mightily and this week will be no different Bengals 24 Rams 6


Green Bay @ Kansas City                  Line Packers -14

Pursuit of perfection goes thru KC this week, KC fired head coach Todd Haley this week one year after getting them to the Playoffs I guess its his fault they had so many injuries hey it’s a win driven league and results are all that matters unfortunately for them they have no shot this week. Look for the Packers to try some different wrinkles defensively and to rest guys by end of 3rd q when game is out of reach Packers 34 Chiefs 10


Cleveland @ Arizona             Line Cardinals -7

Never thought I would see Cards giving 7 this season is Kurt Warner coming out of retirement or something? No In all seriousness the cards have won 6 of 7 and are playing pretty well. Peterson has been fantastic and Skelton has managed the game well. The Browns still play decent D to keep score low but cards will win ? is by how much Cardinals 20 Browns 14


Ny Jets @ Philadelphia                       Line Eagles -3

Mike Vick is back and the Eagles throttled the Dolphins last week what can they do with the Jets? I really like this matchup for Philly they will be able to run the ball and Vick should be able to make enough plays in the passing game. Shonn Greene should have a good game against the Eagles undersized line backing core but I don’t like Plex and holmes against the zone secondary scheme the eagles imploy look for Sanchez to make some mistakes and cost the Jets the game. Eagles 27 Jets 23


Detroit @ Oakland                 Line Raiders -2

Carson Palmer is an absolute turnover machine this year, can you blame him tons of injuries and he was sitting on a couch for the 1st 6 weeks of the season. The Raiders need to find a way to win out to win the division. Detroit going across the country will be a difficult task but they need this game badly as well and I think there is no way they don’t get it done. After a brilliant start where has Megatron been? Guaranteed he takes advantage of a weak Raider secondary. Lions 31 Raiders 20


New England @ Denver                    Line Patriots -5

All the haters are anticipating this game, Tebow’s 1st against a title contender (sorry NY JETS!!) The Patriots should cruise thru this anticipated match up but this is Tebow (GOD) we are talking about so anything is possible Patriots 34 Broncos 14

Baltimore @ San Diego          Line Ravens -3

The Ravens have struggled on the road this year so im weary of them going cross country for a Prime time game against a suddenly Hot Charger team. Ryan Matthew has been really good and I think he has finally got it and should be a quality back in this league going forward. Rivers has cut down on the turnovers and the Chargers are amazingly still alive so they need this one, and I think they get it Chargers 24 Ravens 23


Pittsburgh @ San Francisco                Line 49ers -3

The Steelers have the perfect style of play to deal with the 49ers and I think they would be road favorites if Ben was totally healthy as of right now his status is up in the air. Let me quickly remind you one slip by B-more and the Steelers will be the #1 AFC seed so this game is crucial. San Fran is also Battling for a Bye with N.O so they need it bad as well but I just like Pitts D more. Steelers 17 49ers 16.







I’m basing my rankings off what I see and what’s happening right now, this is just the random thoughts of a man with little else to focus on lol!!!! Please do not put any stock in this list.

  1. Packers 3-0- Look real good could be 9-1 or 10-0 when they have 1st meeting with the Lions.
  2. Saints 2-1- Drew has offense humming, D is opportunistic, NFC championship game should be fun.
  3. Patriots 2-1 – 1 loss means nothing, how many times do you think Brady will throw 3 picks in the red zone.
  4. Ravens 2-1 – Still trying to comprehend what happened in Tennessee two weeks ago.
  5. Lions 3-0 – Terrific on both sides of the ball, how can any one defend Megatron or block Suh.
  6. Texans 2-1-Houston played well enough to win in N.O,But didn’t. They need to turn the field goals into touchdowns going forward.
  7. Bills 3-0 – Learning how to win, The Fitzuation is the real deal. Tough schedule going forward can’t suffer a let down against Cincy this week. I would like to see them play with a lead.
  8. Raiders 2-1 – A couple dropped interceptions from trading places with buffalo in record and rankings. If Penalties continue this team will go no where, but love the style of play.
  9. Buccaneers 2-1- The baby bucs are playing tough ball right now, they make the plays to stay close and wear teams down. The guys have bought into Raheem Morris and continue to grow.
  10. Steelers 2-1 – the defense is legendary but this team needs big ben to stay healthy to go anywhere and right now that seems unlikely he is getting pounded week to week.
  11. Jets 2-1- Where was the Run D? they got gouged to the tune of 7.1 YPC against Oakland. Trips at Bmore and at Pats coming up it will be tough sledding.
  12. Chargers 2-1- The fact they are winning early is a good sign for the Bolts, I thought that they would be more explosive on offense but it’s coming along.
  13. Cowboys 2-1- The boys could be 0-3 and they could be 3-0 so I guess some kind of middle ground is acceptable. Romo is showing some guts.
  14. Redskins 2-1- A lot better than I thought they would be, I guess I shouldn’t have thought Rex was mental when he said they should win the division in August
  15. Giants 2-1- Gmen still have some issues but when they take care of the ball they are a tough adversary. Eli has thrown only 2 picks this year so far.
  16. Falcons 1-2- Julio Jones has played well but they are struggling to score, I think they shook up things in an attempt to catch Green Bay, Corners and defensive depth would have been more beneficial than upgrading an already potent offense.
  17. Eagles 1-2- PROTECTION, I have been saying since August Protection is the name of the game for philly and if they don’t get it fixed they will in the same situation as there cross state rivals. I don’t see Ben complaining about getting whacked every down.
  18. Titans 2-1- Loosing Britt is big blow, better get CJ Going if they want a sniff at Houston. Defense has been solid.
  19. Bears 1-2. Impressive week 1, Horrendous the next 2. how mad was Lovie Smith on the holding call for the Knox return, who needed to be held? Another team with protection issues.
  20. 49ers- 2-1- Playing in the worst division in football helps, this team struggles to score consistently and don’t play strong enough D to play with high scoring teams.
  21. Browns 2-1- they won against Miami and Indy but lost to the Bengals what else is there to say, at least there still in it I guess.
  22. Cardinals 1-2- The Cards will take some time to be a cohesive unit but losing inSeattleshould be unacceptable for this team, Beanie wells needs to get back soon.
  23. Panthers 1-2 – Cam Newton makes this team watchable but it will be a process before they can be a winning team.
  24. Jaguars 1-2 – They knew they were going nowhere so made the right decision to drop Garrard just should have done it a month earlier.
  25. Denver1-2- How long do you think the fans will clamor for Tebow.
  26. Vikings 0-3 Up 54-7 at half then trounced 65-6 in 2nd half give AP the damn ball.
  27. St Louis 0-3- Why didn’t they draft a receiver?
  28. Cincinnati1-2-Dalton has made some plays and this team has been more competitive than I pictured, but still a long way to go.
  29. Indianapolis 0-3- Collins got knocked out maybe that helps this team a little have to give Painter a shot, Mathis and Freeney are still fun to watch.
  30. Seattle1-2- Carrol has to be shaking his head I didn’t think he planned on winning for another couple of weeks.
  31. Miami 0-3- Daniel Thomas looks good maybe he opens up some play action passes for Marshall and Bess, didn’t Henne throw for 400 yards week one?
  32. Chiefs 0-3- This team is just trying to avoid more injuries Haley should use this season to Mold Cassel throw it all over and see if he is the answer.