So Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning divorce is finally official, the press conference was emotional but understandable. Peyton is a champion and a competitor and wants to WIN. The Colts can no longer offer him that opportunity, all the big contracts have limited the team in other areas and they need to start over. Between Manning, Clark,Wayne,Mathis and Freeney the colts would have been paying over 70 million combined he needs to start somewhere new.

I love great QB play and Manning has been terrific throughout his career. I always hope guys can finish their career where they started like Marino or Elway but that’s not the nature of the game any longer. Guys always end up going somewhere else, it happened to Montana it happened to Favre and its happening now to Manning. Now we just need to see if Manning can be the guy he was. If he can some franchise is going to go from the dog house to the pent house, now don’t get me wrong I’m not putting that team in the super bowl that would be dumb but they will definitely be good.

All the talk is that Manning wants to stay in the AFC so he doesn’t have to compete with Eli which is strange, I have to question that because I would think he would want to prove himself even more now. Eli went to Old Miss because his dad went there. Peyton went to Tennessee because he was worried about being in the shadow of his legendary father. Maybe because Peyton was so good Eli knew he would always be in his brother’s shadow not his fathers. But what about now, Eli has 2 rings and 2 SB MVP’s Peyton has 1 ring and a lot of postseason let down. Eli has been Clutch Peyton has not. Even the Super bowl Peyton won he didn’t play that great then again the bears D were pretty stout at that point. But Eli has gotten the best of Brady something Peyton has struggled with for his whole career.

If I was Peyton I would want to be in the best situation possible, to me that would be Houston, Its in his old division, they have a great back and a great WR along with a very strong defense. Denver is in and they may be a good fit they have a ton of cap space and a strong young defense. I see no way he goes to Washington but Arizona is interesting. They also have good young nucleolus and good coaching. Then there is Miami, they have a ton of space and an absolute need for Peyton but their front office is so unstable I can’t really see Peyton wanting to be there. This process will move quickly and should be completed in the next couple weeks and where ever he lands it will change the landscape of the NFL.


Week 5 thoughts

 Andy Reid will not finish the year if this continues, I don’t want to hear its not his fault that the players aren’t playing well. The head coach’s job is to make sure his team is prepared to play and the eagles have not been prepared at all. I truly believe if Steven Jackson doesn’t get hurt week one this team is 0-5. Props to the Bills, way to bounce back after losing in Cincy last week, The D is very opportunistic and The Fitzuation and Fred Jackson have been absolutely outstanding.

 I don’t know what the Steelers are yet, they have been ravaged by injuries on the O-line and that has caused the offense to be inconsistent. Are they a Super bowl team? Not right now but you can’t put anything past this team. If they can string together a couple good wins I might have more faith.  

 Cam Newton was fantastic again, I gave the Panthers no shot this week of winning and they had the lead late at home against the Saints. I have said it before and ill say it again this team is a quality squad and should not be overlooked by anyone. If you play the panthers you better take you’re A game or your going to take a L.

 “JUST WIN BABY” I loved seeing the Raiders get an emotional road win in Houston. Al Davis loved his players and they loved him and they went all out to get the win one day after his passing. The Raiders can be good but penalties severely handicap this team.  McFadden must have had 70 yards rushing called back on holding/illegal formation calls, this led to a lot of long 3rd down scenarios that Oakland could not complete (3-15). The Texans controlled the clock and out gained the Raiders by almost 200 total yards but got lost anyways due to a pick in the end zone to end the game.

 I truly believe that the Seahawks suck!! Now what does that say about the Giants, they turned it over 5 times and took a safety on a running play from the 5 yard line. Seriously how do you take a safety running the ball from the 5 yard line that is inexcusable! Eli threw was solid 2 of the 3 picks were off drops and one was taken to the house, regardless at home to Seattle this is a game the Giants needed there schedule the last 8 weeks of the season is brutal.

 Patriots handled the Jets this week and they played the way I think will be the most beneficial for them. They have one of the best offensive lines in Football and they should RUN THE BALL, they had 35 carries opposed to 33 passes Sunday. The 153 yards on the ground was the highest of the season and it allowed them to control the clock and wear down the Jets. The Pats have struggled lately in the postseason and a lot of that has to do with their struggles with the Run. If they Run the ball effectively thru-out the season the Defense can stay fresh and begin to mesh. Lets be honest their defense is atrocious and the ability to control the clock keeps the D off the field and reduces the amount of points they allow and allows them to build confidence.

 The Jets need to get off the mat, after 3 straight losses they have fallen to 2-3 and out of the AFC picture. Good news is they get the hapless Dolphins next, bad news Rex is 1-3 against the fins since taking over.

 It will be interesting to see the 49ers take on the Lions this week. The 49ers are 4-1 and have some solid wins, the Lions have been dominant. I know Detroit is for real because of the level of talent they have but they are one injury from falling back to earth. The 49ers on the other had are not as talented but extremely well coached and have played extremely well. I don’t really see Gore racking up yards against the Detroit D but then again I didn’t see them dropping 48 onTampa either.

 Atlanta had a shot at redemption and dropped the ball. The Packers spotted them 14 points then lost their starting left tackle but never panicked, Rodgers ran the offense with ruthless efficiency and the D didn’t allow the falcons to come close to threatening again the rest of the game. The Pack are the class of NFL and they haven’t even played at there best yet.